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6 p.m. at Wustum Art Museum, 2519 Northwestern Ave., Racine, WI 53404

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Wedding dress style guide for your body type

If you are a bride to be, you have most likely begun searching for your dream dress. There are thousands of different styles and designs available today and you want to make sure to choose the silhouette that will make you look and feel your very best on your big day! Take a look through our guide to get an idea of what would work well for your body type!

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Wedding dress style guide for your body type

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Third Ward walking tour
The Third Ward is not only a vibrant living museum of historic Milwaukee architecture, those buildings offer examples of work by all the greatest architects the city has produced.
Brewers' Sllide
Numbers and statistics can be misleading in all sports. But the numbers for the Milwaukee Brewers this season are absolutely frightening. Nobody expected this kind of performance.
Stallis' Garfield School
Take a tour around one of the Milwaukee area's most beautiful old schoolhouses, now home to the West Allis Historical Society.
Chief's long-awaited "II"
WAMI board president Zoy Begos lauded Milwaukee trio Chief as "the perfect intersection where rock meets heavy metal." For me, Chief is the living, breathing, Milwaukee spirit of Thin Lizzy: heavy guitars and a pounding rhythm section, but with good songs constructed around melodies. Asked frontman Chris Tishler about the band that almost ceased to be, the music that vanished into the ether and the perhaps miraculous new CD.

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