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Oral history: Reliving the legendary Springsteen bomb scare show Image

Oral history: Reliving the legendary Springsteen bomb scare show

Milwaukee is a city rife with associations, from beer to brats, Hogs to "Happy Days." But for devoted fans of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Milwaukee means only one thing: the bomb scare show - that Thursday night in October 1975 when the band's Cream City concert was halted by a bomb threat and resumed three hours later, resulting in a high-energy show unlike any other the band would ever perform. Are you loose?!

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Kesslers Diamonds opens in Downtown tomorrow

Kesslers Diamonds opens in Downtown tomorrow

The new Kesslers Diamonds store in Downtown Milwaukee opens Friday, Oct. 2, at 450 E. Mason St.  It's the first non-suburban store for the company, which operates five other diamond centers in Wisconsin, and also will open its first out-of-state store in metropolitan Grand Rapids, Mich., in November. The Downtown store occupies 2,200 square feet [...]

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Police Officers' and Gun Store Attorneys Clash in Court in Novel Gun Lawsuit

The trial for a lawsuit between two Milwaukee police officers shot during patrol six years ago and the gun store that sold the weapon used in the shooting finally kicked off Wednesday, with the attorney representing the officers arguing in his opening statement that the sale contained hallmark signs of an illegal gun transaction. The [...] The post Police Officers' and Gun Store Attorneys Clash in Court in Novel Gun Lawsuit appeared first on Media Milwaukee.

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The iconic Pabst sign
There are few more iconic images in Milwaukee than the Pabst sign that spans Juneau Avenue at 10th Street, connecting the old malt house on the southwest corner with the former brewhouse on the northwest corner. The sign is instantly recognizable and, especially now that Pabst is coming back to the site to brew beer in the former Forst Keller Restaurant and Pabst training center, it's been an extremely visible symbol of the city's brewing history. It's also a pretty cool place to visit.
Bavette La Boucherie
It's tough to find a miss on Chef Karen Bell's creative menu, where even the most unexpected flavor combinations aim to please.
Maraniss on Detroit
The Wisconsin author of "When Pride Still Mattered," the most exhaustive biography of Packers legend Vince Lombardi, was, it turns out, born in Detroit. His new book, "Once in a Great City," explores a confluence of factors that intersected to create a unique moment in the history of the Motor City. Maraniss comes to town this week to talk about the book, so we talked to him about it first...
Best restaurant beer list
This year, we're making some improvements to our "best of dining" poll. First, we'll roll out each of the voting categories one-by-one all month long, giving you a manageable way to zero in on your favorite categories and vote for your picks. Now, it's time to vote for Milwaukee's best restaurant beer list for 2015.