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Jay Bullock

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Jay Bullock is a high school English teacher in Milwaukee, columnist for the Bay View Compass, singer-songwriter and occasional improv comedian.

Recent Articles
 Kids & Family - February 2, 2016
 The key takeaway from Means' listening session: Is anyone listening to Means?
 Despite setting out specifically to hear from the parents of families of the children struggling in the city's most challenging schools, OSPP commissioner Demond Means' target audience was not there, and those who were didn't seem eager to listen.
 Buzz - January 26, 2016
 5 national disgraces of Arne Duncan's own making
 What greeted my eyes in the Sunday paper was the headline "Arne Duncan on Milwaukee's chronic woes: 'A national disgrace'," talking about Milwaukee's schools. But here are five other national disgraces Duncan had a hand in that he should also be worried about.
 Buzz - January 19, 2016
 Who wants to challenge Bob Gannon?
 Rep. Bob Gannon of Slinger became a viral sensation recently thanks to some recent statements - and a high-profile middle finger. The only question left after his behavior: Who wants to challenge him in the primary election?
 Buzz - January 12, 2016
 Chris Christie is wrong on teachers unions
 Last week, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said that teachers unions were "the single most destructive force [in] public education in this country." Christie is wrong; there's something far more destructive in public schools right now.
 Buzz - January 5, 2016
 Oregon standoff shows privilege in action, inaction on privilege
 If we wanted to talk about privilege, if we wanted to have an honest discussion about it means right now in early 21st-century America to be white or to be black and to deal with authority and the righting of wrongs, the Oregon standoff is the time to do it.
 Buzz - December 29, 2015
 15 winners and losers of 2015
 If 2015 proved anything, it's that nuance is dead, at least in this country. There's no room here for subtlety, for careful consideration of facts and moral gray areas. So, here is a list of my 15 winners and losers from 2015.
 Buzz - December 15, 2015
 Donald Trump's presidential campaign was inevitable
 It occurred to me the other day that Donald Trump - not the actual man in the trucker hat, but rather the slow-motion train wreck we're all watching right now - is the natural culmination of several ugly trends.
 Kids & Family - December 8, 2015
 Congress finally acts on No Child Left Behind, but doesn't move ahead
 Hindsight has left all of us pretty much in agreement that NCLB didn't work as promised. But the Every Student Succeeds Act takes much of what NCLB did - including the equally Orwellian name - and makes it a double.
 Buzz - November 24, 2015
 From Jay, to today's newsmakers
 The following column is a collection of emails sent by this column's author over the last week to Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan and Southwest Airlines. He is not a crackpot.
 Kids & Family - November 17, 2015
 What Means means for MPS
 The announcement last week that Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele selected Demond Means to take on the role of Opportunity Schools Partnership commissioner came not as too much of a surprise - but it was a relief, seeing what the pick means for MPS.

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