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Jay Bullock

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Jay Bullock is a high school English teacher in Milwaukee, columnist for the Bay View Compass, singer-songwriter and occasional improv comedian.

Recent Articles
 Kids & Family - April 27, 2016
 MPS should accept Means' plan for Opportunity Schools
 Demond Means' OSPP plan may not be ideal, but for Milwaukee Public Schools, it's the best case in a bad situation - especially based on what was threatened originally and what eventually did become the law under the last state budget.
 Buzz - April 19, 2016
 The voter fraud debate is over - because it never existed in the first place
 If voter ID laws were really intended to combat voter fraud, and this past election had both voter ID in place and record turnout levels, isn't that actually proof instead that the right's voter-fraud thesis was, is and has always been a big fat lie?
 Buzz - April 12, 2016
 What we learned from last week's Wisconsin primary results
 The results from last week's Wisconsin primary may be old news, but there's still much to be learned from what happened on Tuesday - from confusing campaign strategies to the early impact of the state's new voter ID laws.
 Buzz - April 5, 2016
 To strike or to stay in the classroom? For many teachers, it's not an easy call
 Striking - like what happened in Chicago on Friday with the Chicago Teachers Union - or sick-outing as a teacher is a tricky business. Some may choose to strike and speak out against political decisions - but what about the students left behind?
 Buzz - March 29, 2016
 Please, no more nuance when talking segregation
 The policy implications from a new study are clear: Economic integration of neighborhoods, instead of the economic segregation that largely exists today, is a key to boosting children's chance of success in school and as adults. And that's not all.
 Buzz - March 22, 2016
 With Donald Trump, it's bullies all the way down - and up
 In general, I hate stories about "the horserace" of politics, rather than the issues. But I firmly believe the Trump rally violence is not a tangential issue to this year's campaign. It reflects on the substance of the candidate in this case.
 Buzz - March 15, 2016
 4 things America doesn't need anymore
 From Daylight Saving Time to judiciary elections and more, here are four common parts of our functioning society that America foolishly keeps holding on to and simply shouldn't hassle itself with anymore.
 Kids & Family - March 9, 2016
 Unfortunately for Larson, the answer's not so easy on MPS takeover
 Chris Larson's potential election will not end, repeal or otherwise stop "the takeover" of MPS, and making the opposite claim as much a centerpiece of his campaign as it has been strikes me as iffy at best, and plain dishonest at worst.
 Kids & Family - March 1, 2016
 New study shows it's time for a fresh school-funding lawsuit in Wisconsin
 The other side might sputter and stammer that the current state of affairs when it comes to Wisconsin's school funding is good enough. But more and more research nationwide is showing otherwise, and now is the time to prove it in court.
 Buzz - February 23, 2016
 Super Tuesday may pick Wisconsin, Milwaukee winners for us
 Between now and when Wisconsin voters go to the polls next on April 5, the rest of the country will probably pick some of our winners and losers for us. This is new territory for Wisconsin, and it could have some serious effects on our state and local races.

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