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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Wednesday, Nov. 26, 2014

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Jay Bullock

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Jay Bullock is a high school English teacher in Milwaukee, columnist for the Bay View Compass, singer-songwriter and occasional improv comedian.

Recent Articles
 Milwaukee Buzz - November 25, 2014
 Things to be thankful for, 2014 edition
 It's Thanksgiving week, and in the spirit of the holiday, I'd like to offer some things that we can all be thankful for this season in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and beyond.
 Milwaukee Buzz - November 18, 2014
 This white Democrat agrees: we blew it
 This year, though vote totals suggest Wisconsin turnout wasn't down for a mid-term election, my anecdata do: every election I give my students bonus credit for bringing in "I Voted" stickers. This month I collected fewer than I ever have from my overwhelmingly black and Latino students, suggesting they, their families, and their neighbors just didn't vote. Even in the "99 percent Obama" ward where Burke and the president appeared together, turnout was down from the last gubernatorial contest.
 Milwaukee Buzz - November 11, 2014
 Narrative bias boosted Walker win last week
 Regardless of whether the voters agreed with Scott Walker's actual policies on everything from the minimum wage to school funding, they voted for him anyway because of the story being told.
 Kids & Family - November 4, 2014
 School board's Bonds erred in calling out education reporter
 Watching the flap between Milwaukee Board of School Directors President Michael Bonds and the Milwaukee press last week was a little surreal for me.
 Milwaukee Buzz - October 21, 2014
 Dear Sen. Johnson: here's my last will and testament
 Dear Ron Johnson, senior U.S. Sen. from the great state of Wisconsin...
 Milwaukee Buzz - October 14, 2014
 I didn't need to watch the Walker/Burke debate
 I didn't watch the Walker-Burke debate last week. I'd like to say it's because I have an active social life and was out partying on a Friday night; in reality, I just didn't want to -- I didn't need to.
 Kids & Family - October 8, 2014
 There be Dragons: Why Dr. Driver's sailing may not be so smooth
 MPS Superintendent Dr. Darienne Driver told OnMilwaukee that "now, a month in, we're smooth sailing," and if Jau Bullock were a coffee drinker he would have choked on it because that's just not what he's seeing here on the ground, to slightly mix metaphors.
 Milwaukee Buzz - September 30, 2014
 Copy that: Burke plagiarism is a non-scandal
 Is this plagiarism "scandal" evidence that Mary Burke is unqualified to be governor of Wisconsin? Hardly. It seems much more like evidence that the opposition has nothing of actual substance on which to campaign.
 Milwaukee Buzz - September 16, 2014
 Deficit attention disorder
 Walker, who claimed budget management skills as his primary qualification to be your governor, has run up a deficit more than double what Jim Doyle did during the Great Recession.
 Living - September 9, 2014
 The iCloud hack and the kids these days
 I was very excited the other day when I heard that celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Jill Scott, and Kate Upton had their iCloud accounts hacked and nude photographs of them were being posted all over the internet -- but not for the reason you might think.

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