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Jay Bullock

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Jay Bullock is a high school English teacher in Milwaukee, columnist for the Bay View Compass, singer-songwriter and occasional improv comedian.

Recent Articles
 Milwaukee Buzz - November 24, 2015
 From Jay, to today's newsmakers
 The following column is a collection of emails sent by this column's author over the last week to Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan and Southwest Airlines. He is not a crackpot.
 Kids & Family - November 17, 2015
 What Means means for MPS
 The announcement last week that Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele selected Demond Means to take on the role of Opportunity Schools Partnership commissioner came not as too much of a surprise - but it was a relief, seeing what the pick means for MPS.
 Milwaukee Buzz - November 10, 2015
 10 questions I would ask at tonight's GOP debate in Milwaukee
 No one asked me to serve on the panel of questioners at the Republican primary debate here in Milwaukee, but I have plenty of questions I'd love to ask the candidates gathering here tonight. So I will.
 Kids & Family - November 3, 2015
 Before having to report crime stats, schools should stop criminalizing childhood
 The research on the so-called "school-to-prison pipeline" is clear: the way we treat students in schools, particularly students of color, presages the way those students will be treated once they leave school.
 Milwaukee Buzz - October 27, 2015
 Democratic field clears for Clinton
 Why is the Democratic candidate field clearing now, so early in the race? Because after this last week, it's hard not to simply say she is the best. And yes, I am talking about the Benghazi hearings on Thursday.
 Kids & Family - October 19, 2015
 DPI aims for better equity in Wisconsin's K-12 teachers
 I have good news, and I have bad news. The bad news is that two recent analyses of who teaches where in Wisconsin's K-12 system confirm what we all suspected, which is that the schools with the poorest, hardest to teach students by far have the most inexperienced and poorly trained teachers, and that problem is growing. The good news is that there's an effort afoot to try to improve that.
 Kids & Family - October 13, 2015
 Abele won't be a hero in fight for MPS, but he won't be a villain either
 Any day now, Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele will appoint a "commissioner" who will identify up to three Milwaukee Public Schools that will be subsumed into the new Opportunity Schools Partnership, their teachers removed and their assets seized. He argues he's making the best of a bad situation, but does this make Abele a hero or villain to MPS?
 Living - October 6, 2015
 Yet another column about yet another shooting in America
 It should be clear to everyone by now that no matter how many words I or anyone else - be they president, celebrity, parent of a dead child, parent of a mass shooter or random person on the street - spend talking about the insanity of this country's gun culture, nothing will change.
 Milwaukee Buzz - September 28, 2015
 Scott Walker forgot about the water and chased the whale
 "I forgot about the water and chased the whale," the song lyric goes, "the myth that prize is all there ought to be." Depending on how you define the whale, of course, then everybody is chasing it. Hillary and Jeb and Bernie and Trump and the rest all want to be president, sure. The question, though, is whether they mind the water along the way. Scott Walker clearly didn't.
 Milwaukee Buzz - September 23, 2015
 The race for president of the Delusional Party
 It's a truism in American politics that everyone believes the other side is completely nuts. Delusional. Certain about facts that just simply don't exist. This is a simplification, sure, but it's also kind of a meta-statement about a different serious problem in American politics, which is the myth of "balance," an insistence that "both sides do it." But both sides don't do it. The fact is that only one political party right now seems to exist in a world of fantasy and delusion.

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