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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Friday, Aug. 22, 2014

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Jay Bullock

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Jay Bullock is a high school English teacher in Milwaukee, columnist for the Bay View Compass, singer-songwriter and occasional improv comedian.

Recent Articles
 Living - August 19, 2014
 We the living make deaths "senseless"
 "Senseless death"-- and its companion, "senseless tragedy"-- is one of the tritest, emptiest phrases you hear. And, sadly, you're hearing it a lot these days, although it's hard to say that anyone's death is in any way sensible, other than perhaps the lucky few who die of very old age on their own terms with friends and family around all their affairs fully settled.
 Milwaukee Buzz - August 12, 2014
 Jay Bullock heads to the mailbox
 From time to time, I like to check under the bridge to see what my trolls are up to. Wait, did I just say that out loud? I mean, I like to dig into the comments to my columns, as well as the emails they precipitate, and share my responses with those correspondents and world.
 Milwaukee Buzz - August 5, 2014
 Why Ron Johnson's lawsuit really hurts my brain
 Good news, everybody! Wisconsin's senior Sen. (and man, is that a tough phrase to type) Ron Johnson, Republican, is appealing the dismissal of his lawsuit over the Affordable Care Act, so the hilarity can continue for the foreseeable future.
 Milwaukee Buzz - July 30, 2014
 100 things (give or take) Paul Ryan could have proposed to help end poverty but
 Last week, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Janesville) set forth another in his continuing series (like Harry Potter, but with more magical thinking) of budget committee plans designed to "help" the poor. I'd like to offer 100 things Paul Ryan could have proposed in this most recent version but didn't that might actually help the poor.
 Kids & Family - July 21, 2014
 Common Core is not the problem: testing, paranoia, and pandering are
 Last week, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker finally got off the fence and called for the state's lawmakers to "repeal Common Core and replace it with standards set by people in Wisconsin." Clearly an attempt to motivate his base, Walker's statement -- like most anti-Common Core sentiments -- missed the mark on what the real problems are and opened up an ugly can of worms.
 Milwaukee Buzz - July 15, 2014
 Tort-happy Republicans vs. the Affordable Care Act
 For a party that has long claimed to oppose frivolous lawsuits, the Republicans last week sure seemed pretty tort-happy.
 Living - July 8, 2014
 Supreme Court is trolling America
 The Supreme Court is, pretty often, going to make decisions any of us can disagree with. The court as it is now has managed to anger people on the left and the right -- the left more often, thank you Ralph Nader -- but last week's decisions on birth control have raised the Roberts court's penchant for disagreeability to a new level, one that is undeniably trolling.
 Milwaukee Buzz - July 1, 2014
 The real IRS scandal
 For more than a year now, the conservative outrage machine has had its sights squarely on the Internal Revenue Service. I mean, among other things; the conservative outrage machine is an accomplished multi-tasker, so the IRS has had to compete with Benghazi and Fast and Furious and the machine's continuing surprise that a U.S. president enjoys golf.
 Milwaukee Buzz - June 24, 2014
 Another week proves Walker's way is not Wisconsin's way
 Wisconsin simply must not abide a governor whose allies, associates, and employees see the law as something to be circumvented, rather than followed.
 Kids & Family - June 17, 2014
 Students lose in ongoing battle against teacher tenure
 Teacher tenure is not the cause of poor student achievement, and trying to "reform" it will do nothing to improve educational outcomes for the students who most need our help. Indeed, they will suffer as any last protections or incentives for good teachers to stay are "reformed" right out of existence.

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