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Outdoor drinking guide Image

Outdoor drinking guide

Cocktailing is a year-round sport in Milwaukee, but the peak season generally coincides with our all-too-brief flirtation with warm weather. We've enjoyed a pleasant spring, which has provided ample opportunity to visit some of the city's spots and check out a few new venues for al fresco drinking and fun.

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8 p.m. at Father Robert V. Carney Performing Arts Center at Pius XI High School, 135 N. 76th St., Wauwatosa
The Fireside Dinner Theatre

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Getting Wasted With the Food and Garden Club at UW-Milwaukee

Getting Wasted With the Food and Garden Club at UW-Milwaukee

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's dimly lit office of sustainability is also the home of UWM's Food and Garden Club. The club consists of like-minded students and professors whose mission is growing sustainable food on campus. Kudzu vines climb over someone's desk while herbs germinate at another's. The club has a litany of seeds in stock [...] The post Getting Wasted With the Food and Garden Club at UW-Milwaukee appeared first on Media Milwaukee.

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Changes for Redbar
There are a host of new menu items and specials on the way at redbar. But, that's not all. There will be staff changes as Chef Sean Henninger will leave the St. Francis bar to open his own restaurant.
WI Beer Lovers Festival
The Wisconsin Beer Lovers' Festival is back on June 18! This Wisconsin beer showcase is the perfect prelude to dad's big day, or just an excuse to sample a wide variety of tasty brews in an outdoor setting.
Pastiche Brown Deer
Sometimes, when restaurants move or open second locations, a bit of the original magic is lost. We were curious if this would be the case with Pastiche's second location in Brown Deer, so we paid a visit.
Pabst warehouse/GWCII
Most everyone who notices the building at 326 W. Florida St. in Walker's Point does a double take. What's an old Pabst building doing down here, so far from the old brewery complex? Let's take a look at the place that will become the Global Water Center II.