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Just Look Up!

Sitting with 11 girls sipping mojitos at Capitol Square, I felt alone. Why? Because everyone was content smiling at their crotches. And what could be so fascinating? Their fucking smartphones. I was born in the wrong generation. I don't have a Twitter, I learned about the Dark Net from a documentary, and I'm still not [...] The post Just Look Up! appeared first on Media Milwaukee.

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Just Look Up!

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New shot: The Pickleback
The Prickleback, which is not a Nickleback tribute band, is a relatively new drink combo that pairs up a shot of whiskey with a pickle brine chaser. OnMilwaukee recently took the "Prickleback Challenge" at the Mason Street Grill.
Best wings
Points East Pub's wings pack a powerful punch. You won't kick yourself for waiting for these delicious wings -- though the wait could be a little shorter thanks to a new addition at the bar that will open soon.
More little landmarks
Here are six more little Milwaukee landmarks - according to me. You may recognize some, and others may not seem as familiar, but I'm guessing they'll help jolt your memory into thinking about some of your favorite places in town.
Zoo exploring
There's nothing like kids to get you out to the zoo. Since the little ones arrived, I've come to know the Milwaukee County Zoo intimately. But on a recent visit, I learned that there was plenty I hadn't yet seen or experienced at the zoo.