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The Murder Mystery Company [edit]
5101 West Oklahoma Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53219-4549
(888) 643-2583
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Description [edit]
A Murder!
Devious Suspects!
The Killer could be...

Imagine it. You and your friends are eating a delicious
3 course buffet meal, when suddenly the waiter keels over! This was no accident!

There's been a murder here and more then likely somebody committed it!

Fortunately a Detective arrives on the scene. The Detective has narrowed his list of suspects to YOU!

It'll be your tables job to solve the crime and clear your good name! Be careful, the murderer could be anybody, even one of the shifty characters you came with!

Join the Murder Mystery Company and A.S.M. Banquet Center for an evening of intrigue, mystery and MURDER!

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