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Quarters [edit]
900 E. Center St.
Milwaukee, WI 53212
(414) 263-4140
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Description [edit]
A live music bar long located on Riverwest's Center Street. A good place to listen to rock during the week, Quarter's is pretty small and can be quite loud so don't plan on having much of a conversation with your buddy over a beer here.
Upcoming events

Feb. 13, 2016 - Feb. 14, 2016
Return Of The Junglist III

The third installment in a series of exclusive Drum & Bass events emphasizing the rhythms and vibes that have grown accustomed to the Junglist culture. Drum & Bass Purest, Junglist and Bass Heads expectations will be blown away by this massive line up. For this chapter Fresh Batch & Friends will be serving up some true heavyweights in Milwaukee DNB' alongside MCs from across the scene.This party will be pushing limits and expectations by providing a very unique atomsphere to vibe the night away. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ||| UV ||| Milwaukee, WI ~Bass Asylum, MKE DNB, Flying Lions, M.I.A. In 2009, UV moved from playing in bands to the DJ booth when being in a band wasn't a creative enough outlet for him. Since becoming a DJ, UV has been turning heads at a rapid rate with his hard hitting bass style and energetic performances. He originally got his start at Milwaukee's only alt dance club, Club Anything, where he was known for his hard hitting, stompy beats and unorthodox blending style, that quickly got him recognition by bringing this background to the electronic/EDM scene. This gave him the ability to adapt to any music style to the point where he is quickly becoming a well rounded turntablist. This helped him win the Crisp "sausage party" DJ Battle, which has only fueled the fire that UV brings to every set. Booking info: SOUNDCLOUD: MIXCLOUD: ||| SYQUEST ||| Milwaukee, WI ~MIA, SPRAVE PRODUCTIONS ||| n4Sir ||| Racine, WI ~Deck Spin, M@SH ||| Frequency Thieves ||| Milwaukee, WI ~Milwaukee Noize Collective Relative newcomers to the Drum & Bass scene, this Milwaukee, WI group decided in 2010 that being fans of this vastly under-appreciated style was not enough. Having spent years purveying the catalogs of the best DNB labels around, the Thieves felt that they finally had amassed the proper ammunition to tackle the decks. Whether it's the classic tracks that any junglist can appreciate or the newest tracks that have the bass community buzzing, the Thieves take great pride in keeping things fresh and exciting with their live sets. ||| Observation Laboratories ||| Milwaukee, WI ~Massive Posse, Fresh Batch Productions Stop putting music in boxes, and trust your ears. ||| Mister E ||| Milwaukee, WI ~Fresh Batch Productions Urban Style Sounds pump out of the speakers as Mister E tangles beats with a melodic yet vicious outcome. Equipped with well tuned ears and a natural sense of timing, Mister E serves up rhythms that pull people to the dance floor ||| Propagantics ||| Milwaukee, WI ~Fresh Batch Productions Straight from the Big Apple to Milwaukee, Propogantics was heavily influenced by the Mid-West scene over the past years. Bumping a unique style that takes you back to the roots and culture of Drum & Bass music and gets you moving with a unique varitey of mind blowing Jump Up, Jungle and Liquid for your soul. ||| SPADE ONE ||| Milwaukee, WI ~Spade-One, Spade Ichiban, M.A.S., TY Black, Beatz Abound, Tramp Street Mosse, Starvin' Artists, Brew City Banditz, Boombox Saintz, One Sound Border, The November Criminals, E.B.K., Flyin' Lions, Frequency Thieves Art installations presented by Derek Nunez Designs ~ $3 Before 12 a.m. $5 After ~ 21+ I.D. Required ~ No Dress Code ~ More Info TBA Brought To You By Fresh Batch Productions & Fresh Batch & Friends


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