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Urban spelunking: Milwaukee city records center Image

Urban spelunking: Milwaukee city records center

The history of Milwaukee lies below ground. About three stories below ground to be exact. That's where you'll find Milwaukee city records center, headed by Jacquelyn Block, and its stacks of boxes, the rolls of blueprints, the shelves of plat map books in which the quotidian history of the city is inscribed.

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Democratic Debate Overview: What the Candidates Said on the Issues

Democratic Debate Overview: What the Candidates Said on the Issues

The two candidates at the Democratic Debate Thursday spent the most time discussing prevalent issues such as keeping Americans safe, reforming the criminal justice system, improving race relations, and foreign policy in the Middle East. The Democratic Debate brought Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders to UW-Milwaukee to square off in the Zelazo Center, intensified by [...] The post Democratic Debate Overview: What the Candidates Said on the Issues appeared first on Media Milwaukee.

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