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UW-Milwaukee Performers Are Front And Center In 8th Note

UW-Milwaukee Performers Are Front And Center In 8th Note

In contrast to the laid-back, isolated atmosphere of the UW-Milwaukee 8th Note Coffeehouse, no one would have expected Jazz Guitar major Josh Trimble to command the attention of everyone present when he took the makeshift stage amongst the dark curtains and bulletin boards. Trimble, a first-year student, performed a set of three songs, two covers [...] The post UW-Milwaukee Performers Are Front And Center In 8th Note appeared first on Media Milwaukee.

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Showcasing Milwaukee's musical talent: Hear Here Presents

Have you see those NPR Tiny Desk Concerts? Or perhaps KEXP Live? If you haven't, the premise is basically a band comes through, performs a mini-set on camera, then, it's shared online for the rest of the world to see. The look and feel of the shoot is intimate and artistic, and it offers a chance to see bands break away from the stage setting and bring their art to another location. And here in Milwaukee, an arts group is producing their own interpretation of... Showcasing Milwaukee's musical talent: Hear Here Presents appeared first on 88Nine Radio Milwaukee.

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Tricklebee Cafe
Tricklebee Cafe, a new non-profit cafe in the Sherman Park Neighborhood is the first pay-what-you-can-cafe to open in Milwaukee. operates under the a pay-what-you-can model, offering food and beverages to any diner, regardless of their means.
Lost WWII propeller found
Let me just say up front that I love tips from readers and friends. Tips like this one I got last week: "Knowing you, you already know about this. In case you don't: There is a helicopter in the floor of the old A.O. Smith plant." Here's the story.
Kilbourn's homecoming
Byron Kilbourn, founder of the settlement on the west side of the Milwaukee River that became known as Kilbourntown died in Florida in 1870. Thanks largely to the efforts of one man, this founding father returned home to Milwaukee in 1998. Here's Frank Matusinec's story.
Miller Caves
Though the name of this series is urban spelunking, I don't get to see too many actual caves. The crumbling beer caves under the old Falk Brewery are an exception. The ones adjacent at Miller Brewing are another. These caves, unlike the ones at Falk, are open to the public.