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Crossing the street in Wisconsin might kill you Image

Crossing the street in Wisconsin might kill you

Anyone who walks around the city will notice that the majority of motorists have either forgotten or are unaware that it is illegal not to stop for a pedestrian at a crosswalk. Statistically, more people are dying each year while walking across the street in Wisconsin and walkers have more and more stories about almost getting hit.

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Behind-the-Screams: The Hill Has Eyes Haunted House

Behind-the-Screams: The Hill Has Eyes Haunted House

The concept of Halloween has always struck me as, well, odd. ....we reward our children with candy for pretending to be someone else? We dress our houses in lights and cobwebs to try and frighten strangers? This week in Community Stories I faced my fears and took a peek behind the "mask" of Halloween. Or, more literally, spent a night with a team of people that know Halloween better than anyone in Milwaukee: the employees at The... Behind-the-Screams: The Hill Has Eyes Haunted House appeared first on 88Nine Radio Milwaukee.

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The Story Behind #BlackLivesMatter

Sitting before a sold-out venue, hosted by the Student Association of UW-Milwaukee, Patrisse Cullors and Alicia Garza, who created the Black Lives Matter hashtag, made it clear why they were here. "We are fighting back against the tide of amnesia that this country is powered by," said Garza. "If all of us are not free, [...] The post The Story Behind #BlackLivesMatter appeared first on Media Milwaukee.

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The Story Behind #BlackLivesMatter

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Izzy Jaecks, bootblack
Five years ago, we first told you about Izzy Jaecks, the now full-time shoeshiner at Stag Barbershop, 3064 S. Delaware Ave. In 2011, it was a once-a-week gig for the former Miss International Bootblack, but now Jaecks is as part of the shop as are its barbers.
Daddy's on Holton
There's a long list of reasons why folks in the Harambee neighborhood (and beyond) should be counting down the days until Daddy's second location opens on Holton Street and Concordia Avenue. And it begins with the concept of genuine hospitality.
St. Josaphat dome
A big fan of behind the scenes visits, I've traversed catwalks soaring high over concert stages, descended into the basements of schools and gone pretty much anywhere folks with keys will let me go. But the trip to the top of the dome of the Basilica of St. Josaphat on 6th and Lincoln was a journey unlike any I've taken before.
The shores of Lake Emily
After months of trying to gain access, I have finally stood upon the shore of Downtown Milwaukee's Lake Emily and gazed out upon her limpid waters. But, it turns out, I arrived over-prepared and could have left the swimsuit and sand toys at home.