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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Saturday, Nov. 22, 2014

Hi: 51
Lo: 48
Hi: 40
Lo: 38

Lo: 22
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In Milwaukee Buzz

The potent, green goodness of Great Lake's Absinthe Verte.

In Milwaukee Buzz

Milwaukee street signs. So green.

In Milwaukee Buzz

The Newport. Arguably, too green.

In Milwaukee Buzz

The new wind turbine. "Green" and whirly.

In Milwaukee Buzz

The FIX building. Total green-ness.

In Milwaukee Buzz

Green beer on Water Street: so wrong it's right?

In Milwaukee Buzz

Thaddeus Kosciuszko was a white dude, but now he's forever green (ish).

In Milwaukee Buzz

The "green" roof at Rockwell Automation.

100 Milwaukee green things

The staff took great liberty when compiling this list of 100 green things. Some of the items are actually green in color, some are merely green-ish. Many are "green" in the eco-friendly sense of the word, and others, well, they're not any of these things.

Happy St. Patrick's Day, Milwaukee.

1. The roof of the Rockwell Automation building
2. El Rey's salsa verde
3. The beer on Water Street this Saturday
4. The face of most college students on Sunday
5. Jonathan Green, former radio host of "The Green House"
6. The new Port of Milwaukee wind turbine
7. The roof of the Downtown Public Library
8. The FIX, a new four-story green structure in Walker's Point
9. A bowl of Real Chili left on the counter for 10 days or more
10. The St. Josaphat Basilica dome
11. Rock the Green music festival (Sept. 15, 2012)
12. Admirals president Jon Greenberg
13. The Green Sheet (RIP)
14. Irish Fest
15. A pickle-on-a-stick at State Fair or Summerfest
16. Paddy's Pub
17. Some of the M&M's served in bowls at Paddy's Pub
18. "The big green limousine" (Free on St. Patrick's Day)
19. Our neighbor to the north: Green Bay
20. Our neighbor to the southwest: Spring Green
21. Kopp's Mr. Fudgie custard (mint custard, cookies and plenty o'fudge)
22. Sweet Water Organics urban fish and vegetable farm
23. Growing Power
24. Robert Greenstreet (dean of the UWM School of Architecture and Urban Planning)
25. Milwaukee Bucks: Green and Growing (circa 1978)
26. Greenfield
27. Greendale
28. Brewers utility man Taylor Green
29. The Green Kitchen in the Milwaukee Public Market
30. The lower grandstand seats at the old County Stadium
31. New sports writer Jim Owczarski
32. City Green condos on Marshall Street
33. The putting greens at the Milwaukee County golf courses
34. Packers gear (well, the part that isn't gold)
35. Habitat For Humanity's ReStore
36. The screen behind Vince Condella
37. Milwaukee street signs
38. The apostrophes in the signs for O'Lydia's and Stack'd
39. Miller Park's grass/ turf /roof
40. The color of Chicago's envy for Milwaukee
41. The Lincoln Park golf course
42. The money that's not in your wallet thanks to the economy
43. Art and architecture critic Mary-Louise Schumacher's eyes
44. Tom Green, the late Elvis impersonator
45. Wisconsin Green Party
46. The stuff in the Ziploc baggies at Wisconsin NORML conventions
47. Milwaukee River on a bad day or on St. Pat's Day a few years ago
48. The paint job on the Prius parked in Whole Foods' parking structure
49. The Tropical Dome
50. City of Milwaukee garbage carts
51. The facade of the Goldmann's building
52. The pea soup, among many other dishes, at Beans & Barley
53. Orchard Street Press, a sustainable screen printing/design company
54. Color of the mohawk on the guy who hangs out in front of Fuel Cafe.
55. Tables made from a bowling alley floor at Braise
56. Great Lakes Distillery's 1912 Absinthe Verte
57. The pesto at Pasta Tree
58. Milwaukee Hurling Club
59. La Perla's guacamole
60. The olive in a Hi-Hat martini
61. Safe House Jello shots
62. A grasshopper at At Random
63. The Urban Ecology Center
64. The tables made from yard sticks at Art Bar
65. Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin
66. The top of the North Point Water Tower
67. Oriental Pharmacy's (RIP) green river drink
68. The sky before the city's most severe tornado on Aug. 4, 1980
69. A Naked Juice Green Machine drink from Outpost
70. Boerner Botanical Gardens
71. Cee Lo songs on 88.9
72. The lizards at Hoffer's Tropical Life Pets
73. (Some of) the peacock's feathers at the Milwaukee County Zoo
74. The exterior of The Newport
75. The Green Gallery
76. Culver's french fry oil-fueled vehicles
77. Menomonee River Valley initiatives
78. Milwaukee's 121 miles of boulevards, 57 total lots, 59 green spaces, 20 designated municipal properties and 20 above-ground planters in the Downtown area
79. The Milwaukee Urban Water Trail
80. Palm trees at the Lakefront Brewery Palm Garden
81. Alterra at the Lake
82. The Department of Public Works Field Headquarters
83. The Sigma Group building
84. CG Schmidt headquarters
85. Future Green (RIP)
86. Milwaukee Rowing Club facility
87. Lloyd Street School's Bioretention Project
88. Milwaukee Scrap, LLC
89. UW-Milwaukee Great Lakes WATER Institute
90. Highland Gardens Public Housing Facility, Milwaukee's first green public housing facility
91. Miller Brewing Company's parking lot
92. Milwaukee Idea Home
93. The plants in the windows at Caroline's and Burnheart's
94. West Aliens (you know, people who live in West Allis for too long)
95. The many salads on Cafe Lulu's menu
96. Kosciuszko Park's Tadeusz Kosciuszko monument
97. The merchandise at Sweetbush
98. The mint jelly served with Pandl's lamb
99. Shorewood High School's "copperdome"
100. Milorganite ... What's "greener" than fertilizing your lawn with your own poop?


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