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1. City Hall hosts Kenyan sister city signing ceremony on Nov. 23
A Sister City agreement between Milwaukee and the County of Bomet, Kenya will be signed during a special ceremony next week in the third floor Council Chamber and Anteroom at City Hall, 200 E. Wells St.
2. When is a statue just a statue?
When is a statue just a statue? In the Village of Shorewood, not this week. Heated comments were exchanged in response to a blogger, claiming he saw things that weren't there and others suspecting the artist's motives. Who is right?
3. Report says Milwaukee will host February's Democratic debate
According to CBS 58, the Democratic debate on Feb. 11 will be in Milwaukee. It was previously announced that Wisconsin would host a Democratic debate, but CBS reports that Milwaukee will be the place.
4. What's that moving van doing outside of Walker's Tosa house?
When Two Men and a Truck show up at the governor's house - even a house he doesn't stay in much anymore and that his parents have been living in - people take notice. And start wondering.
5. Milwaukee's Eiffel Tower resurrected for Paris vigil
Milwaukee's Eiffel Tower -- erected near Cathedral Square Park each year for Bastille Days -- will be resurrected at City Hall for a 5:15 p.m. vigil today to honor the victims of Paris.
6. UPDATE: Shorewood sculpture accused of anti-Semitism temporarily removed
A man's visit to Milwaukee took a sour turn recently when he claims he discovered offensive messages hidden in a sculpture in Shorewood. The supposed messages can be found on the statue's left leg.
7. The Wi-Fi passwords they should have made the media use
One of the funniest twists to come out of the GOP debate in Milwaukee was the fact the Republican National Committee forced reporters to type "StopHillary" if they wanted to use Wi-Fi at the UWM Panther Arena. What could the RNC force the media to type next time?
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8. Bobby Tanzilo mourns the death of Flavor Dave Monroe
If I posted nothing more than a silhouette of Dave Monroe, chances are a good chunk of Milwaukeeans would be able to recognize it immediately: the parka, the stack of books jammed under the arm.
9. Sheriff Clarke busts self for parking in handicapped spot
Sheriff David Clarke wrote up a ticket yesterday afternoon - to himself, after his squad car was seen parked in a handicapped-accessible spot outside of the Milwaukee County War Memorial.
10. Guess what Jeb Bush did in a Milwaukee hotel
When Jeb Bush was in Milwaukee this week for Tuesday night's GOP debate, he did something surprising at the InterContinental Hotel.
11. MPD officers go viral for saving, folding burned flag
Between the Bucks game, theater, the GOP debate and various political demonstrations, Downtown Milwaukee was buzzing with activity last night. In the case of one demonstration, a protestor attempted to burn an American flag, but what happened after became the big story.
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12. Ian Abston leaves NEWaukee
Ian Abston is leaving NEWaukee to pursue a new chapter in his career. He has been a face of the organization, and of young professionals in Milwaukee, since the group was formed more than 6 years ago.
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13. That time a Milwaukee man going Downtown made the front page
I rise now to heap encomiums on Louis Mueller, though he is long gone, and I know him only from a front-page article in The Milwaukee Journal 100 years ago titled, "Milwaukee man Downtown for the first time in 31 years."
14. Start a new family tradition with the 2015 WE Energies Cookie Book
For nearly 90 years WE Energies has put out its annual Cookie Book. It has been a tradition for my family for decades and it could be in yours too!
15. Honor past and present at the 2015 Veterans Day Parade
Support our troops and honor our veterans at the 52nd annual Veteran's Day Parade, held on Saturday, Nov. 7 at 11 a.m.
16. Santa Cycle Rampage goes from free to fee
The Santa Cycle Rampage has been bringing joy via nearly 700 Santas, Mrs. Clauses, elves, Krampuses (and even a Menorah or two) to Milwaukee for 15 years, but while this ride has become as traditional as a Bing Crosby classic, this year the format is evolving. If you want to participate, you'll be expected to pay.
17. Milwaukee's real-life paranormal love triangle
`Tis the season to remember when a Milwaukee judge ruled that a man had no right to beat his wife because she was cheating on him with the ghost of her dead first husband.
18. Kid's Calatrava costume wins local family an Art Museum membership
Yesterday, when Milwaukee Art Museum staffers heard about a cool Calatrava costume on Twitter, they started a search to find the flapping 4-year-old.
19. Damn, Milwaukee, you're busy
My morning commute reminded me that construction crews appear to be busier than ever in Milwaukee, especially on the northeast end of Downtown and the East Side.
20. When did Milwaukee get smaller?
Ever look at old pictures of Milwaukee and think, "why did it look like a bigger city back then"? Happens to me all the time.
21. 7 Halloween costumes that can never be made sexy
Sexy Halloween costumes. Some people love 'em. Some people hate 'em. Some people want Halloween to remain rooted in terror, while others love the inherent liberation in pretending to be something they're not (or something they wish they could be). There is a lot of chatter around the internet about which costumes SHOULD never be made sexy. But I'm telling you these costumes COULD never be made sexy...
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22. Progress report: Tippecanoe Library
As the reopening of the renovated Tippecanoe Library on Howard and Howell Avenues approaches, we took a look at the progress of the work on the inside and outside of this South Side landmark.
23. Milwaukee receives $14.2 million grant for streetcar extension
Mayor Tom Barrett, Sen. Tammy Baldwin and Rep. Gwen Moore announced Monday that the U.S. Department of Transportation awarded the city of Milwaukee a $14.2 million grant to enable construction of the Milwaukee streetcar's Lakefront Line.
24. Milwaukee Holiday Lights Festival kick-off: Nov. 19
Head to Pere Marquette Park on Nov. 19 to kick-off the holiday season with a dazzling light display across Downtown Milwaukee.
25. Wanna see under an old Milwaukee sidewalk?
Ever wondered what lies below the city's sidewalks? Interestingly, there are numerous spaces that afford such a view. Many of them lie within the basements of buildings, which extend out beneath the paved pathways above.