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1. Trump drops Wisconsinite Diane Sykes' name for Supreme Court
In the midst of the GOP debate hullabaloo Saturday night, Donald Trump dropped the name of Wisconsin's own Diane Sykes for the Supreme Court of the United States.
2. A college student's perspective on last night's Democratic debate
As an informed college student who was picked to attend the Democratic debate held last night at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, I have some thoughts on what was said by both the candidates.
3. Two views of Milwaukee: one full of heart and one full of heartbreak
Two views of the same city: one from PBS examining racial difficulties in the city, one a film from Purple Onion packing an emotional wallop of love for the city. Both have truth on their side.
4. Update: County closes the Mitchell Park Domes indefinitely
Last week, Milwaukee County official announced that the Mitchell Park Domes would be closed over the weekend due to safety concerns about falling debris. Now they'll be closed indefinitely.
5. Mayor Barrett delivers his State of the City address for 2016
This morning, Mayor Tom Barrett delivered his State of the City address at the Hmong American Peace Academy, located at 4601 N. 84th St. The following is a transcription of his speech, as delivered.
6. The hilarious botched walk-on and other takeaways from last night's GOP debate
The GOP hosted its latest presidential candidate debate last night, but the real standout moment of the night didn't happen during the main event but during the walk-on.
7. Make America great again by trumping Donald Trump
Are you exhausted by Donald Trump's presidential campaign and the media hullabaloo constantly around it? Do you have about ten free seconds of time to waste? Then you might just love
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8. Harvard researcher uses Milwaukee as lab for work on poverty and eviction
Harvard's Matthew Desmond got his doctorate at UW-Madison and has used Milwaukee as a laboratory for his groundbreaking work on poverty and the relationship to eviction from homes for poor people.
9. Abdul-Jabbar writes thoughtful article to Trump supporters
It is fitting that the day after the first primary in the race for president, former Bucks star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar wrote an open letter for The Washington Post to supporters of Donald Trump.
10. Milwaukee's terrible, no good, very bad week in the national spotlight
So, Milwaukee, how was your week? We love it when the national media shines its light on Milwaukee, but this week? Not so much, as terrorism, greed and racism all got time in the spotlight.
11. Poignant viral video has a message that Milwaukee can take to heart
Most of the time I don't bother getting wrapped up in all those "feel good" videos that seem to inundate the World Wide Web. But I've found one that has an important message - particularly for Milwaukee.
12. The Vermont will soon disappear from the Downtown landscape
Another remnant of old Milwaukee will soon disappear from the landscape as workers begin to deconstruct the four-story, 16-flat Vermont, 610 E. Mason St., to make way for Northwestern Mutual's 33-story, more than $100 million development that will occupy nearly the entire block.
13. Blistering Toronto Star article rips segregation in Milwaukee
Milwaukee gets a lot of good ink and links nationally, but it's not all seashells and balloons, as former Marquette head coach Al McGuire might say. For example: a recent story in the Toronto Star serves as a blistering indictment of our racial segregation.
14. 10 reasons to wish that the big storm out east was burying us in Milwaukee
I could be in the minority but I wish that "Blizzard of the Century" on the East Coast would be happening right in Milwaukee. There's something about a big storm that brings out the very best in people.
15. Marquette Athletic Performance Research Center could boost Downtown dead zone
Marquette University President Michael Lovell says the university's new Athletic Performance Research Center "will become a unique destination and national model that spurs innovative research and significantly advances our missions." It could also boost an underutilized plot of Downtown land.
16. In support of saving animals: Assembly Bill 487
Wisconsin Humane Society testimony for Wisconsin Assembly Bill 487, legislation aiming to make "various changes to the treatment of animals that are believed to have been used in crimes against animals."
17. Milwaukee Democratic Legislators Publish "Moving Milwaukee Forward"
Over the past year, Milwaukee's legislative democrats have worked together to share our vision of, and commitment to, our great city. Milwaukee is unique in Wisconsin. Far too often our community's challenges cast a shadow over our assets and contributions. While those challenges are real, they do not define us.
18. MCTS announces timeline for transition from paper tickets, passes & transfers
MCTS is leaping into a new era in 2016. After years of hard work upgrading technology on buses and online and working with passengers on adopting the M*CARD, MCTS will phase out paper tickets, passes and transfers on Leap Day, Feb. 29.
19. Urban spelunking: A former Concordia campus renovation update
Last spring, we went inside the former Concordia College campus in the Concordia neighborhood west of Downtown and saw some really cool buildings. The Forest County Potawatomi has since begun work on some of the buildings. Here are some photos of the ongoing work.
20. OnMilwaukee mourns the loss of friend and colleague Steve Kabelowsky
News has reached us that our friend and colleague Steve Kabelowsky has passed away.
21. Abele announces new Park East economic development
Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele today announced a planned project for Park East Block 22, a sustainable mixed use development with needed residential units, street-front retail, and concealed public parking and bicycle parking.
22. Avery's lawyer thinks series could make lightning strike twice
Walt Kelly is the Milwaukee lawyer who represented Steven Avery in his civil lawsuit after being freed from jail the first time. He thinks there is a chance that Avery could be released from jail a second time.
23. Rep. Moore welcomes DOJ investigation of Milwaukee Police Department
In response to the U.S. Department of Justice's announcement that it will launch a collaborative reform initiative with the Milwaukee Police Department, Congresswoman Gwen Moore (WI-04) released the following statement.
24. Renovation complete, Tippecanoe Library reopens Saturday ... see it here!
In October, we got a peek at the progress on the renovations at the Tippecanoe branch of Milwaukee Public Library, 3912 S. Howell Ave. Today, we got one last look before the library reopens Saturday, Dec. 12 at 10 a.m.
25. MANDIs honor 15 finalists for improving central city neighborhoods
The MANDIs recognize individuals, organizations and corporations who are improving conditions in Milwaukee's central city neighborhoods. The winners will be announced at a gala on Wednesday, March 16.