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Pabst's Sloan notches 500th rock star meal Image

Pabst's Sloan notches 500th rock star meal

There's a dining establishment in Milwaukee at which you probably have never eaten. It has a kitchen which regularly serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. The chef happily accommodates special requests, dietary needs and a variety of budgets. And he and his staff regularly serve fare that wouldn't be out of place in many of the city's best restaurants.

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UW Could Face $300 Million Revenue Loss, Changes to Tenure, Shared Governance

The UW System could face a budget cut resulting in $300 million in lost revenue - although the number is still uncertain - as well as sweeping changes that might imperil the engrained traditions of shared governance and tenure. In addition, there are moves to make the UW a "public authority" - more autonomous from [...] The post UW Could Face $300 Million Revenue Loss, Changes to Tenure, Shared Governance appeared first on Media Milwaukee.

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UW Could Face $300 Million Revenue Loss, Changes to Tenure, Shared Governance

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UW too tough for Andersen
Gary Andersen, who, surprisingly, left the University of Wisconsin for Oregon State, complained that the high academic standards in Madison made it too hard for him to recruit the kind of players he wanted.
Scott Walker's Program
The "Scott Walker thing" in question is the plan our governor is putting in his budget to allow people with "real-life experience" to become licensed public school teachers, potentially without even a lick of training, student teaching, or other assurance that those people know a single thing about teaching. It's easy to guess why Walker is proposing such a thing -- I'll get to that in a minute -- but let me explain why I agree with my student teacher that it's a terrible idea.
The Delta Routine
Milwaukee's The Delta Routine has a new record out and "You and Your Lion" is the fourth record in about the same number of years - an impressive string for a local band. Fronted by Nick Amadeus, The Delta Routine doses its poppy garage grit with Americana roots to create a thoroughly Midwestern sound, fueled in part by the slashing guitar of local veteran Mike Hoffmann. We recently asked them about making "You and Your Lion."
Milwaukee has hundreds of good restaurants that sell great meals and offer great service. But there are very few places, if any, that offer a side dish of serenity along with your entree. Jing's, a tiny, lovely Chinese restaurant on Buffalo Street in the Third Ward, is the place.

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