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Showcasing Milwaukee

Showcasing Milwaukee's musical talent: Hear Here Presents

Have you see those NPR Tiny Desk Concerts? Or perhaps KEXP Live? If you haven't, the premise is basically a band comes through, performs a mini-set on camera, then, it's shared online for the rest of the world to see. The look and feel of the shoot is intimate and artistic, and it offers a chance to see bands break away from the stage setting and bring their art to another location. And here in Milwaukee, an arts group is producing their own interpretation of... Showcasing Milwaukee's musical talent: Hear Here Presents appeared first on 88Nine Radio Milwaukee.

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Malcolm Brogdon Playing Crucial Role as a Rookie

Malcolm Brogdon Playing Crucial Role as a Rookie

Looking at teams in the NBA that have reached the summit of the sport by winning a championship, a common theme is interpreted: consistency. That word has an array of different meanings, all of which are vital and crucial toward maintaining that aggressive pedigree. Consistency is necessary on the court. It is needed in play. [...] The post Malcolm Brogdon Playing Crucial Role as a Rookie appeared first on Media Milwaukee.

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MPS poetry slam
About 150 third- to fifth-graders from Milwaukee Public Schools took to the stage recently at Hayes Bilingual Elementary School to perform their poetry. The poetry slam lasted just under two hours. At the end, celebrity judges gave out awards.
6 bad Milwaukee gifts
Even though there are some very un-material Milwaukeeans out there, there are certain gifts that most of us would poo poo. It's not that these presents are completely offensive to all, it's just ... no.
New KK Whiskey caramels
New Kinnickinnic Whiskey caramels are just a small piece in a brand new puzzle being tackled by business owner Rebecca Scarberry, who has spent the past three years sorting through the challenges that come with growing a small business.
Eschweiler warehouse
As I enter the former warehouse at 2461 W. Center St., I stop to envision the mid-December day in 1927 when Martin Grueschow walked into his completed Eschweiler & Eschweiler-designed warehouse for the first time. Now, someone else has high hopes for the building.