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101. Does convenience drive your dining?
In 2012 I noted that most of my "where to eat" decisions were based on convenience and routine. Do you dine out mainly based upon convenience or does your restaurant decision go deeper?
102. Milwaukee's best desserts, 2014
The battle of desserts has a new winner for 2014's "Best of Dining." Ice cream beat out custard! Is this still Wisconsin?
103. First look: Uncanny Soup Co.
Uncanny Soup Co. officially opened today on Water Street. I stopped in for a first look -- and a delicious bowl of soup.
104. Milwaukee's best coffee shop/cafe, 2014
Milwaukee is known for its local brews (of coffee) and this category is becoming more popular year after year. Which coffee shop/cafe brought home the title this year?
105. Checking Elsa's wings off the bucket list
The wings at Elsa's on the Park were on my "bucket list" for dining for quite some time, one I finally checked out this weekend.
106. Changes coming to Milwaukee Street
Two new bars/restaurants are coming to Milwaukee Street in Downtown Milwaukee.
107. 6 things I learned about Miss Beverly's Deluxe Barbeque
While I enjoy barbecue, I'm not such a huge fan that I have to immediately dive into any new place that opens. Hence, it took me until this weekend -- while in Greendale for other reasons -- to finally stop in and try Bartolotta's Miss Beverly's Deluxe Barbeque, attached to the southern outpost of Joey Gerard's.
108. Anodyne opens Tuesday at Public Market
Anodyne Coffee Company, the Milwaukee-based coffee roastery and cafe, will open at the Milwaukee Public Market on Tuesday, Oct. 7, making it the latest addition to the Historic Third Ward destination.
109. Milwaukee's best small plates, 2014
The votes are in and readers have determined that the best small plates in the city are crafted and served in Walker's Point.
110. Is it better to be a host or a guest at a small dinner party?
Would you rather host an event like that and put your cooking skills on display, or would you rather be a guest and put your taste buds on display? It's a tough question for anyone.
111. Milwaukee's best view/patio, 2014 readers picked the view from Harbor House as the city's best once again this year, giving the restaurant the title for the fifth straight time.
112. Milwaukee's best burger, 2014
Milwaukee, you are just filled with surprises this year. Yesterday, it was Benji's taking the best breakfast/brunch crown over three-time defending champion Blue's Egg. Now today, it's an even bigger upset, with Sobelman's exceptionally long winning streak as Milwaukee's pick for best burger - one that's gone on since 2006 - coming to a close. The burger that knocked the former behemoth off its first place spot?
113. Richard's Cafe to open Monday
Richard Kerhin will open the doors for the first time at Richard's Cafe on Monday, Oct. 6. The cafe is located at 700 W. Viirginia on the second floor inside the Tannery Business Center.
114. Milwaukee's best breakfast/brunch, 2014
You continue to surprise, Milwaukee, picking a new, best breakfast/brunch spot after three years - who took home the honors? A place that's been a staple for over 50 years: Benji's Deli.
115. First look: BelAir Cantina on Downer
Milwaukee's third BelAir Cantina location opened quietly today on Downer Avenue on Milwaukee's East Side. We got a first look for you!
116. Expressing myself with eggs (and sriracha)
I'm no food artist, but for some reason, I have a penchant for expressing myself with sriracha on omelets.
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117. Milwaukee's best steak, 2014
In 2012, Food & Wine Magazine named Mr. B's - A Bartolotta Steakhouse as one of 45 best steakhouses in the United States. Apparently, the readers of paid attention to that list, because two years later, you voted Mr. B's as Milwaukee's best steak for the first time ever.
118. In search of the perfect pizza: Magellan's
I googled Magellan's upon getting a recommendation and learned it offered the self-proclaimed "best pizza in Waukesha." I haven't had great experiences with Waukesha pizza, so I figured I'd give this place a visit.
119. Uncanny Soup Company to replace Suburpia
The Uncanny Soup Company in Cudahy will open a second location in the former Suburpia space, 612 N. Water St.
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120. Milwaukee's best new restaurant, 2014
Many great new restaurants opened in Milwaukee in the past year and you, the readers, picked one as the very best. Click here to find out which one it was.
121. When diners appear ready to fight
Diners and restaurateurs: be nice to wait staff. They're on the front lines.
122. Five things I've eaten that weren't food
Here is a list of items I've eaten that were not food.
123. What's next for Turner Hall Restaurant?
The BMO Harris Bradley Center reopened Turner Hall Restaurant in 2012 and it closed to the public this summer. Now, new food and tavern licenses have been applied for.
124. Molly Cool's is closed
Molly Cool's, 1110 N. Old World 3rd St., is closed. There is a sign on the door that reads, "We regret to inform everyone that Molly Cool's Seafood Tavern has officially closed its door. After years of attempting to keep the business afloat, it's just not possible."
125. Where to eat, drink and be merry around MKE Film Fest locations
The Milwaukee Film Fest opened last night at the Oriental Theater. Heading out to see some of the great films during the festival? Here are some ideas of where to eat, drink and be merry around the theaters.