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Colectivo Coffee, 4500 N. Oakland Ave Shorewood, WI

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Pokémon Go Is Not The Best Pokémon Game, But It Is Revolutionary

Pokémon Go Is Not The Best Pokémon Game, But It Is Revolutionary

Available on Android and IOS. Released July 6th, 2016. Price: free. Pokémon has a big franchise when it comes to card games, video games and products in general. The popular Japanese cartoon has made billions of dollars in a worldwide scenario. The first Pokémon game was made in 1996 as a role playing video game [...] The post Pokémon Go Is Not The Best Pokémon Game, But It Is Revolutionary appeared first on Media Milwaukee.

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Beer shaming is real
Anyone who orders macro beers like Bud or Miller Lite might have encountered "beer shaming," a term for when a person gets razzed by a bartender or their friends for ordering a non-craft beer. Read what bartenders and drinkers have to say about this concept.
Luu joins Mushroom MIke
We caught up with Mike Jozwik of Mushroom Mike LLC. along with his newest employee, Chef Van Luu, to find out how adding a chef to the mushroom business will change operations. We also talked him out of his delicious recipe for creamed chanterelles.
More little landmarks
Here are six more little Milwaukee landmarks - according to me. You may recognize some, and others may not seem as familiar, but I'm guessing they'll help jolt your memory into thinking about some of your favorite places in town.
Zoo exploring
There's nothing like kids to get you out to the zoo. Since the little ones arrived, I've come to know the Milwaukee County Zoo intimately. But on a recent visit, I learned that there was plenty I hadn't yet seen or experienced at the zoo.