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Danceworks [edit]
1661 N. Water St.
Milwaukee, WI 53202
(414) 277-8480
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Description [edit]
Home to the critically acclaimed Danceworks Performance Co., Danceworks also offers weekly classes for kids and adults.
Upcoming events

June 8, 2015 - Aug. 21, 2015
Registration is open for 2015 Summer Creative Arts Camps!

Make new friends, use your imagination, create original artwork and experience the thrill of performing! Our popular Summer Creative Arts Camps for ages 3½-13 integrate dance and visual arts, along with music, creative drama and creative writing, into one fun-filled program. Taught by experienced professionals, each week offers an age-appropriate theme that sparks imagination and creativity, with an informal performance for friends and family as the grand finale! Camp fees: Half-Day Camp (9 am-12 pm or 1 pm-4 pm): $125/week Full-Day Camp (9 am-4 pm): $235/week Multiple Camp Discounts: Mention promo code CAMP25 in person or by phone (414-277-8480) to save $25 on each subsequent camp you register for per family or individual. Extended Care Fees: (available only for FULL-DAY camps) Before care 8-9 am: $20/wk (ea. addt’l child $10/week) After care 4-5 pm: $20/wk (ea. addt’l child $10/week) Before AND after care: $30/week (ea. addt’l child $15/week)

June 27, 2015 - June 28, 2015
10th Anniversary Celebration 3rd eye (i) Conscious/ ideosyncratic ideology with integrity

An evening length dance production by Catey Ott Dance Collective CODC is a NYC/ MKE based professional company that presents choreography that embodies strong technique, intriguing qualitative movement, vulnerable yet fierce emotions, realness in relationships and clear intention, all inside of an imaginative alter dimension. Choreography and performance by Catey Ott Thompson With Danielle (Allen) Anderkay, Elisabeth (O'Keefe) Roskopf, Cynthia Collins, Kim Miller, Sage Fledges, Renata Rocha Pastrana, Alice Svetic, and NYC alumni dancers Sarah Pope and Kathleen Stansell Fine Art works by Kim Miller, John Pfeifer, C.Kai Marquardt, Noelle Stoffel, Jolie Collins, Meghan McKale, and Carol Ott Lighting design by Colin Gawronski Composer: Randall Woolf Saturday June 27th at 6pm and 8pm Sunday June 28th at 2 pm At Danceworks Studio Theater 1661 N. Water Street, MKE (In the Northern Lights Building. Please use and enter from the Back Parking Lot) Tickets $18, $15 artist rate Order on-line at or call #414-277-8480 3rd eye (i) Conscious/ idiosyncratic ideology with integrity WITHIN "WITHIN" is a quartet based off of visual art works and guided meditations based on Jungian Psychology and Dream Interpretation. The early concepts for WITHIN began with the creation of the dance Mind's Castle which was choreographed as a part of LAKE ARTS PROJECT with Jennifer Miller and Karl von Rabenau in 2014. I reworked, redesigned, and rearranged this work during a week-long rehearsal space grant at UWM. I was given the opportunity to re-processed the dance phrases, and re-infuse the phrases and intentions with new meaning for the dancers to interpret. I then placed the events in a non-linear order to display a tangential and fantastical inner journey. MOTHER OF AMERICAN MODERN DANCE AWARDS "Mothers of American Modern Dance Awards" is a duet for performance artist Kim Miller and Catey Ott Thompson that borrows movement and text from dance world pioneers Ruth St. Denis, Yvonne Rainer & Douglas Dunn from 1920-1990. The dialogue from these mediums is placed into the context of an American Modern Dance Awards Show. The spirit of deceased Ruth St. Denis is channeled to celebrate her lifetime achievement, and also demonstrates how far dance has shifted and evolved since her rise to fame. The work asks its audience to consider where dance and action both overlap and disengage. This piece was made possible through Danceworks DanceLAB Art to Art 2014. PHOENIX: Falling to Rise Again This abstract quintet was created as a part of Lake Arts Project in 2015, and is danced by both CODC members and Milwaukee Ballet II/Academy members. The concept of the dance was inspired by images of the mythological phoenix, a candle flame, and the cycles of nature depicted in fine art works and a musical composition by Arrowhead High School students. “Passages” by musician Logan Kozlik opens the dance, and is followed by a cinematic score from Lord of the Rings. The mystical dance highlights the rises and falls of the phoenix tale while tapping in to the concepts of Despair and Hope found in the healing process of Loss. LIFE is (no) DAFFODIL "Life is (no) Daffodil" is a duet with New York based company members based on poems by William Wordsworth and Langston Hughes. The main phrases of the dance are a physicalized translation of the lovely poem “Daffodils”, yet interrupted by thoughts from poem MOTHER TO SON/Life For Me Ain’t Been No Crystal Stair. The contrasting themes fit as one when viewing life as a counterbalance of zen, contentment and bliss with hardship, struggle, and the relentless effort needed to succeed in an ever uphill journey. Thank you to Milwaukee Ballet Academy and Brooklyn NY’s Spoke the Hub for the support in the creation of this piece. ReFRACTION This final piece is a quartet that was originally designed for a performance in Cardinal Stritch University’s art gallery amongst pedestals holding art works sprinkled throughout the space. This dance was inspired by the Buddhist concepts of Letting Go and Mindfulness with a hint of contrast due to the artistic need to Break Free. The dancers rise to the complexity of the music and dance through their inner voices by investigating the inner tapestry of memories, emotions, and images to inspire and energize the movement with intention. Thank you to Danceworks DanceLAB space grant, Jackie and Alan Keltner, and Stritch for the support in the creation of this piece. Biographies Catey Ott Thompson (CODC director, choreographer, dancer) has spent 38 years dancing, 15 of which included performing, choreographing, and teaching in NYC. Ott received a MFA and BFA in Dance from UWM. She has studied ballet with Christine Wright at 890 Broadway in NYC for 10 years. Catey Ott Dance Collective started in Milwaukee in 2005. Since 2007, the company has performed at Danspace Project at St, Mark’s Church, Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors, DNA, Solar One, Dance Conversations at the Flea, White Wave, WAX, Green Space, 92Y, BAX, Hatch, UWM, DanceNOW, Panetta Studio, Spoke the Hub, and Gowanus Arts Building. In NYC between 1995-2012, she performed with Heidi Latsky Dance, Allyson Green Dance, Soundance, Gotham Group, Sean Curran Company, Chris Ferris, Molly Rabinowitz, Cora, and a variety of others. 3rd eye(i) Conscious is her 20th self-production of her choreography,7 of which were at Danceworks Studio Theater. She has performed with Danceworks Performance Company, Wild Space, and Milwaukee Dance Theatre. She currently teaches at Danceworks, Milwaukee Ballet, Cardinal Stritch, and Marquette University. She also is a guest choreographer at Pius XI High School and with Danceworks Youth Performance Co. She just returned from performing in NYC and is now planning the CODC annual June NYC performance for 2016!


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