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1. APT's "The Island" is a harrowing tale of bitter discrimination against black me
"The Island" is a play about the brutality and pain of apartheid in South Africa. But it is also more than that - a tale about the obligation to protest against unworthy conditions. It is a difficult and meaningful play to watch.
2. APT'S "Streetcar" delivers everything a theater lover could ever desire
"A Streetcar Named Desire" won the Pulitzer Prize for Tennessee Williams and the American Players Theater delivers a performance that is up to the reputation of the play. Tracy Michelle Arnold, who plays Blanche, has never been better.
3. APT opens season with "An Iliad," a tour de force for James DeVita
"An Iliad" was staged 15 months ago by Milwaukee Rep, and the same play and actor open the season for American Players Theatre. in a spectacular production. There are now messages and wonders to behold in this staging.
4. Harley Museum show traces the life and work of Hog icon Willie G. Davidson
This weekend, the Harley-Davidson Museum, 400 W. Canal St., launches its summer exhibit, which focuses on the life and work of Willie G. Davidson, grandson of one of the founders of the iconic Milwaukee motorcycle company. Thanks to his creative design work and his efforts to buy back the company from AMF in 1981, Willie is, himself, an icon to Hog enthusiasts.
5. Cirque Italia water circus comes to Milwaukee this weekend
This weekend, Cirque Italia - a traveling Italian water circus - will splash down at Milwaukee's Italian Community Center for a collection of shows running Friday, June 5 through Sunday, June 7.
6. "Camino Real" a journey through the dark halls of Tennessee Williams' mind
"Camino Real" is one of the plays by Tennessee Williams that is rarely produced. It is a troubling play without a real story, but it's an important play and Dale Guzman stages an amazing production at Off the Wall Theatre.
7. Public Museum offers free admission on first Thursdays
The Milwaukee Public Museum (MPM) and Kohl's Department Stores announced their partnership with Kohl's Thank You Thursday, offering free general admission to the museum on the first Thursday of every month, starting Thursday, June 4.
8. Iron Horse Hotel events celebrate summer speed
The Iron Horse Hotel - located at 500 W. Florida St. - celebrates summer and speed with a viewing party for American Pharaoh's upcoming horse racing Triple Crown bid and a Bike Night event series.
9. Haggerty Museum of Art announces summer 2015 exhibition lineup
The Haggerty Museum of Art at Marquette University will present three exhibitions featuring the permanent collection "Construction Fence" by Keith Haring and others inspired by its concept. "Current Tendencies IV: Topography Transformed," "Out of the Vaults: Keith Haring" and "On View(s): Highlights from the Permanent Collection" open on Thursday, June 18 and run through Sunday, August 30.
10. "Book of Mormon" bashes into Milwaukee like a profane, hilarious maniac
"The Book of Mormon" won nine Tony Awards and the hilarious musical has landed in Milwaukee. It's like a punch in the gut that makes you laugh and laugh watching this show poke fun at just about everything that creeps into the script.
11. Marquette names new Haggerty Museum of Art director
This afternoon, Marquette University announced that Susan Longhenry - currently the director of the University of New Mexico affiliated Harwood Museum of Art in Taos, N.M. - has been named as the new director of the Haggerty Museum of Art.
12. Windfall's "City of Angels" is a ponderous evening of complex storytelling
"City of Angels" is a complicated story, made even though by three hours of singing and acting that doesn't shed much light on the stories. More than anything, this production needed cutting.
13. In Tandem's "Little by Little" is full of love and joy
"Little by Little" is free of dialogue, but it's a story we have all heard before: three friends and the love that intrudes on that friendship. The wonderful songs and music carry the audience into a cloud of warmth and joy.
14. Quirky Garofalo delivers smart and funny commentary
Actor, activist and comedian Janeane Garofalo entertained a large audience with her tangent-laden but spot-on comedy and conversation at Turner Hall tonight.
15. MPM's Streets of Old Milwaukee exhibit comes alive this weekend
The Milwaukee Public Museum's beloved Streets of Old Milwaukee exhibit will be livelier than usual this weekend, as interactive activities and costumed actors take to the streets for guests' education and entertainment.
16. Rep's "Peter and the Starcatcher" shows just how easy it really is to fly
The final show for the Milwaukee Rep this season is a spectacular prequel to the story of Peter Pan, the boy who would never grown up. It's a show that will remind you of all the great bedtime stories you have ever heard.
17. Production of "Laughter on the 23rd Floor" is dangerously light on chuckles
The Neil Simon play "Laughter on the 23rd Floor" is supposed to be a funny, semi-autobiographical tale set in the golden age of television. The play itself is funny but the current production at Theatre Unchained squeezes all the humor out of it.
18. "The Pillowman" is a brutal and gruesome tale of the precious power of stories
"The Pillowman" at Soulstice Theatre is a powerful play, full of gruesome tales of the abuse and murder of children. But behind all the shock is the enlightenment of how powerful and precious stories are to all of us.
19. Chamber's "Jeeves" is a silly concoction that delivers lots of laughs
The adaptation of the P. G. Wodehouse books about the stiff upper lip butler and his boss, Bertie Wooster, comes alive at Milwaukee Chamber Theatre. It's a night filled with laughter and more laughter.
20. Milwaukee's beautiful people come out after dark
"Is it Friday yet?" You'll hear that in Milwaukee offices all over town. As every work day continues to tick by, it's time to start planning what this weekend has in store. If you are looking for something that is unique, innovative, sexy and at the heart of Milwaukee then the only place to be this Friday night is MAM After Dark.
21. In "Luchadora," First Stage and Rios create an electric, important world premier
"Luchadora" is a production commissioned by First Stage, and it's an amazing production - full of joys and important messages to young women. Written by UWM professor Alvaro Saar Rios, it's a production that every young woman, aunt, uncle and parent should see.
22. "Lettice & Lovage" is a frothy mix for two of the city's best actors
A frothy comedy by Peter Schaffer is a delight at Renaissance Theaterworks. For two hours it's a great character study filled with laughs. But a contrived ending makes the evening end on a note that is far less funny.
23. "Ten Questions" is a fearless take on an old argument at Next Act
The question of evolution versus creationism is at the heart of "Ten Questions to Ask Your Biology Teacher About Evolution" at Next Act. The most refreshing part of this production is that it values each side of the argument.
24. Off The Wall's "Odyssey" is a spellbinding play for the centuries
Dale Gutzman has staged a version of the "Odyssey," a poem that is 30 centuries old and has made it totally relevant to our world today. It's the story of all our warriors who carry out hopes and return home to struggle.
25. All In Productions' second outing "The Shape of Things" is slightly off center
The Neil LaBute play, "The Shape of Things" is a discussion of the meaning of art. But the entire discussion seems like an exercise for freshmen art students and doesn't have any transcendent insights to help answer the question.