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Aisha Tyler Tells Students: It's OK to be "Weird"

Actress and comedian Aisha Tyler recalled her childhood as being an outcast because she was "part of two minorities" and loved videogames. She was tall, African-American, and didn't own a television. She owns up to being a geek, discussing the times she would spend an entire Saturday at the movie theater, alternating between the matinees [...] The post Aisha Tyler Tells Students: It's OK to be "Weird" appeared first on Media Milwaukee.

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Aisha Tyler Tells Students: It

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MFD's Engine Co. 1
You'll be unsurprised to hear that visiting interesting Milwaukee buildings of all kinds leads to meeting all kinds of similarly interesting Milwaukeeans. But, when I visited Milwaukee Fire Dept.'s Engine 01, 784 N. Broadway, recently, the folks I met there were at least as interesting than the building itself.
10 questions for Lotus
After nearing a total of 12 albums with a new one on the new at some point later this year, Lotus isn't slowing down anytime soon. They're continuing to build a strong fan base, touring wherever they possibly can around the country. Their stop this Saturday, Feb. 28, is at Turner Hall Ballroom with special guests Turbo Suit (formerly known as Cosby Sweater).Before the show, got the chance to chat with Luke Miller about their improvised live shows, the inspiration behind "Gilded Age," and their next album as well as make an honest attempt to figure out what genre best fits the band.
Lunch at Blue Jacket
Beginning next week, there will be a new Walker's Point spot to grab a bite for lunch or a cocktail after work.
Wisco Butterfly in NYC
The Midwest is often influenced and inspired by the East Coast, but sometimes the reverse happens. Such is the case with The Butterfly: a retro lounge and supper club located in New York City that's an homage to The Butterfly in Beloit. recently visited the Beloit Butterfly, and The Butterfly in New York is officially on the "bucket list."

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