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Student Film Festival Draws Passionate Audience for Novel Films

Student Film Festival Draws Passionate Audience for Novel Films

These were not the normal films that one would watch in a movie theater; many of them had no verbal speaking, and some didn't even have actors. On Dec. 12, the 67th Annual Student Film Festival was held in the UWM Union; the festival is a judged showcase of projects shot, edited, and produced by [...] The post Student Film Festival Draws Passionate Audience for Novel Films appeared first on Media Milwaukee.

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Can You Answer This Simple Question?

Can You Answer This Simple Question?

Are you devoted to a single online store for your shaving equipment? Shopping With the holiday shopping season upon us I would like to ask you a question. Have you ordered shaving products from a particular online shaving-specific website more than once? Amazon doesn't count here. I'm asking if you have bought shaving stuff from online store "x" more than once. Or do you prefer to spread your purchases around?  

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Senior writer Molly Snyder reflects on a few of 2014's finer moments.
Do you buy wrapping paper
Because it's the season for wrapping, wrapping and more wrapping, asked the Social Circle for its opinions on store-bought paper.
Meet Todd Pieper
Todd Pieper is an artist and student achieving creative and academic success despite some challenges along the way.
Christmas Eve seafood
Though I've yet to get the gumption to try and do my own feast of the seven fishes at Christmas Eve at my house, I do dream. And, this year, I asked seven of Milwaukee's best chefs to ante up a recipe that I could include on my menu, should I decide to take the plunge. Here's what they served up ...

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