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201. The further greening of Milwaukee schoolyards
Today, Tippecanoe-Dover parent Erin Dentice shared plans for greening some of the space at the Bay View school's playground.
202. The powers that be ... stupid
How do I tell my children that some adults are stupid, and some of their rules are stupid, without teaching them to disrespect authority and other people in general?
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203. The pet-free life
Today, I posted an article about "crazy cat people" prior to which I interviewed lots of folks passionate about cats. Talking to these cat cradlers reminded me of the cuddly value of animals and their completely unconditional-love personas.
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204. Up, Up & Play is a go, go, go
Last week, Shannon Knapp received approval from the Board of Zoning Appeals (BOZA) and will open Up, Up and Play this summer at 2535 S. Kinnickinnic Ave. - above the Down & Under Pub.
205. "Real Pirates" save the day
"Real Pirates" is worth a visit for those who enjoy learning about world history, for people looking for a break from the ordinary, and, of course, for kids who like pirates.
206. Taking the risk
"I'd like to have an animal, but I don't want to be sad when it dies." I hear this more often than you might imagine. When they talk to me, people often start sentences with, "I'd love to have an animal, but ..." I listen closely to what comes next. To save a lot of homeless animals' lives, we need to inspire a lot of people to have animals. Every time I hear, "I travel," "I'm allergic," "My cat wouldn't like it," and so on, it helps us plan better ways to find families who can make a place for a homeless animal.
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207. Study says Shorewood is the top dog
According to U.S. News & World Report magazine, Shorewood High School is the top school in the state of Wisconsin, followed by King International (Rufus King), Marshfield High in Marshfield, West High in West Bend and Carmen High and Technology in Milwaukee.
208. Earth Day event reminds us that Urban Ecology Center is open year-round
There's really no better place to celebrate Earth Day than at the Urban Ecology Center, but I left asking myself why I wasn't there more often all year round.
209. Miller Park family fun guide
There was a time when going to a Brewers game meant tailgating, sunburns and beers - lots of them. But if you have young children and you'd like to enjoy a ballgame with them, those days may be over. Luckily, that doesn't mean the fun has to end. Miller Park has a lot to offer kids of all ages, and families can easily enjoy a (sort of) stress-free experience at the stadium. Here are some suggestions for a smooth, fun-filled day at the ballpark.
210. We can't stop making an effort to learn more
I'm horrified by what happened in Boston this week during the marathon. Bombing anyone, at any time, for any reason, is absurd. During war, we say it's necessary, but we still know it's absurd. It becomes even more bizarre when civilians are the target and the purpose is merely to terrorize. I'm also struggling with something more personal, and possibly related, though its connection may be difficult to see at first.
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211. Milwaukee's out-in-the-open killer
I'd like to talk about another killer of Wisconsinites that is almost exclusively limited to one race. The killer strikes in one area of Milwaukee and involves heavy alcohol or drug use. This killer invokes a series of poor choices that result in the negligent death of another human being. Having a child is a choice. Raising that child is a choice. Getting intoxicated is a choice. Sleeping with your infant after getting intoxicated is a choice, too.
212. If you want the dog of your dreams, get a grown-up dog
Puppies. They sure are cute. But one major reason people get a puppy is completely mistaken. I said it once. You might have said it. You have friends who have said it. "I want a puppy so I can raise it to be exactly the dog I want."
213. Tie a yellow ribbon 'round that shy dog's leash
Some dogs are fine when people and other dogs walk, or run, up to them. Some dogs are fine ... as long as they're left alone. The "Yellow Dog Project" is an effort to help those dogs.
214. Three things to never say as a parent
I made a terrible mistake recently and broke one of the karmic codes of parenting. I bragged.
215. Area students score high on national German exam
Milwaukee area students are being recognized by the American Association of Teachers of German for its students' outstanding performance on the annual National German Exam.
216. Dance class for toddlers returns to the ICC
Calling all bambini! If you want your little one to get moving (and maybe even get a little culture, too) during this not-quite-spring season, look no further than Balliamo, Bambini, the Italian Community Center's dance class for toddlers.
217. MPS school receives national recognition
Milwaukee Public Schools' Frederick J. Gaenslen School, 1250 E. Burleigh St., has received a national award recognizing its pre-engineering program.
218. Positive training works, negative training doesn't; tell your friends
Sometimes new ideas spread quickly.  Sometimes they take forever.  Here's one I'd like to speed up. For decades, the accepted approach to training dogs was "dominance theory." But negative training doesn't work for most people; it always makes dogs sad and often makes behavior worse; and it ruins the friendship that was the reason you got a dog in the first place.
219. Groppi and Nohl get much-deserved bios
Wisconsin Historical Society Press publishes some great Badger State books for adults on everything from bowling alleys to bars, history to nature to sports and more. But, the Madison-based publisher also dishes up new titles each year in its great Badger Biographies series for young readers ages 7 and up. The latest explore the lives and work of artist Mary Nohl and Father James Groppi.
220. Running Rebels serves at-risk youths from within
Yesterday, I had the chance to sit down and have a cup of coffee with three members of a group I'd never heard of before, but I'm glad I do now. They make up the leadership of Running Rebels, a 32-year-old vision of its founder, Victor Barnett. Along with his co-executive director and wife, Dawn, this publicly and privately funded group has helped thousands of Milwaukee kids at risk of gun violence.
221. The power of scent
I had one of those moments while on bedtime duty with my 4-year-old daughter tonight. One of those moments in which a simple question led to an answer that surprised even me.
222. Ruminations on the modern report card
I admit I was kind of excited when my eldest child started getting report cards. I'm pretty sure I wasn't so excited to get my own as a kid and I know for sure I wasn't eager to share my high school reports with my parents.
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223. Donate a jar of peanut butter and get free Disney on Ice tickets
Are your little ones excited to see their favorite princesses and animated characters live on ice this February? Here's a way to get free or discount tickets to "Disney on Ice: 100 Years of Magic" while helping a great cause.
224. Every school surrounded by a park
Even a century ago, landscape architect Jens Jensen understood that the schoolyard could be both an area of recreation and exercise and of learning. It could offer an outdoor classroom. Green schoolyards, Jensen said, would improve the lives of more than just the school community. A number of Milwaukee schools are turning Jensen's words into reality all across the city.
225. Doin' the Daddy/Daughter Dance
It's time for the annual Daddy/Daughter Dance again at North Division. And, once again, the idea makes me go, "awwww."