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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Friday, Nov. 28, 2014

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UWM Official Found a Key Allegation into TKE Fraternity Appeared False, Motion Says

UWM Official Found a Key Allegation into TKE Fraternity Appeared False, Motion Says

There are new questions tonight in the high-profile investigation of a UW-Milwaukee TKE fraternity. A top UW-Milwaukee administrator has found that the much-reported allegation that TKE fraternity members marked targeted partygoers for drugging with "color-coded Xs" "appear(ed) to be false,"according to a motion filed in Circuit Court by the attorney representing then fraternity president Thomas [...] The post UWM Official Found a Key Allegation into TKE Fraternity Appeared False, Motion Says appeared first on Media Milwaukee.

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8 "Good Deal" Razors Under $20

Michael Ham (Leisureguy) recently emailed Mark Herro (Mantic59) with a proposal for a Sharpologist article on the best DE razors for a novice who wants a good razor but also wants to minimize the initial expense until he knows for sure that DE shaving is going to work for him. Mark was already planning such an article himself, so we agreed to combine our efforts. Although some excellent razors--razors that are both highly efficient and very comfortable--are available in the $70-$80 price range, we presume that most novices would prefer to get started at a lower price, so in this...

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8 "Good Deal" Razors Under $20
Highland Community School

Highland Community School's China trip is now "officially" complete

When Mayor Tom Barrett visitedHighland Community Schoolon Monday towelcome home a group of adolescent students from China, thetrip -- according to the students themselves -- wasn" onclick="return TrackClick(",'')"t officially over yet. Today, it is officially complete. The 16 eighth- and ninth-grade students traveled to participate in China" onclick="return TrackClick(",'')"s first-ever Montessori Model United Nations (MMUN) [...]

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Secrets to a flawless face on your wedding day

In my last post, we tackled a few of your hair concerns. But we still have one of the most personal and transformational services to cover...The Makeup Application. As I've mentioned previously, at WELL Spa + Salon, we really recommend scheduling a trial ahead of time, as makeup can be tricky and we want to ensure your day begins without a hitch (no pun intended).

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Secrets to a flawless face on your wedding day

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HPGM director talks
Griselda Aldrete is a Milwaukeean by birth, but spent her early childhood in Mexico. Leadership, mentorship and community are her passion points. She talks about these and more in this latest edition of "Milwaukee Talks."
Deluxe CD reissues
CD sales have plummeted this year -- as have digital downloads -- in the face of streaming music. But labels are still churning out deluxe CD reissues. Are you opening your wallet to pay for the extras?
Caroling in the Cave
A lot of folks descend the stairs into the Cave of the Mounds in Blue Mounds, west of Madison, and marvel at the great acoustics. That's one natural feature that makes the annual Caroling in the Cave Music Series so perfect for the caverns, which we dubbed one of the Seven Wonders of Wisconsin a few years ago. Now in its eighth year, Caroling in the Cave is a two-day event that is slated for Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 6 and 7 this year.
Xposed 4Heads
In 2012, a Facebook reunion group that brought together a slew of local musicians and scenesters begat a night of nostalgia and rock and roll at Turner Hall. That, in turn, left a CD document of the gig for posterity. It also led Xposed 4Heads to reunite and release a new 7" 45. We asked frontman Mark "GE" Eberhage to tell us the history of the band and the wheres and why-fors of the reunion.

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