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1. Colorful dancing condoms prevent cat overpopulation
To further the point that Mittens isn't able to cloak his joker, representatives of PETA will be in Downtown Milwaukee on Wednesday, May 4 dressed up in large pink and blue condom costumes.
2. Springing into mind
It may not seem like it with the smattering of snow we received today, but spring is but around the corner. With the season in the air, Victor DeLorenzo wrote a collection of thoughts - almost a poetic list, if you will - on the upcoming time of year. Enjoy!
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3. Bottoms up: TV show drinking games
Grab a drink and catch up or re-watch some great shows and make it a little fun with adding these amusing drinking games.
4. Trials and tribulations of a substitute teacher
It's 5 a.m. when the alarm clock announces the start of another day in the substitute teacher trenches. My eyelids don't want to open, but that's on me; I was up half the night watching "Marvel's Jessica Jones" on Netflix.
5. Users are embracing revamped Tippecanoe Library
Over the past year or so, we've kept you updated on the work to renovate Milwaukee Public Library's South Side Tippecanoe branch, which reopened in December after work that began the previous January. The new library is bright, airy and welcoming and according to MPL Foundation's Valerie Lorenz, library users are responding.
6. Fund for Lake Michigan awards almost $1.4 million toward Wisconsin waters
Continuing its vital work to protect and improve water quality, the Fund for Lake Michigan has just awarded nearly $1.4 million in private grants aimed at improving beaches, reducing polluted runoff and restoring critical habitat in Wisconsin.
7. Parks director offers Domes update
The staff of the Milwaukee County Department of Parks, Recreation, & Culture (Parks Department) wanted to update you on an important Parks asset recently in the news: The Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory, also known as The Domes.
8. Volunteers to remove tons of trash from miles of Milwaukee area rivers
On Saturday, April 23, thousands of volunteers will join Milwaukee Riverkeeper for the 21st annual Spring River Cleanup. The volunteers will clean riverbanks at more than 50 locations throughout the Milwaukee River Basin.
9. A carbon monoxide detector is not optional
Recently, my family awoke to the squeal of our carbon monoxide detector. After a thorough investigation, the fire department determined that there was no leak in our house and we went back in feeling reassured. Not everyone is that lucky.
10. Do you have a view where you poo?
If you have a toilet view worth celebrating there's a new Reddit community made just for you. Instead of partaking in some toilet texting you could be making others jealous of your throne's location.
11. Bublr Bikes network proposed to grow in 2016
The City of Milwaukee is encouraging and accepting public comment on station sites proposed for the expansion of the Bublr Bikes sharing program through March 4.
12. Be a big wig, donate to help end breast cancer
To help in the fight for a cure for breast cancer, I'm sporting a pink wig and fashioning myself as a "Big Wig." Sure, I shaved my head many moons ago and have no need hair. Yet, my Emo Philips-inspired wig is means serious business and I'm asking that you help me raise important funds.
13. Wangard and Catalyst partner on CADRE Yo Pros program at Bradley Tech
Wangard Partners and Catalyst Construction have partnered on an awareness program, CADRE Yo Pros, in collaboration with Bradley Tech High School, aiming to inspire future growth and bring awareness to career opportunities within the built environment.
14. Friday made: #Uberpuppies are coming!
For one day only you can get your puppy love on - from Uber! Want to learn more about how to get your own delivery? Read on.
15. MCTS announces free bus pass program to help people register to vote
MCTS, in conjunction with Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele and the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors, are announcing a program that will provide free smart card bus passes for people who need a ride to register to vote or to receive identification documents necessary to vote.
16. My son's passion for the Rubik's Cube and why most of us have never solved it
I was hoping that my son would love the things that I am passionate about. But this is not how it works. I signed him up for many lessons over the years, but he never completely attached.
17. Don't read this!
Just kidding. Do read this. But we're not kidding about Unplugged Week. Sometimes you need to turn off that the phone, computer, tablet or TV for a little while. It's OK, and it's healthy.
18. What I learned from working at the YMCA
While working at the Downtown Y for a decade, senior writer Molly Snyder learned a few valuable lessons. She shares seven of them here, including, "the whirlpool is for arms and legs and backs only."
19. 10 daily health habits worth adopting
Our health journey is a marathon not a sprint. For me, I focus on it daily by doing the same things day in and say out. And, when I don't I feel off and unbalanced. Here's a glimpse into my consistent daily habits.
20. Using daily deals like Groupon can help you try new workouts & save money
Two realities that can stand in the way of working out are there a million different options out there and many of them cost a lot of money. Daily deals like Groupon's can help you try new fitness programs, and do it cheaply.
21. Schlitz Park named a Gold level Bicycle Friendly Business
The League of American Bicyclists named Schlitz Park today a Gold level Bicycle Friendly Business (BFB). The national award program recognizes businesses for their efforts to encourage a more welcoming atmosphere for bicycling employees, customers and the community.
22. How to save the Republican Party
If the RNC finds itself in a position supporting the certifiably insane Donald Trump, it may spell the end of the Grand Old Party as we know it. The decisions it makes over the next six months will have ramifications to the conservative cause for years to come.
23. Green luminary: Mandel Group
To help highlight MMSD Green Luminaries awards, we're focusing on the winners by asking about their practices and new environmental approaches. This month, it's Milwaukee's Mandel Group.
24. Why we women work out
This is my hell, and I am headed back in today. Why do I do this? That's a good question. Since starting a regular workout routine a number of years ago I have exposed by body to all kinds of torture.
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25. Shorewood woman hopes to host Syrian refugees
Earlier this week, after looking at tragic photos of Syrian refugee children on Facebook, Gretchen Mead decided she was going to invite refugees to stay in extra rooms in her bungalow-style home in Shorewood.