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126. Milwaukee's New Year's Day weather history
New Year's day falls just a few weeks prior to the mid-point of the cold season in the Milwaukee area. Still, it's not always cold on the first day of the year, especially recently.
127. Nominate a brave hearted hero for Red Cross
During this festive Christmas week, I'm asking that you please take part in the nomination process for the American Red Cross' Brave Hearts: Heroes Among Us event. Please think about someone that has saved or changed a life or lives of others. This would be an ideal time to consider individuals around you who make a difference in some way.
128. Closures, ahem, ramp up on I-794 project
Perhaps you've noticed that sometimes the Lincoln Memorial Drive ramp to head west on I-794 is open and sometimes it's closed, leading you to enter just to the west at Jackson Street. Well, that Jackson Street entrance is closing now and there are other changes kicking in as part of the work on the Hoan and 794.
129. Let's tone down the Mandela outrage
People are outraged that Barack Obama shook Raoul Castro's hand. People are outraged that he posed for a selfie with two other world leaders. People are outraged that Wisconsin Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner objects to lowering the flag for Nelson Mandela. People are outraged that Mandela memorial service organizers used a fake sign language interpreter, waving his hands in meaningless gibberish. OK, that last one deserves a little outrage, especially if you're deaf and somehow don't have closed captioning on your TV. But as for the rest, take it down a notch, America.
130. Uber taxi app appears ready for Milwaukee stop
A job posting on the Uber web site suggests the quick, easy and hassle-free taxi-summoning app is looking to expand to Milwaukee.
131. Can it be too cold to snow?
You've heard people say, "It's too cold to snow." Is that really true?
132. MCTS adding smart fare cards, real-time information to bus system
These new transit features will be available to view on Thursday, Dec. 5, between 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. at the MCTS Fleet Maintenance Building, located at 1525 W. Vine St.
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133. The Refinery Photo Studio sets up mug shots for Movember
The Refinery Photo Studio will be taking their mug shot booth to Stag Barbershop and Dapper Classic Barbershop to snap some photos of men's Movember mustaches before they are shorn off, and their upper lips must nakedly face the bitter cold of December.
134. My final video game
I've been playing Grand Theft Auto 5 on my aging PS3 this fall, and I love it. It's easily the best video game I've ever played. And it's probably my last. I grew up surrounded by video games, and at certain points in my life, I played a lot of them. But now I just have one game, GTA5. I don't anticipate playing another one ever again.
135. Wisconsin's outlook for winter 2013-14
Here's the latest outlook for temperatures and precipitation across Wisconsin this winter.
136. Milwaukee remembers JFK assassination
Steve Jagler asks some Milwaukee notables about their memories of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy 50 years ago today in Dallas.
137. Movember's mustaches - not just for men anymore?
My hair-brained mind cannot help but wonder if any chicks literally embracing Movember? Are there any women growing out their mustaches (gasp!) all November long?
138. The Box is open for (just about) anything
The Box, 628 N. Broadway, is is a versatile event venue that's available to rent for anything from a corporate meeting to a private party.
139. Season's first cold snap followed rather quickly by slow-warming
Following a cold Tuesday, slow-warming is expected for the rest of the week.
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140. Our first snow and common winter weather bulletins
Here's when we typically get our first snow. Plus, the definitions of the most common winter weather bulletins.
141. Wisconsin memories of the "forgotten war"
Wisconsin Veterans of the Forgotten War have a way of getting lost in the crowd. The Korean War. June 25, 1950 to July 27, 1953. They come from all walks of life and occupations. An older relative, retired neighbor, or longtime friend. They have names, and powerful stories of survival.
142. Using regionalism to mask failure
I was intrigued for several reasons by the recent comments from Democratic candidate for governor, Mary Burke. Most surprising was her courage in finally taking a stance on any topic related to Wisconsin politics. However, it was her comments about education, and her trust in mother government, that got my attention.
143. The death of a funeral: Funeral selfies
If you thought dying was bad, just wait until your crappy relatives take selifes while visiting you for the last time.
144. Feed Your Soul feeds the hungry
Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin will host the 10th annual Feed Your Soul event on Friday, Nov. 8, from 7:30 to 11 p.m., at Flux Design, 811 E. Vienna Ave.
145. Why do leaves change colors?
Ever wonder why leaves change from green to orange, yellow and red in the fall?
146. A different way to look at health care
I must make a confession. At the risk of being labeled a RINO, I need to express my support for universal health care. Before being trashed by my fellow fiscal conservatives and being hailed by hapless progressives, let me explain.
147. Milwaukee makes Top 20 Cities for Trick or Treating list
Milwaukee's a generous city and area, and we also love our traditions. So, it's no surprise that Milwaukee shows up on Zillow's new list of "Top 20 Cities for Trick or Treating."
148. Milwaukee nails it with sex myths campaign
United Way of Greater Milwaukee, in collaboration with Serve Marketing, has launched a provocative new campaign that sends a strong message to parents of teen and pre-teen children - if you're not talking to teens about sex, someone else is.
149. No, you may not enter
The Boston bombing incident highlighted a new and disturbing trend in America. As the Boston police searched for the remaining suspect, they proceeded to enter homes in a forceful and right-seizing manner. While many residents willingly allowed heavily armed police to enter their home in the frantic search, others weren't allowed their constitutional rights.
150. Maher comes to town Saturday after pajama bottom smackdown
On the heels of his impassioned plea to "stop going to Target in pajama bottoms," Bill Maher prepares to bring stage show to Milwaukee on Saturday.