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126. Learn the motorcycle basics with Ride Alive
Hoping to get my motorcycle license, I opted for a two-day Basic Rider Course at Ride Alive Motorcycle Academy.
127. Dave's Downtown parking woes
Everybody who lives in Milwaukee wants people to come Downtown. One way to do it is to get rid of those parking checkers in their little Jeeps with the power to have your car towed.
128. I'm done with man hugs
From now on, don't expect a man hug from me. I'm done with them. For a while, I thought that awkward "start with a hand clasp, then pull the guy in and slap his back" things was appropriate, but no more. They're dumb.
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129. Poor isn't what it used to be
A recent Journal Sentinel watchdog article highlighted one of the many problems with how residents qualify for financial assistance. This article revealed how landlords and the self employed can receive state aid based on the honor system. In essence, we're talking about receiving thousands of tax payer dollars without being verified that economic assistance is even needed.
130. Diving into to a new attempt at fitness
Well, "diving" might be a strong word, but's Bobby Tanzilo is taking a stab at swimming for exercise.
131. Herbal medicine on Milwaukee's South Side
I have a health infatuation - herbal remedies. Utilizing herbs as a natural means to treat health issues and ailments is something I've been interested in since my first allergic reaction to Western medication in my teens. I recently explored herbal shopping options in Milwaukee and was thrilled to discover The Natural Food Shop on the South Side.
132. Milwaukee holiday weather myths
Does it really rain every Memorial Day? How often do we really get snowstorms on New Year's Eve?
133. Stay clean, win concert tickets
It's hot and muggy out there, Milwaukee. And guys, that means you gotta stay clean and fresh, especially when you're sweating it out at Miller Park or any of the other great summer venues.
134. The Booth Street bubbler
Last week, Micah MacArthur, who is a licensed plumber, installed a drinking fountain on the 3100 block of Booth Street, which is where he lives. It is for both humans and pets to access.
135. Avoiding the scarlet letter
Recently, Madison Mayor Paul Soglin presented an idea that caught my attention. In a nutshell, he wants to require city contractors to disclose money contributed to political groups. The result would be that the mayor could then cherry pick which groups the city works with based upon political ideologies and not who is the best company for the job.
136. A little too much religious zeal
I believe in religion and religious freedom. But here's what I want to know. How come it is only these Christians who have this seemingly unquenchable drive to shout at me about how great their faith is and how I ought to get on board or I'm doomed.
137. Stop for pedestrians
Great cities are built for people. Thus, it's important to soften traffic and for you stop for pedestrians. Obeying the law also is important.
138. "Canoes for a Cause" works for a clean river
On Saturday, June 29, the Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company and the Milwaukee Riverkeeper invite people to help clean up the Milwaukee River as part of Leinenkugel's "Canoes for a Cause" program.
139. Cramer-Krasselt employees bring their parents to work
This past Friday, in an attempt to close the generational gap, Cramer-Krasselt hosted their first-ever Bring Your Parents To Work Day.
140. Girly Skrillex
Ever the Madonna-esque fashion chameleon, Lindsay takes the plunge and goes in for the trendy half-shorn Skrillex haircut.
141. Six Flags has a confusing carding policy
Since turning 21 two years ago, I've never been refused alcohol because my driver's license is vertical. Until I went to Six Flags last week.
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142. In praise of great fathers
In honor of Father's Day, it seems right to sing the praises of the men who step up and step in for their children. Great fathers aren't just men who get the bills paid and remember to lock the doors every night. They aren't just men who show up to basketball games and band performances.
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143. Is Edward Snowden a hero or a traitor?
The Edward Snowden case is a fascinating look at the changing political climate in America. People who base their political outlooks on the Constitution are up in arms. The outrageous invasion of privacy is nothing new but is, all the same, alarming. I cannot support any policy that allows the government to freely spy on Americans not suspected of a crime.
144. "You are the director of your life's story"
On the heels of presenting the Waukesha County Business Alliance Top 10 Businesses of the Year Awards, I want to share with our readers this week some pearls of wisdom from columnists, authors and consultants Susan Marshall and Susan Wehrley.
145. In the belly of the PETA beast
Tuesday marked my one-year anniversary as a vegetarian. I successfully went an entire year cutting out meat and fish from my diet. Since I'm not crazy, I allowed myself the luxury of dairy products. In all honesty, it was a difficult transition.
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146. Urban spelunking: Imagining a different city
Many older Brew City neighborhoods - Walker's Point, Bay View, the East Side - have traces of the kind of row house culture that defines many East Coast cities. But row upon row of townhouses never really seemed to catch on here. Still, you can see hints of the row house trying to sprout up in Milwaukee.
147. Losing trust in the government
At first, it seemed people that didn't trust the government lived in isolated rural outposts and were survivalists hell bent on avoiding taxes. There was a certain stigma attached to being a government dissenter. Alas, images of tin foil hats and mysterious black helicopters are easy to envision.
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148. An unexpected detour on the County Grounds spurs reflection
Out for a walk this weekend on the County Grounds, I came across the old Milwaukee County Asylum Cemetery. Considering how many folks were walking, jogging and biking past the little stand of trees with a mulch path, a couple benches and a historical marker, many of you have seen it, too.
149. A quick guide to Milwaukee's best beaches
Here is a quick guide to some of Milwaukee County's best beaches, so you can soak them up enough to last the whole year round.
150. Ballet Beautiful
After two weeks of teeth-gritting exercise courtesy of Mary Helen Bowers' "Ballet Beautiful" DVDs, I now see that ballet dancers are warriors on pointe.