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126. Dustbusters: I ain't 'fraid of no dust
The world is full of minor mysteries and this weekend I stumbled upon an extremely minor one while leading an in-depth Doors Open Milwaukee tour of Maryland Avenue Montessori School.
127. Only this job could invoke both colonics and heartfelt goodbyes
Here are some of my favorite work-related experiences, from the wacky to the meaningful. Thank you,
128. The ballad of the hotel washcloth
Lindsay was hoping for a relaxing day with her husband in a poolside cabana. What she got instead was a bizarre performance that led her to pose this question: just how much is a decent person supposed to do in a pool shower?
129. Minneapolis mayor invites Milwaukee gay couples to wed
In Milwaukee today, Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak unveiled a new ad campaign at the LGBT Community Center, called "I Want to Marry You in Minneapolis," that invites same-sex couples from Wisconsin to get legally married in Minnesota.
130. Grief, glee and guilt on the first day of school
Sending your kid off to school for the first time always results in a grab-bag of emotions.
131. Don't assume her position; women love sex
Over the years I've learned that most people - women and men alike - assume that women aren't supposed to act like they enjoy sex. They tell themselves that only "sluts" and "over-sexed cougars" love sex. Why? Because it scares them to imagine that liking sex, wanting it, even begging for it on our hands and knees, has very real consequences to it. Those consequences are complicated and messy, yet fun to explore if we embrace it.
132. When does summer really end?
When the kids go back to school and we flip the calendar to September, most write off summer as being over. Not true. Here's why.
133. Make like a butterfly and change
I've always wanted to be one of those people who don't take everything so seriously; who isn't so affected by what other people do and say; who doesn't feel quite so deeply about everything. I consciously work on building a thicker skin, but alas - some personality traits die hard.
134. Five reasons I'm ready for fall
If you'd ask me any other year, I'd tell you that I don't want summer to ever end. It always feels way too short, and the prospect of six cold, dark months of winter ahead gives me the shivers before the snow even flies. But this has been a weird summer. Atypical temperature swings, a historical Brewers collapse - I've personally felt a little sluggish and a lot sweaty for a few months now. So, I might regret saying this, but I think I'm ready for fall. Here are five reasons why.
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135. Commitment tattoos instead of rings?
What are your thoughts on getting tattoos to symbolize your commitment to another person? Here are some people who went for it.
136. Erasing and redrawing the lines of bigotry
The media has spent the last few years doing a great job of redrawing the lines of bigotry. It used to be that action predicated bigotry. Today, simply having a religious belief that opposes gay marriage will brand you as a bigot. This subtle change is no mistake and has been effective in turning the conversation of bigotry from actions to beliefs.
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137. Five reasons Wisconsin is great for writers
Wisconsin is good for more than just beer and brats! Here are five reasons our state is great for writers, courtesy of bestselling novelist and Wisconsin native Jess Riley.
138. Weiner's sex scandal has nothing to do with mayoral race
A little harmless fun online doesn't seem quite serious enough to derail a political career. If everybody knows what's going on and nobody raises a stink except the media, then I agree with Weiner when he says he thinks New Yorkers will focus more on his message than on this other stuff.
139. Standing on the shoulders of giants
Late last year when I climbed about as high as one can climb up the City Hall tower, I lifted the metal shades that cover the windows closest to the base of the flagpole. I looked out at the panoramic view of Milwaukee and my mind immediately went to one thing. Well, to one person. I thought about my grandfather, a lifelong Milwaukeean, who passed away six years after I moved here.
140. Got Wanderlust?
I'd never been to Wanderlust, the festival that celebrates the union of yoga, music and nature until this past weekend. I journeyed to Wanderlust California for the fifth anniversary of the festival held at beautiful Squaw Valley Ski Resort in Olympic Valley, Calif. (home of the 1960 Winter Olympics), near Lake Tahoe.
141. Here's to long hellos and goodbyes
Mike Lescarbeau, CEO of Carmichael Lynch, a branding and creative agency in Minneapolis, had a great piece last week on Huffington Post.
142. Violence shouldn't be the norm in race relations
I experienced a rather surreal moment Thursday afternoon, and I feel compelled to share it as food for thought.
143. An office away from the office
Today, over wings at the table in the Cresa Milwaukee conference room, our office broker and neighbor Steve Palec asked me, "how much has your life improved since you moved into this building?"
144. Learn the motorcycle basics with Ride Alive
Hoping to get my motorcycle license, I opted for a two-day Basic Rider Course at Ride Alive Motorcycle Academy.
145. Dave's Downtown parking woes
Everybody who lives in Milwaukee wants people to come Downtown. One way to do it is to get rid of those parking checkers in their little Jeeps with the power to have your car towed.
146. I'm done with man hugs
From now on, don't expect a man hug from me. I'm done with them. For a while, I thought that awkward "start with a hand clasp, then pull the guy in and slap his back" things was appropriate, but no more. They're dumb.
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147. Poor isn't what it used to be
A recent Journal Sentinel watchdog article highlighted one of the many problems with how residents qualify for financial assistance. This article revealed how landlords and the self employed can receive state aid based on the honor system. In essence, we're talking about receiving thousands of tax payer dollars without being verified that economic assistance is even needed.
148. Diving into to a new attempt at fitness
Well, "diving" might be a strong word, but's Bobby Tanzilo is taking a stab at swimming for exercise.
149. Herbal medicine on Milwaukee's South Side
I have a health infatuation - herbal remedies. Utilizing herbs as a natural means to treat health issues and ailments is something I've been interested in since my first allergic reaction to Western medication in my teens. I recently explored herbal shopping options in Milwaukee and was thrilled to discover The Natural Food Shop on the South Side.
150. Milwaukee holiday weather myths
Does it really rain every Memorial Day? How often do we really get snowstorms on New Year's Eve?