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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2014

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126. I vote for AnnieCare
I am one of those people who are interested in health care issues and all the arguments about what kind of health care we should have in this country. Farmer/Physicians Blue This and Green That. Let's even forget Obamacare, although I kind of like that one. I vote for AnnieCare.
127. Rollercoaster ride of assessments upsets my stomach
Living in the City of Milwaukee has provided a rollercoaster ride of assessments since I bought my house a decade ago. You've likely experienced the same. On Saturday, we got our new assessment and found it had dropped another 8 percent and our home is now assessed at less than we paid 10 years ago. That's depressing.
128. Get naked at the Korean spa
I took part in a beauty ritual of the Korean Day Space in Oahu before a red-eye home. The experience not only beautified my outside, but did something powerful to my self-awareness and self-esteem, too. And did I mention I was completely naked the entire time?
129. Twitter is just a tool
My students who read this post are going to laugh because I had a soapbox moment about this in class last week. Here is my current media "thing": Twitter is a tool used by human beings. It can be used for both good and evil. It can be used with skill and finesse or with ineptitude and incompetence. My concern is that many of us seem to lose our common sense when it comes to evaluating the difference on the social media site.
130. Don't let landmarks distract you from the city's subtler beauty
For a long time I often found myself looking down when walking. Now, I'm always looking up - have you ever noticed just how many lovely cornices there are in this town? - or all around me. And it's paid off. In focusing on the places widely accepted as local landmarks, I've often looked right past examples of equally stunning beauty.
131. NYC mixologist and UW grad talks drinks, style
James Beard Award winner/author/mixologist Jim Meehan of PDT in New York has opinions on Milwaukee. The UW-Madison grad is also a fan of denim and Japanese fashion. We caught up with Meehan for our style blog.
132. Milwaukeeans experienced the horrors of the marathon explosions
When Milwaukee's Amy O'Neill got a text from her dear friend and former Milwaukeean Deanne Wecker at 1:53 Central Time that said "Amy a bomb went off" she immediately knew something went horribly wrong at the Boston Marathon.
133. Tragic. Maddening. Crushing. Inexplicable.
I'm probably not the only person out there with an uncomfortable sense of deja vu right now. The city is different, and so is the death toll, but the last time I sat up when I should be sleeping, glued to CNN listening to reporters saying the same thing over looped video tape, it was Sept. 11, 2001.
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134. Is the I-94 quick fix really working already?
For the folks who head out west on I-94 during rush hour each morning, that drive had to be a daily frustration. Those of us driving east could only look across the concrete barrier with sympathy. Could a quick fix - and one finished early, to boot - have corrected this problem?
135. Focus On Energy celebrates a year of recycling old appliances
Today marks the first anniversary of the Focus On Energy Appliance Recycling Program, which pays eligible Wisconsin utility customers for their older, inefficient refrigerators and freezers.
136. Have your say on HGA's East Branch designs
The public will get a chance to weigh in on design concepts for the new East Branch of the Milwaukee Public Library at a meeting tonight.
137. Funeral directors need a better model
I generally don't make it a habit to tell other people how to do their jobs, but this one time I need to make an exception. This is a shout out to funeral directors: You folks need to change how visitations at funeral and memorial services are conducted these days. Somewhere along the way, the model changed, and not for the better.
138. Defining marriage
To me, opposition to same sex marriage comes down to religion. If you remove religion from the equation, there is simply no sensible reason to deny someone the right to love another human being, regardless of sexual preferences.
139. Hearing vs. seeing...on Facebook
We don't "hear" about anything anymore. We "see" it all...on Facebook. Is there still such a thing as a "catch-up" between old friends? Is there any mystery left?
140. Look out soccer moms, the Volvo XC60 is coming through
I have a soft spot for Swedish cars, having owned two Saabs and one Volvo. And Volvo is even more near and dear to me: I learned to drive on my parents' 1987 Volvo 740. So I was open-minded when it came to evaluate the latest car that Fields Auto Group lent me to review, the 2013 Volvo XC60. I've always been just a little curious about this car, but I passed it up when buying our 2011 BMW X3.
141. Your choices, our consequences
One of the truths of private sector business is that not all of the effects of a recession are bad. It allows businesses to "trim the fat." The owner's nephew that shows up late once a month for the last three years will be let go. Employees that aren't hard working, reliable or trustworthy are downsized. Companies will look everywhere for ideas on cutting back on expenses and spending. Employees are cross trained and will end up doing more work with fewer resources. Companies will necessarily purge redundancies in order to save money, enhance margins and grow profits.
142. Why do we live here?
That's not a rhetorical question. There are many, many, many reasons why I love Milwaukee, and why I started in 1998. But it's the end of March, and the temperature is hovering around freezing. I'm seriously wondering why we live here.
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143. What if I didn't have Facebook?
It's amazing to me how much it's changed in so short a time. Remember when you didn't "friend" someone, you "added" them? Remember SuperPoke? Remember the "20 Things About Me" note trend? Remember notes, period? Remember when people used to get confused and write on their own walls? Remember when the mini-feed was new? Remember when your status always had an "is" in front of it? More mind-blowing than anything: remember when you didn't have Facebook?
144. Milwaukee makes Match Day great
It's been a great "Match Day" so far, according to Sue Potts of Community Advocates, Inc., one of 21 non-profit organizations participating in today's online fundraising event called "Match Day." Donations to the groups are matched by the Greater Milwaukee Foundation, along with other partners.
145. Birth of an entrepreneur
Steve Jagler's friend Tiffany Weber got tired of the rat race. So she's decided to go into the business of being Tiffany.
146. UPAF Ride for the Arts registration open
Registration for the UPAF Ride for the Arts is now open. The 33rd annual event, which benefits the United Performing Arts Fund (UPAF), will take place June 2. The UPAF Ride for the Arts is among the nation's largest one-day recreational bike rides.
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147. Local doctor talks eating disorders for NED Awareness week
Dr. Tracey Cornella-Carlson, MD, CEDS is the medical director of the child and adolescent eating disorder programs at Rogers Memorial Hospital in Oconomowoc, which was the first facility in the nation to offer specialized treatment to men and boys suffering from eating disorders. She sat down with to weigh in on common misconceptions about the disease that 24 million Americans suffer from.
148. To save animals, you have to like people
"Boy, I hate people."  I hear that all the time from people who work in animal welfare. I disagree. I understand why they feel that way. When you do this work, you hear stories all the time that make you angry. Abuse and neglect. Domestic violence. Well-meaning stupidity. Even the simple failure to stick with commitments: "I'm moving out of town, so I need to surrender my 12-year-old dog." These stories would make anyone mad, let alone someone who cares enough about animals to have chosen shelter work over other, almost certainly better-paying, options.
149. Range Rover Sport laughs at Wisconsin winter Publisher Andy Tarnoff spent a few weeks with the amazingly capable Range Rover Sport, and it took him about one day to go from ambivalent to adoring of this beast. Just like the Range Rover Evoque before it, it may not be love at first sight, but it doesn't take long to appreciate what the Sport brings to the table.
150. Rethinking the pole
So, can the "stripper" pole be a positive piece of equipment - especially for women? Can it, as a fitness tool become an empowering activity that contributes to not only a more physically fit body, but to a healthier mind and self-image as well? According to Maureen Metzger, co-owner of the West Allis pole dancing fitness studio, Blush Pole Fitness and Dance: hell yes, it can.