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126. Losing trust in the government
At first, it seemed people that didn't trust the government lived in isolated rural outposts and were survivalists hell bent on avoiding taxes. There was a certain stigma attached to being a government dissenter. Alas, images of tin foil hats and mysterious black helicopters are easy to envision.
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127. An unexpected detour on the County Grounds spurs reflection
Out for a walk this weekend on the County Grounds, I came across the old Milwaukee County Asylum Cemetery. Considering how many folks were walking, jogging and biking past the little stand of trees with a mulch path, a couple benches and a historical marker, many of you have seen it, too.
128. A quick guide to Milwaukee's best beaches
Here is a quick guide to some of Milwaukee County's best beaches, so you can soak them up enough to last the whole year round.
129. Ballet Beautiful
After two weeks of teeth-gritting exercise courtesy of Mary Helen Bowers' "Ballet Beautiful" DVDs, I now see that ballet dancers are warriors on pointe.
130. State Fair unveils new food competition
Are you ready for the Wisconsin State Fair's newest food competition? Introducing ... the Sporkies!
131. Tornadoes are terrifying
It seems like every week, sometimes more than once, we're grieving something awful.
132. Kramp will rhyme for cash
When Jack and Nick Packard, the creative team behind's "Bowling Trick Shots" videos contacted me and wanted to film something fun I was a bit hesitant. After some convincing to get me in front of the camera we headed out and filmed some creative ideas.
133. Rediscover Milwaukee neighborhoods with GeoTour
Don't be scared away by the high-tech sounding name. Geocaching is just one big scavenger hunt, and it's easy enough for all ages to partake. Already attracting more than 5 million participants around the world, this treasure-hunt meets hide-and-go-seek pastime just got more interesting and more accessible for Milwaukeeans.
134. Rise in transit tides lifts all boats
Everyone wants to be able to get around a city easily. It's simple in stuff. Cities need bike lanes, roads, side walks, taxis, rail, trolleys, busses and other forms of transit to move people from here to there.
135. What I miss the most
I have been kind of out of commission for more than 40 days with a health difficulty and it's been a real long haul. I think I'm in the final couple of weeks before I get to go home, but lately I've been thinking a lot about what things I miss the most.
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136. Kramp for sale
My name is Brian Kramp. Here's the real story. This is first installment of The Kramp Cast. Listen each week as I bring quality broadcasting back to your ears in a weekly podcast.
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137. The era of manufactured bigotry
As I said weeks ago, I fully support gay rights. To me, there is no sensible reason to deny someone happiness, regardless of sexual preference. However, that is my personal opinion. I am entitled to it, but it isn't more or less valuable than the opinion of anyone else. I accept that people may have social views that differ from my own, and I appreciate their right to have these views.
138. More Zipcars boost Milwauk-ability
As we speak, on the tip of the triangle at North Avenue and Ivanhoe Place, in front of Hooligan's, Mayor Tom Barrett, Ald. Nik Kovac and Jim Plaisted, of the East Side Business Improvement District, are announcing a new partnership with Zipcar that will put a Zipcar station in the parking lot behind the U.S. Bank on Farwell and North.
139. I vote for AnnieCare
I am one of those people who are interested in health care issues and all the arguments about what kind of health care we should have in this country. Farmer/Physicians Blue This and Green That. Let's even forget Obamacare, although I kind of like that one. I vote for AnnieCare.
140. Rollercoaster ride of assessments upsets my stomach
Living in the City of Milwaukee has provided a rollercoaster ride of assessments since I bought my house a decade ago. You've likely experienced the same. On Saturday, we got our new assessment and found it had dropped another 8 percent and our home is now assessed at less than we paid 10 years ago. That's depressing.
141. Get naked at the Korean spa
I took part in a beauty ritual of the Korean Day Space in Oahu before a red-eye home. The experience not only beautified my outside, but did something powerful to my self-awareness and self-esteem, too. And did I mention I was completely naked the entire time?
142. Twitter is just a tool
My students who read this post are going to laugh because I had a soapbox moment about this in class last week. Here is my current media "thing": Twitter is a tool used by human beings. It can be used for both good and evil. It can be used with skill and finesse or with ineptitude and incompetence. My concern is that many of us seem to lose our common sense when it comes to evaluating the difference on the social media site.
143. Don't let landmarks distract you from the city's subtler beauty
For a long time I often found myself looking down when walking. Now, I'm always looking up - have you ever noticed just how many lovely cornices there are in this town? - or all around me. And it's paid off. In focusing on the places widely accepted as local landmarks, I've often looked right past examples of equally stunning beauty.
144. NYC mixologist and UW grad talks drinks, style
James Beard Award winner/author/mixologist Jim Meehan of PDT in New York has opinions on Milwaukee. The UW-Madison grad is also a fan of denim and Japanese fashion. We caught up with Meehan for our style blog.
145. Milwaukeeans experienced the horrors of the marathon explosions
When Milwaukee's Amy O'Neill got a text from her dear friend and former Milwaukeean Deanne Wecker at 1:53 Central Time that said "Amy a bomb went off" she immediately knew something went horribly wrong at the Boston Marathon.
146. Tragic. Maddening. Crushing. Inexplicable.
I'm probably not the only person out there with an uncomfortable sense of deja vu right now. The city is different, and so is the death toll, but the last time I sat up when I should be sleeping, glued to CNN listening to reporters saying the same thing over looped video tape, it was Sept. 11, 2001.
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147. Is the I-94 quick fix really working already?
For the folks who head out west on I-94 during rush hour each morning, that drive had to be a daily frustration. Those of us driving east could only look across the concrete barrier with sympathy. Could a quick fix - and one finished early, to boot - have corrected this problem?
148. Focus On Energy celebrates a year of recycling old appliances
Today marks the first anniversary of the Focus On Energy Appliance Recycling Program, which pays eligible Wisconsin utility customers for their older, inefficient refrigerators and freezers.
149. Have your say on HGA's East Branch designs
The public will get a chance to weigh in on design concepts for the new East Branch of the Milwaukee Public Library at a meeting tonight.
150. Funeral directors need a better model
I generally don't make it a habit to tell other people how to do their jobs, but this one time I need to make an exception. This is a shout out to funeral directors: You folks need to change how visitations at funeral and memorial services are conducted these days. Somewhere along the way, the model changed, and not for the better.