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101. 7 steps to smarter shopping
I've heard that shopping is considered to be the new modern day sport. I'm not saying I agree, but as a broke intern why wouldn't I make an effort to win some savings? Here's a list of seven steps to smarter shopping. Get ready, get set, save!
102. How long until the micro apartment craze comes to Milwaukee?
Eco-friendly small homes are making headway into media, TV shows and larger and larger cities. New York has a micro apartment program and Chicago is poised to build on the trend in Logan Square.
103. Wrangling up some winning water for your garden
World Water Day was last Sunday. On this day, we think about the importance of clean water - something to consider in regards to your garden as well.
104. Ald. Donovan calls news conference to address panhandling
Panhandling in the public right-of-way is now a significant problem across the City of Milwaukee, and Alderman Bob Donovan will address that topic and concerns about the decline in public safety across the city during a news conference at 1:30 p.m. today (Thursday, March 26) at the northeast corner of S. 35th St. and W. National Ave.
105. 5 reasons why your garden isn't doing well
Many people set out every year to grow the best the garden they ever have. While their intentions are good, there are a lot of times things go sour. Here are the five main reasons that your garden doesn't do well so you can prevent them.
106. 7 tips for growing great onions
Onions are a staple of many backyard gardens, but many gardeners have problems with the unique vegetable. There can be several reasons for these issues - as well as several ways to avoid them.
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107. Money-saving Milwaukee swaps
Stay in Milwaukee, save money, have fun. It's as simple as that. Call me a tourist in my own city, but I believe Milwaukee has a lot to offer when looking for something affordable to do. So affordable that a broke intern won't feel guilty participating. Here is a list of ten local money saving swaps for entertainment and fun.
108. Frugal Tips: Cut the cell phone
Have you ever thought, "What would life be like without a cell phone?" For a majority of the population, they already know. I, unfortunately, have never lived in a world where cell phones did not exist or were too expensive to own. But, when it comes to living frugally, cell phones can actually have a huge impact.
109. Bob gets beer: a beautiful social media moment on Brady Street
Facebook saves the day. Well, a facebook friend named Bob did anyway.
110. 6 keys to starting a garden
When it comes to starting a garden, here are six keys that will help you on your journey in gardening.
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111. Growing your gardening seed knowledge
For gardeners, beginner or advanced, there are many types of seeds to pick from each spring. With all those different varieties, they all fall into three different categories: heirloom, organic and hybrid. When you see this on a seed package, you may wonder what they mean and is one better than the other. The answer is really based on what your intentions are.
112. Public input sought on parks topics
Parks Director John Dargle, Jr. invites the public to share opinions on Parks topics--from beer gardens to volunteering -- in a series of public input sessions the last week of February.
113. I almost forgot to write this blog
I will embarrassingly admit that I started this piece a while back, saved it and then never even recalled its creation or need for completion until I was opening another document and stumbled upon "Blog Memory."
114. DPW resumes garbage and recycling collection
The City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works has resumed garbage and recycling collections on Wednesday, Feb. 4, following a 48-hour snow emergency.
115. How many photos are too many?
I remember helping a friend out in college after his grandmother died, and one of our tasks was going through her old photos and deciding what to keep and what to toss. This was a really sad task, and I felt like I was intruding on someone's life, throwing away memories that meant nothing to me. What will it be like for our generation?
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116. Moore's statement against attacks to reproductive health
Today, Congresswoman Gwen Moore offered a motion to recommit to H.R. 7, the "No Taxpayer Funding of Abortion Act." The motion would prohibit any violation of the medical privacy of a woman regarding her personal choice of health insurance coverage, including victims of rape and incest. The Congresswoman released the following statement.
117. Changes to city ordinance addressing snowy, icy sidewalks now in effect
Property owners in the City of Milwaukee are advised that a city ordinance amendment concerning sidewalk snow and ice removal took effect on Jan. 20, 2015.
118. Packers tight end Quarless battles hunger
Andrew Quarless caught a touchdown and helped the Green Bay Packers beat the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday, and on Tuesday he will do his part to to defeat hunger. At 10 a.m., Quarless, along with representatives from Walmart and Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin, will meet at the Walmart Super Center at 6300 W. Brown Deer Rd. in Brown Deer to host the Defeat Hunger Bowl kickoff event.
119. #wewant: Inbox Zero
Email is great, but don't let it rule your brain! Here are a few tools to help you tame your unruly inbox.
120. South Side Business Improvement District begins operations
Businesses, property owners and civic leaders are proud to announce that beginning in 2015, the City of Milwaukee's newest Business Improvement District will begin enhancing the S. 13th St. and W. Oklahoma Ave area.
121. Farewell, Facebook!
I'm going to tell you how I really feel and then, I'm going to actually do something about it
122. West Side skating rink taking shape
A new skating rink in Center Street Park on the border between Wauwatosa and Enderis Park is coming along nicely.
123. The different versions of me
I remember back in college, I came to the realization that several different versions existed of me. Those different versions of me continue to this day, but nowhere are they more pronounced than on social media. I embraced Twitter long before Facebook and Instagram, but now active on all three, you'll experience a totally different Andy Tarnoff if you only look in one place.
124. MCTS introduces new MetroEXpress bus service and associated route changes
On Sunday, Jan. 18, the Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS)will add three new bus routes, including two new MetroEXpress routes, in addition to a few route modifications.
125. Common Council approves Milwaukee Promise funding for city neighborhoods
The Milwaukee Common Council may have held over making a decision on the Milwaukee Streetcar until 2015 in yesterday morning's meeting, but it did approve a recommendation from the Community and Economic Development Committee to allocate $300,000 of Community Development Block Grant funding to the Milwaukee Promise initiative.