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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Sunday, Sept. 14, 2014

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126. Colectivo Coffee: A new name for Milwaukee's Alterra Coffee
How will Milwaukee react to the Alterra to Colectivo name change? I say we'll sip it in. Great coffee is great coffee, and honestly I think the new name is a bit cooler.
127. Archiving my Alterra T-shirts
When I found out that Alterra was changing its name to Colectivo, I did two things: wrote a story fleshing out the details of the name change (coming Monday morning) and moved my Alterra T-shirts to my vintage Milwaukee T-shirt drawer.
128. The soccer dad stealth convertible: cruising in the Volvo C70
Fields Waukesha sent me one final car to review this summer, and while my heart raced with their Jaguars, they almost got me to pull out my wallet for the 2013 Volvo C70 convertible. I came this close, actually, to pulling the trigger on buying this car, I liked it so much. A hardtop convertible with room, power and style, it's very close to the perfect family car for the dad who still wants to drive a secret weapon.
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129. Welcome home, agents
Northwestern Mutual holds its 133rd annual meeting of the Association of Network Representatives in Milwaukee on July 20-24. The event draws 11,000 people from across the country, comprising members of Northwestern Mutual and their families. It's great for the city.
130. Is this your Walmart?
"My" Walmart, or the one that's closest to me, is on East Capitol Drive in Milwaukee. Walter Loeb's recent Forbes piece, "Why are Walmart Stores Such a Mess?" made me think that he very well could have been writing about this location.
131. Pay it forward, Milwaukee
This story is a great. It's a feel good, pay it forward piece that saw 55 drive-through customers in a row at a donut shop in Massachusetts pay for the order of the person behind them.
132. Old Spice swag winner announced and Old Spice have partnered to provide a lucky winner with a gift pack of brand new Old Spice soap, as well as Brewers tickets (or anything else you can get on StubHub for $200. Today, we announce the winner.
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133. Klosterman coming to Milwaukee on Thursday
Pop culture guru, Grantland contributor and current New York Times Magazine columnist Chuck Klosterman comes to town Thursday for a 7 p.m. talk at Boswell Books.
134. Crain shares tips for successful entrepreneurs
In the professional field of business journalism, Rance Crain is a household name, and Crain Communications is a company we all respect and try to emulate. That's why it was so riveting to hear Crain share his 10 Rules of Successful Entrepreneurship as he spoke to a room full of publishers and editors at the Alliance of Area Business Publications (AABP) summer conference in Nashville.
135. At Ricco's I found what I hadn't realized I was missing
Today, as I sat waiting for a haircut at Ricco's Swingin' Door Barbershop, 229 E. Michigan St., listening to - and taking part in - the banter between proprietor Johnny Ricco, his fellow barber Ignacio and some other customers, I realized what I've been missing lately.
136. Sky High skate jam
It's not every day a local business reaches a milestone like its 25th anniversary, but that's just what happened for independent skate shop Sky High this past Saturday. The all ages celebration brought out both younger and older skaters, proving that this Bay View staple is here to stay.
137. Add Mil and ee and now you have a sign
Have you seen the doctored up "Push Button for Walk Signal" sign near Water and Buffalo Streets in the Historic Third Ward?
138. New piano key crosswalks tune up East Town
Milwaukee's East Town neighborhood in Downtown is home to Jazz in the Park and other great events, stores, shops, bars, restaurants and more so it was more than fitting that two of its crosswalks take the shape of piano keys.
139. Milwaukee's fashion district expanding
New banners promoting the MKE Fashion District are flying in front of the stores and boutiques on Water Street, and they look good while helping to create a connection to the Third Ward.
140. The "hairy stockings" are just stupid
An image of a woman wearing "hairy leg stockings" went viral recently, first on Sibo Weibo - kind of like China's version of Twitter - and later on other social media platforms including Facebook. What do you think about these?
141. This passage needs some love
Even on the brightest and most beautiful day, the walkway under the freeway on Water Street between Downtown and the Third Ward is gloomy. At night, it's (of course) even darker and intimidating for many. This needs to change.
142. The Next Economy: Milwaukee
Be sure to check out America 360 "Milwaukee Week" content within NationalJournal's "The Next Economy" section.
143. Catching up with Trophy Straps
Wisconsin has bred some of music's most creative innovators. Included in this group is Greendale's Glenn Boren, proprietor and designer of Trophy Straps, a company that locally manufactures instrument straps. These straps are so strongly tied to Wisco that their flagship straps have ends made from the same leather used in Harley motorcycle seats.
144. Milwaukee graduates onto another top 10 list
Milwaukee's made yet another top 10 list. Last month, CreditDonkey looked at 50 of the largest U.S. urban areas and considered three factors as they related to recent college graduates.
145. What's your flying car?
Flying Car, June 1-10, replaces Milwaukee Innovation Week and ironically happens just one month after Terrafugia Inc., the developer of the Transition street-legal airplane, announced its vision for the future of personal transportation.
146. The robots are coming!
To me, this is THE issue, THE question for our time. The robots are coming in massive numbers. How can we get ahead of them and figure out what we're going to do with workers whose jobs have been replaced by mechanical employees?
147. Bayshore gets a slew of new stores
Bayshore Town Center announced today the advent of several new retail stores, as well as the renovation and relocation of several existing tenants.
148. Filing for unemployment sucks
An unexpected job loss is a shock to your system and an absolutely frightening experience. It takes you through an array of unfamiliar emotions. Uncertainty, anxiety, anger and stress can all set in very quick.
149. My 1997 premonition
Preparing to hang three photos I took in 1997, I noticed something amazing about the second photo that I had never noticed before: the building in the center of the frame is CityCenter. The viewfinder is looking right at our new office suite. When I shot that photo, I had no idea what that building was. It just looked cool.
150. Happy Small Business Week, Milwaukee
We're all in it together, so this week the City of Milwaukee's Small Business Conference will feature meetings, conferences, work shops, round tables and more. All with the goal of growing and developing the area's business arena. Kickoff is tonight with events all week.