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Local art at Journeyman
Every room at the Journeyman Hotel features a hint of Milwaukee, from framed vintage Summerfest posters to more subtle nods by local artists. Here are xx photos of creations made by local artists that add a Miltown flair.
Faces of a Fish Empire
"The story of my father's first photography exhibit begins at his funeral," writes Joe Kutchera of the serendipitous events that will culminate in a curated display of his father's work at The Portrait Society Gallery later this week.
Albert E. Kagel
There are countless Milwaukeeans who have left an indelible mark on the city, even though folks rarely utter their names. One of them is Albert E. Kagel, a German immigrant educator, who was an MPS teacher, principal, assistant superintendent and acting superintendent.
Faries-Rood tower house
The Faries-Rood-Yale tower house at 3011 W. State St. is perhaps the most distinctive and recognizable houses in the city. It just might also be the oldest, too. Come inside as we take a look around and climb the five-story tower, too.