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1. Yuge news: Johnny Depp plays Donald Trump in a Funny Or Die spoof movie
Johnny Depp was surrounded by orange people when he played Willy Wonka in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." Now he gets to play one himself: Donald Trump, in Funny Or Die's faux-biopic "The Art of the Deal: The Movie."
2. Rose rundown: Recapping episode 6 of "The Bachelor"
What was supposed to be a week of fun in the sun, turned into a series of uncomfortable moments on this week's "The Bachelor."
3. Gaze in horror upon the trailer for Netflix's "Fuller House"
On the 26th day of the second month of the 2016th year, "Fuller House" will be unleashed upon the human species, and the world will know darkness and despair unlike any other. In the meantime, here's the first official footage of the rebooted sitcom.
4. Why Earl Avery's new comments might not matter
Steven Avery's brother, Earl, gave a big interview to "Access Hollywood" this week that's being presented by the media as a big twist in the case. But Avery's comments are not shocking new evidence in the case.
5. My last word on Steven Avery
I didn't even see the first "Making a Murderer" piece our columnist Jessica McBride submitted to us over the holidays last month. I only took notice when our site traffic jumped through the roof the Monday after New Year' Eve. It was time to publish our first OnMilwaukee book. "Rush To Judgment" came together in what I assume is a record time.
6. Rose rundown: Recapping episode 5 of "The Bachelor"
The tables are turned in Mexico City on this week's "The Bachelor."
7. Milwaukee Film Festival sets dates for 2016 edition
Once again, the annual Milwaukee celebration of all things cinema will land on the last week of September and the first week of October, running from Thursday, Sept. 22 through Thursday, Oct. 6.
8. OnMilwaukee goes to Sundance: 10 movies scoring big buzz
As we speak, my bucket list is in the process of becoming one entry shorter. I am currently on a plane to Utah, about to attend my first ever Sundance Film Festival. And even though this year's festival is reaching its end, the buzz is still high.
9. Rose rundown: Recapping episode 4 of "The Bachelor"
The ladies are whisked away to Las Vegas on this week's episode of "The Bachelor."
10. Kato Kaelin has thoughts about the new O.J. Simpson TV mini-series
FX's new Ryan Murphy-produced mini-series "American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson" has garnered a lot of buzz, from its dubious inception to its both bizarre yet on-point casting to its now pretty positive early reviews. But ... what does Kato Kaelin think?
11. Riverside will host discussion with Strang, Buting of "Making a Murderer"
"Making a Murderer" attorneys Dean Strang and Jerry Buting will come to the Riverside Theater for a moderated discussion about the Avery case and the justice system overall on Friday, March 18.
12. With "Wonder Woman" and "Suicide Squad," DC finally had a good day
I've been a little hard on DC lately. But you know what? The comic book company's film efforts finally had a good day Tuesday, thanks to a double whammy of "Suicide Squad" and "Wonder Woman" reveals.
13. Rose rundown: Recapping episode 3 of "The Bachelor"
A lot of tension builds among the women as the fight for Ben's heart gets more heated this week on "The Bachelor."
14. Stop making "Making a Murderer" merchandise
Apparently, Brad Dassey's rap tribute to his incarcerated half-brother Brendan is just the tip of the "Making a Murderer" merchandise iceberg. The bizarre, creepy, horrifying merchandise iceberg.
15. 2016 Oscar nominations are in
Bright and early this morning, John Krasinski, Ang Lee, Guillermo del Toro and Academy president Cheryl Boone Isaacs announced the nominations for this year's Oscars. Before the race sorts itself out over the next several weeks, here is the full list of nominees.
16. "The Masked Saint" is not the crazy wrestling vigilante pastor film you want
There's a very strong chance you have never heard of "The Masked Saint." There's an even stronger chance, however, that the next four words will make you wish you had: professional wrestling vigilante pastor. Unfortunately, the movie isn't as interesting as it sounds.
17. OnMilwaukee columnist to be featured on Nightline, Nancy Grace this week
OnMilwaukee columnist/reporter Jessica McBride will appear on Headline News' "Nancy Grace" show Wednesday night at 7 p.m., and ABC's "Nightline" as early as Tuesday at 11:35 p.m., to discuss recent developments in the "Making a Murderer" case.
18. Rose rundown: Recapping the premiere of "The Bachelor"
The latest season of "The Bachelor" premiered this past Monday, and boy, do I think this is going to be a juicy one!
19. James Foley doc "Jim" picked up by HBO for Feb. 6 debut
A new documentary about James Foley has been purchased by HBO and set for a Saturday, Feb. 6 televised debut on the network.
20. "Making a Murderer" filmmakers say juror believes Avery wasn't proven guilty
On the "Today" show this morning, "Making a Murderer" filmmakers revealed a new development in the Steven Avery case: A juror from the murder trial reached out to the writer-directing duo to say he or she did not believe Avery was proven guilty.
21. Seth Meyers spoofs "Making a Murderer" on "Late Night"
"Making a Murderer" has led to days lost binge-watching, heated debates, crashed Yelp pages, at least two petitions ... and now, thanks to Seth Meyers and "Late Night," spoofs.
22. "The Night Before" provides a fun if familiar holiday high
"The Night Before" is no new Christmas classic. It's not even a Seth Rogen classic. But thanks to its star, it is entertaining enough to provide a little extra holiday cheer - and unlike his holiday release last year, no movie studios almost crumbled as a result.
23. Miss Universe crowned, then decrowned thanks to Steve Harvey flub
At the dramatic conclusion of the Miss Universe 2015 pageant, host Steve Harvey announced Miss Colombia, Ariadna Gutierrez, as the winner - which would've been great if the winner wasn't actually Miss Philippines.
24. Forget "The Force Awakens": It's time to get pumped for "Rogue One"
Finally, afters months - scratch that, years - of anticipation, we will finally be able to witness "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" tonight. But bah, "The Force Awakens" is old news now. Let's start getting excited about "Rogue One"!
25. Entertainment industry needs preorders to stay alive
When the weekend is over, chances are the latest "Star Wars" film will have broken a number of box office records across the globe. One record being pushed by the film isn't talked about much, but it means more for the future: preorders.