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1. Three to see: Day 10 of the Milwaukee Film Festival
I hope you got some sleep yesterday, because the two of the three picks for Day 10 of the Milwaukee Film Festival are going to keep you up late - and, in the case of one selection, on your feet.
2. Three to see: Day 9 of the Milwaukee Film Festival
It can be tough to keep a full head of steam going all the way through the entire film festival, but here are three - or at least two - inspiring picks for Day 9.
3. Hawke's "Seymour: An Introduction" composes a sweet, soothing sonata
Ethan Hawke's "Seymour: An Introduction" is also not the most inventively filmed doc, but what it plainly captures is beautiful and heartwarming nonetheless: the joy of music, talent and craft out of the spotlight but far from out of service.
4. Three to see: Day 8 of the Milwaukee Film Festival
It's Day 8 of the Milwaukee Film Festival, and for today's three must-see picks, we're selecting some of the biggest stars of the festival.
5. Three to see: Day 7 of the Milwaukee Film Festival
A brave community advocate, a post-apocalyptic kid hero in a world gone mad and two guys fighting over a severed foot. That's what's on deck in Day 7's edition of Three to see.
6. Smithers comes out as gay as "The Simpsons" attempts to stay relevant
Television's worst-kept secret will no longer be a secret. According to a TV Line interview with "The Simpsons" executive producer Al Jean, Smithers, Mr. Burns' long-suffering assistant, will come out to his boss and to audiences this upcoming season - the show's 27th.
7. Three to see: Day 6 of the Milwaukee Film Festival
It's a rainy, crummy day outside on Day 6 of the Milwaukee Film Festival, so what better reason to head indoors for some of the best movies this two-week movie marathon has to offer. Here are your picks for Day 6.
8. Former FOX 6 sports reporter Jen Lada launches national ESPN radio show
Starting tonight at 8 p.m. locally, Lada is launching a new national radio show on ESPN radio called "Jorge & Jen," co-hosted by Jorge Sedano.
9. "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star arrested for skipping the bill at Elsa's
According to TMZ, Momma Dee, star of the VH1 reality TV show "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta," was arrested last night in Milwaukee after allegedly bailing on a bill at Elsa's on the Park.
10. Three to see: Day 5 of the Milwaukee Film Festival
It's Monday, and if there's any day of the week that you could use a little extra inspiration, it's freaking Monday. Luckily, that's the theme for today's three Milwaukee Film Festival picks: artists and the fellow artists that serve as their inspirations.
11. "The Russian Woodpecker" hauntingly taps into state-induced madness and mystery
What's effectively creepy about the Milwaukee Film Festival doc "The Russian Woodpecker" is not that it convinces you such an unhinged and unbelievable theory is true (because it won't), but that it convincingly captures and presents a place so distrustful and uneasy that such an unhinged and unbelievable theory could even be considered possible.
12. Three to see: Day 4 of the Milwaukee Film Festival
There's no Packer game today, and normally, a fall Sunday without a Packer game would be a time of sadness and boredom. Luckily, however, the Milwaukee Film Festival is here. So what movies should you tackle today? Here are the three movies you need to check out.
13. Three to see: Day 3 of the Milwaukee Film Festival
It's Day 3 of the Milwaukee Film Festival, and to help guide you through the flurry of films and forums the day has to offer, here are OnMilwaukee staff writer and resident film nerd Matt Mueller's three picks for what you should check out.
14. Sorrentino's "Youth" is pretty ... and pretty much a mess
Like director Paolo Sorrentino's past efforts, it's easy to get pleasantly buzzed from all of the visual opulence on display in "Youth," the Milwaukee Film Festival's opening night pick. But this time, thanks to a scattered story, the hangover hits hard afterward. If Sorrentino's last effort was deservedly called "The Great Beauty," his latest effort comes unfortunately close to meriting the name "The Great Letdown."
15. Three to see: Day 2 of the Milwaukee Film Festival
Last night, the Milwaukee Film Festival cracked open its 2015 edition with "Youth." So that's one movie down and only about 300 to go. It's overwhelming slate of impressive cinema, so to help hopefully guide you to some winners, here are my three picks for what to see here on Day 2 of the most wonderful time of the year.
16. Three to see: Day 1 of the Milwaukee Film Festival
It's finally here, film fans. The Milwaukee Film Festival cracks open its annual deluge of movies with "Youth," starting tonight at 7 p.m. at the Oriental Theatre. Here's Matt Mueller to talk about the potentially Oscar-nabbing Michael Caine drama.
17. Animated "Star Wars" DVDs help build excitement for "The Force Awakens"
We have to wait several more months before "The Force Awakens" unleashes itself upon the world, likely nabbing pretty much every box office record in the galaxy in the process. In the meantime, there's plenty of "Star Wars" related home entertainment - "LEGO Star Wars: The New Yoda Chronicles" and season one of "Star Wars Rebels" - to keep our spare time engrossed in the universe.
18. Time Warner Cable creates channel to follow Pope's visit to the U.S.
As Pope Francis travels in the U.S., Time Warner Cable has launched a special cable channel to air more of the global church leader's events this week.
19. Packers' wives star on fourth season of "The Better Half"
"The Better Half" is back starring the wives and significant others of Green Bay Packers players.
20. Milwaukee Film Festival announces a passel of panels
This morning, the Milwaukee Film Festival announced its lineup of panels, including the "Keynote: State of Cinema" address - presented this year by Chicago Tribune film critic Michael Phillips.
21. Here's the full 2015 Milwaukee Film Festival lineup
Prepare to clear your calendars for the last week of September and the first week of October, eat a diet of popcorn and Junior Mints, and get very familiar with the theater staffs at the Oriental, Downer, Times Cinema, Fox Bay Cinema Grill and the newly added Avalon Theater. This morning, the Milwaukee Film Festival announced the complete lineup for this year's edition.
22. Milwaukee Film Festival announces its 2015 Competition program picks
This morning, Milwaukee Film unveiled the latest passel of picks for the upcoming Milwaukee Film Festival, this time for the Competition program.
23. Milwaukee Film Festival announces Cream City Cinema lineup
This morning, the Milwaukee Film Festival announced its lineup for the 2015 Cream City Cinema program, which highlights the talents of locally-based filmmakers - and awards one with a $5,000 cash prize. This year's collection of picks includes three documentaries, two feature-length fiction films and four shorts programs - including the debut of the "The Milwaukee Music Video Show."
24. Fictional "Hill Street" of the '80s reflects real Milwaukee today
Can a city like Milwaukee learn lessons from a 1980's television cop show about city life, serious crime, murder and racial challenges?
25. A double dose of Disney on DVD with "Descendants," shorts collection
A duo of Disney DVDs - "Descendants" and "Animation Studios Shorts Collection" - find the studio satisfyingly digging up old traditions and characters, and dressing them up in some fun, new ways.