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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Thursday, July 24, 2014

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1. 2014 Milwaukee Film Festival adds the Times Cinema
In addition to the successful rotation of the Oriental, the Downer and the Fox Bay movie theaters, the 2014 Milwaukee Film Festival has recruited the Times Cinema to its Avengers team of old school Milwaukee movie houses.
2. "Appleseed Alpha" sets up animated world in spectacular detail
"Appleseed Alpha," released on DVD, digital and Blu-ray today, is as stunning in its animated detail as it is entertaining in its story.
3. "Very Good Girls" lacks anything remotely refreshing
The sort of drama as depicted in such stale blandness in "Very Good Girls" is what only kids in high school would consider the least bit compelling. To me, it nearly put me to sleep faster than a few swigs of NyQuil.
4. Milwaukee LGBT Film/Video Festival returns for its 29th year
Summerfest may have just ended, but there is happy festival-related news to report. This morning, the LGBT Film/Video Festival officially announced its return, along with the dates - as well as a few early selections - for this upcoming year's event.
5. FOX6 sports anchor Courtney King moves on
You may have noticed someone has been missing of late from the FOX6 sports broadcast, and now Courtney King confirms that she and the station have mutually parted ways.
6. "Obvious Child" is funny and genuine for all the right reasons
Featuring an abortion in a film, especially a comedy, is a risky move simply because it's never been done before so matter-of-factly, to my knowledge at least. That was until Gillian Robespierre's feature film debut "Obvious Child," which is now playing at the Downer Theatre.
7. "A Long Way Down" takes a leap but fails to be funny
As it stands now, "A Long Way Down" is a film that should've been insightful and moving. To our great misfortune, however, it was savaged by a screenplay that should be thrown into a fire and direction that's as laughably bad as the direction of a below average community theatre production.
8. "Hellion" is bleak and full of teenage angst
"Hellion," an extension of Candler's 2012 short film of the same name, follows in familiar footsteps of working-class families that are struck with personal tragedy.
9. Catch a free, family friendly flick this summer at Peck Pavilion
The Marcus Center for the Performing Arts has announced Peck Flicks at Peck Pavilion, a new free movie series for families on select Friday evenings this summer.
10. 10 kids' TV shows that don't suck
If you have kids in your life Lord knows you've seen your share of children's programming. Much of it is horrible, some of it amazing. Too much of it annoying. It's hard to do a list of the best shows for kids, so this off the top of my head list is simply some of the kids' shows that I can tolerate.
11. Time Warner Cable reaches 1 million minds
In 2009, Time Warner Cable launched its Connect a Million Minds (CAMM) project to help get more young people interested in STEM - science, technology, engineering and math. Late last month the cable company reached that goal.
12. Fox News owns the shapely leg battle
Fox News is the clear leader in the cable television news race, far outpacing MSNBC and CNN. Fox also is the clear leader in legs and short skirts and it isn't getting there by accident. The orders apparently come down from the top, Roger Ailes, who founded and runs the network. Short skirts! Lots of leg!
13. "Particle Fever" inspires some excitement of its own
A film about scientists questing through a world of classrooms and computer screens for an invisible theoretical particle and debating harder-than-diamond scientific theory sounds less destined for the big screen and more doomed for high school classrooms, playing to drowsy students on a pre-break half day. Yet Mark Levinson's documentary about the discovery of the Higgs boson in 2012 defies its educational film expectations.
14. "The Double" is an enthralling oddball entity
Richard Ayoade's "The Double" will leave you feeling a bit on the edge - and probably a little confused - but undoubtedly curious and enthralled.
15. "Hateship Loveship" feels false in its pursuit to be poignant
"Hateship Loveship" quickly fell apart after the first act and it became as bland as a bowl of Fiber One cereal. You start to wonder what Liza Johnson, who previously directed the impressive drama "Return," wanted to accomplish with the characters and the story itself.
16. B93.3 awards "Teacher of the Year"
WLDB-FM B93.3 announced the winner of its "Teacher of the Year Contest" -- Julie Leonhardt of Bayside Middle School.
17. Point Fish Fry & A Flick's 2014 lineup calls "Ghostbusters," four other films
This morning, the lineup of films was announced for one of the city's coolest ever-growing summer traditions, Fish Fry & A Flick.
18. Scatterbrains podcast: adult film actress Alexa Aimes
In episode six, I speak with an extremely funny, talented and giving person. She emancipated herself when she was 16 years old, she double majored in biology and physiology, she gives prizes to people that donate to the different organizations she is a part of, she loves to tell jokes, and she happens to be a porn star. As you can already guess, I want her to be my BFF. In this interview, I show you yet again, another side of an adult film performer's life. And Miss Alexa Aimes is definitely not your average performer.
19. Scatterbrains Podcast: Sitcom writer Caleb Bacon
Episode 5 is brought to you by Caleb Bacon, a man that loves talk radio, man stuff, and of course, bacon. Bacon is one of the cooler people Alia Janine met while living in Los Angeles.
20. Milwaukee one of five cities to premiere HBO's "The Normal Heart"
Two years ago, Milwaukee Film and HBO teamed up to bring the North American premiere of the Alex Gibney church sex scandal documentary "Mea Maxima Culpa: Silence in the House of God" to the Milwaukee Film Festival. The film was terrific, but perhaps best of all, the 2012 collaboration seems to spawned an equally terrific relationship between the two organizations, one that's bringing yet another premiere to town.
21. 88Nine wins big at the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association Awards
Saturday night was a big night for 88Nine Radio Milwaukee, as the community-supported public radio station came away with 11 total awards - including the title of 2013's Music Radio Station of the Year (Large Market) - at the Wisconsin Broadcaster Association's Awards Gala in Madison.
22. "Like Father, Like Son" is an engaging observation of a familial crisis
It would be a parents' nightmare to discover that the son that they've raised for six years wasn't actually their own, but in fact, someone else's. That's the revelation at the center of Japanese writer-director Hirokazu Koreeda's latest, "Like Father, Like Son," Wednesday night's Milwaukee Film members screening for the month of April.
23. Scatterbrains Podcast: Belle Knox
This week for the Scatterbrains Podcast, I bring you Belle Knox. It's possible you may have seen her on "Piers Morgan Live," or possibly "The View," maybe you have picked up the latest issue of Rolling Stone, it's quite possible you heard her on Howard Stern or even Opie and Anthony. Perhaps, you're a subscriber to some adult entertainment sites that she has graced her presence on. Either way, it is hard to be an American and not have heard of her, at least in passing. She's the infamous Duke University freshman that got caught moonlighting as an adult film performer as a way to pay for Duke's pricey tuition.
24. Scatterbrains podcast: Actor Joe Reitman
Alia Janine interviews a man many of you have probably seen in at least one show or movie you have watched. His name is Joe Reitman, and he is an actor. He also happens to be a really good poker player, and holds the current title for most adorable puppy.
25. Some possible picks for Point Fish Fry & A Flick's lineup
This morning, Point Fish Fry and a Flick announced that it will make a triumphant return to the lakefront late this summer. One important detail left out of this morning's press release? The flicks to be shown. The lineup - bumped back up to five screenings from just three last year - will be revealed on May 19, but until then, allow me to throw some ideas into the ring.