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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Wednesday, Dec. 17, 2014

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"Agent Carter," "Mike and Molly" lead replacement shows

Published Monday, Dec. 15

As the holidays tend to take us away from the TV screen, the major networks put regular series on pause. It means that most serial programs will end with a mid-season finale and come back in the new year with more episodes in spring.

Chris Rock gets close to top form in

Chris Rock gets close to top form in "Top Five"

Published Monday, Dec. 15

Fans have been routinely left waiting for a Chris Rock movie that truly plays up to the standard of Chris Rock. Luckily, the wait is over with the arrival of "Top Five," a loose-limbed comedy about celebrity that feels like a movie worthy of its star - in both its voice and its significant supply of laughs.

"Guardians of the Galaxy" Blu-ray is simply stunning

Published Sunday, Dec. 14

"Guardians of the Galaxy," taking the same comic book universe of "The Avengers" to the stars, was a gamble for Marvel and Disney, but was one that was worth the effort as proven by its huge international box office take.

10 movies to look forward to in 2015 Image

10 movies to look forward to in 2015

Published Saturday, Dec. 13

2015 is absolutely stacked with big movies. You'd have to be a mad man to try to narrow down the plethora of exciting new movies into a list of merely 10. Luckily, happens to have two such insane individuals: movie guys Matt Mueller and Colton Dunham. The choices weren't easy - we won't say tears were shed, but yes, tears were shed - but here are the 10 movies you should be already buying tickets for in 2015.

Local basketball, Mike Tyson return to cable TV Image

Local basketball, Mike Tyson return to cable TV

Published Friday, Dec. 12

Time Warner Cable SportsChannel has been covering high school sports at different levels of competition around Milwaukee for years. This winter sports season is no different as teams from both the Green Bay and Milwaukee markets will be featured.

"Sing-Off" a cappella groups, "Dancing" stars come to Riverside

Published Wednesday, Dec. 10

For the second year, many of the groups from the TV show will go out on the national "The Sing-Off Live! Tour." Already booked are VoicePlay from season four and Street Corner Symphony from season two. The March 28 show at the Riverside is one of 55 stops the TV show tour will make in 2015.

The frostily funny

The frostily funny "Force Majeure" sends a marriage down the moguls

Published Tuesday, Dec. 9

What doesn't kill you supposedly makes you stronger. In the case of the sneakily incisive new Swedish dark comedy "Force Majeure," however, what doesn't kill you reveals your deepest faults to all of your loved ones. And they are not impressed.


Live "Peter Pan" performance didn't live up to expectations

Published Monday, Dec. 8

Last year, Carrie Underwood led a cast of musical theater performers in a production of the "Sound of Music Live!," that not only delivered a change in the normal programming, but it also drew in a large audience. NBC attempted to recapture the magic with "Peter Pan Live!" last week, and despite all the fairy dust in the world, it barely got off the ground.

A preview of the naughty and nice of the holiday movie season Image

A preview of the naughty and nice of the holiday movie season

Published Monday, Dec. 8

The holidays are approaching, and that means the local movie theaters will be doing their best stocking impressions, stuffed to the brim with cinematic presents - and maybe some cinematic coal. To help guide you through the plentiful options coming out in the next few weeks,'s Matt Mueller and Colton Dunham went through the list of upcoming releases, checked it twice and organized them into naughty and nice.

NBC contest show seeks new talent Image

NBC contest show seeks new talent

Published Friday, Dec. 5

It's a loaded question as most people have their own sense of what "talent" means. The producers of "America's Got Talent" want to see whatever it means ... and want people from the Milwaukee market to take them up on the opportunity to win a slot on the show.

Taste flavor and soul in

Taste flavor and soul in "The Hundred-Foot Journey"

Published Thursday, Dec. 4

When it hit the store shelves on Tuesday on Digital HD and Blu-ray, "The Hundred-Foot Journey" offers a perfectly-timed gift for those who enjoy great actors working on a film with only a couple of explosions.


Needless "Horrible Bosses 2" is a criminally unfunny sequel

Published Thursday, Dec. 4

Three desperate everyday guys pushed so far to the edge that committing a crime is the only option? OK, that works, or at least that's relatable on a darkly comic level. Three desperate everyday guys pushed so far to the edge that committing a crime is the only option ... again? Well, now we're moving into sociopathic territory, not exactly the best place for a comedy sequel, like "Horrible Bosses 2," to roost.

Lyles leaves WISN morning news Image

Lyles leaves WISN morning news

Published Wednesday, Dec. 3

Later this month, WISN-TV Ch. 12's Marianne Lyles will depart for Indianapolis to join the staff at WTTV-TV.

Hawking biopic

Hawking biopic "The Theory of Everything" falls well short of genius

Published Wednesday, Dec. 3

It's somewhat refreshing at first to see "The Theory of Everything" attempt to take that aspect of the more complicated aspects of Hawking's personal life head on. Unfortunately, that's where the bravery ends. As the movie attempts put a pleasant glaze over an emotionally jagged situation, it becomes clear that there's a reason why biopics tend to avoid these kind of complex dilemmas: They're not very good at handling them.