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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Tuesday, Nov. 25, 2014

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Conversations Between Cultures: Program Links International Students with Locals

Felipe Guilherme Melo is a junior at UW-Milwaukee through the Brazilian Scientific Mobility Program. When he came to America, he didn't know how to speak much English. "If I wanted to stay here, I had to learn English," Melo said. "And then I was trying to find ways to learn English faster. And I didn't [...] The post Conversations Between Cultures: Program Links International Students with Locals appeared first on Media Milwaukee.

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Conversations Between Cultures: Program Links International Students with Locals
Highland Community School

Highland Community School's China trip is now "officially" complete

When Mayor Tom Barrett visited Highland Community School on Monday to welcome home a group of adolescent students from China, the trip -- according to the students themselves -- wasn" onclick="return TrackClick(",'')"t officially over yet. Today, it is officially complete. The 16 eighth- and ninth-grade students traveled to participate in China" onclick="return TrackClick(",'')"s first-ever Montessori Model United Nations (MMUN) [...]

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Sharpologist 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

Sharpologist 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

Each year at this time Sharpologist offers holiday gift advice, either ideas for giving to your favorite wet shaver or for your own list.  We've looked back at this year's reviews for the best stuff, plus some of our personal favorites, for our 2014 Holiday Season Gift Guide. Books And Media A perennial Sharpologist recommendation is Leisureguy's Guide to Gourmet Shaving - Sixth Edition, the Alpha and Omega of traditional wet shaving gear and technique in written form. A similar book from the UK is Sharp Practice: The Real Man's Guide to Shaving.  This book is finding its way into the US market. Two other books, A Closer...

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Secrets to a flawless face on your wedding day

In my last post, we tackled a few of your hair concerns. But we still have one of the most personal and transformational services to cover...The Makeup Application. As I've mentioned previously, at WELL Spa + Salon, we really recommend scheduling a trial ahead of time, as makeup can be tricky and we want to ensure your day begins without a hitch (no pun intended).

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Secrets to a flawless face on your wedding day

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DeYoung de-installs
Big changes are on tap at Milwaukee Art Museum, where the collections galleries are closed while the permanent collection is re-installed and an expansion project is under construction. MAM's Senior Conservator Jim DeYoung is the man charged with getting it done on time, on budget and, most importantly, without damage.
Kasana returns to roots
In the reinvented restaurant, the Kasana Café concept has been replaced by a much warmer dining destination - a place to go for dinner, linger for drinks and spend time among friends.
Week 13 picks
This is it, the final week of the fantasy football regular season (if your league does it right). Some of you may be playing out the string, or hoping to throw the playoff bracket into disarray with an upset, or you're trying to get that last needed win to either clinch a spot or secure a preferable seed. This week matters, and we're here to help you win again.
Giving thanks
There was a lot to be thankful for ths past year, but thanks also can be given for things that might happen in the next year. Call them wishes or hopes, but thanks are still deserved.

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