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Band Name Genre
"J" R&B, Jazz
1-Eyed-Jacks Rock, Alternative
101st Airbourne Productions Hip Hop/Rap, R&B
12 OZ Rock, Alternative
18 Shakes Rock, Metal Funk
1881 Alternative, Electronica
1881 Productions Rock, Electronica
20 Reasons Taken Rock
215 Rock, Alternative
4 Lane Hwy Country, Country rock
45 North Rock
5 Card Studs Lounge
52 Pick-Up Punk
52metro Punk, Pop
76-Juliet Dance, Rock
=The Rezzonators= Rock
ABACUS Rock, Pop
Abstract Thought Alternative, Rock
Accidental Girl Pop, Rock
Acoustic Warriors Native American, Folk
Acutisaplasia Punk, Other
Age of Consent Rock
AhvantSoul R&B, Metal Funk
Aichelle Christian, R&B
Al Hedges Other, Other
Alan Gresik & the Swing Shift Orchestra Swing, Dance
Albatross Rock, Pop
Alchemy Rock, Experimental
All Else Fails Punk, Pop
All Envy Aside Rock, Alternative
All These Runners Alternative, Rock
All-Star SUPERband Jazz, Rock
All-Star SUPERband Jazz, Swing
Alpha Dog Rock, Alternative
Altered Five Blues, Rock
Ambassador Rock, Experimental
Amerikas Addiction Pop, Hip Hop/Rap
Amy Rohan Folk
Anam RÝ World/Ethnic
Andrea Reising Rock, Folk
Andrew Gollup Folk, Rock
Angie Said Red Folk, Pop
Annie B. & Shut Up Marie Alternative, Rock
Annie Hall Rock, Rock
Another Penny Alternative, Pop
another sunday Alternative, Rock
Anthony Rupert R&B
Anura Rock, Alternative
Ape In A Tank Experimental, Children's music
AppleCore Rock, Soft Rock
Applefeet Blues, Jazz
Arbor Metal Funk
Arika Kaosa and The Brethren Electronica, Rock
At the Well Rock, Experimental
ßthas World/Ethnic, Folk
Atlantic Wave World/Ethnic, Folk
Atomic Number 9 Rock, Metal Funk
Atomic Willis Blues, Rock
Audacious White Noise Alternative, Rock
Automatic Gool Rock, Punk
avoided Punk, Alternative
B- Down Band R&B, Blues
B3Bombers w/Clyde Stubblefield Other, Jazz
Bad Boy Rock, Pop
BaDD HabiT Rock, Country
Bakkus Alternative, Rock
Bam Bam and The Gigolos Pop, Rock
Banjo Barons Ragtime Band Other, Jazz
Barb and Tom Webber Folk
Bascom Hill Rock, Pop
Bastard Catz Rock
Batavia Experimental, Rock
BattlestaR CadillacticA Rock, Other
Beat Seed Rock, Blues
Bedlam Rock
Beeves New Age, Alternative
Behind The Curve Rock, Pop
Behind The Veil Rock
Bellevue Suite Rock, Pop
Ben Kammin Alternative, Classical
Beware of the Leopard Rock, Pop
Bibit Magnus Classical, World/Ethnic
Big Eddy Springs Blues, Rock
Big Fat Denial Rock, Pop
Big Flats Country, Rock
Big Nick and the Cydecos Zydeco, Country rock
Big O and the Shakers Blues, R&B
Big Shoes - wisconsin Rock, Pop
Bill Sargent Bands Swing, Jazz
Billy Seidel Pop
Black Frog Rock, Country rock
Black Heart Blues, Rock
Block Party! Dance, Pop
Blue Front Band Rock, Blues
Blue Plate Special Rock, Blues
Blue Sky Hour Alternative, Folk
Blues Disciples Blues, R&B
Bobby Way Lounge, Soft Rock
Bobby Way & the Fabulous Wayouts Pop, Dance
Bockenplautz Rock, Pop
BodyShot Rock, Pop
Boo The Band Dance, Rock
BoomChild Dance, Rock
Boondawgle Rock, Alternative
Bootless Betties Jazz, Swing
Bottoms Up Alternative, Folk
Bounding Main Folk, World/Ethnic
boyd RockeT Rock, Alternative
Bradley Fish's Electrified Ban Rock
Brandon and the Love is Loud!! Alternative, Love Songs
Breaded Fish Rock, Pop
Brennan Cornwell Folk
Brew City Ballas Hip Hop/Rap
Brittney Mitchell Lounge, Mood Music
Bryan Cherry Band Rock, Pop
Buddha's Belly Rock, Jazz
Bumpy Jonas Rock, Jazz
Buried Twice Other, Metal Funk
Burnout Punk, Alternative
Capstone Metal Funk, Hip Hop/Rap
Carlos Adames Trio Jazz, Alternative
CATCHpenny Rock, Pop
World/Ethnic, Folk
Certain Stars Rock, Rock
Chantilly Lace Band Rock, Other
Chazz Dixon R&B, Love Songs
Cheap Date Rock, Country rock
Chero Michel R&B
Cherry Pie Rock
Cheryl McCrary - Heir-Born Band Christian, Jazz
Chicago Hot Six Jazz, Other
Chocolate Fantasy Girls Alternative, Rock
Chop Top Toronados Rock, Country rock
Chris Head and the Honchos Country rock, Rock
Chrissy Dzioba Folk, Soft Rock
Christopher's Project R&B, Jazz
Chunky Mixed Fruits Pop, Rock
CHUNKY SOUP Rock, Alternative
Cincere R&B, Pop
circle meets a square Punk, Rock
Cityscape Rock, Jazz
Civil Shepherd Rock, Alternative
Clamnation Jazz, World/Ethnic
Close To Broken Folk, Country rock
CLOVE Alternative, Pop
Codebreaker Dance, Alternative
COL: 32 Rock, Metal Funk
Cold Shot Rock, Pop
Cold Sweat Pop, R&B
Commander Tang Pop, Rock
complete bastards Other, World/Ethnic
Cool Hand Luke Rock, Pop
Cousin Gombo Rock, R&B
Cowboy Brothers Pop, Rock
Crappy Dracula Children's music, Children's music
Crazy Man's Basement Alternative, Pop
Cream City Convicts Rock, Blues
Criteria Rock, Alternative
Crossfire Country rock
Croszing ć Jesus Rock, Acid
Crucial Taunt Rock, Punk
Cruisin' Pop, Country
Cudahy Alternative, Pop
Cynergy 67 Industrial, Rock
D'CalleSon World/Ethnic
Da' Soul R&B, Jazz
DAD THE PLOW Rock, Metal Funk
Dakota Band Country, Country
Dan Johnston Other, Pop
Dan Wollin Rock, Soft Rock
Dandelion Wine Rock, Dance
Dangerous Folk Folk
Daniel "Von" Jens Rock, Soft Rock
Daniel Naked House, Techno
Daniel Nathan Band Rock, Blues
Dave Miller Band Blues, Jazz
David HB Drake Folk, Children's music
David Snopek's Acoustic Silenc Folk, Alternative
Davis Family Band R&B, Jazz
DC Fallout Punk, Rock
Deidra Hip Hop/Rap, R&B
Deirdre Fellner TheWholeofSoul Jazz, Other
del mar Rock, Dance
Denis K Group Jazz, Lounge
Denis Kavemeier Mood Music, Pop
Derrick Ziegenbein Band R&B, World/Ethnic
Desperate Measures String Band Folk, Country
DFlowers Rock, Blues
Dimes Alternative, Rock
DIRECT FLOW Christian, Jazz
Dirtknap Rock, Metal Funk
Ditz Rock
DJ Confused Techno, Electronica
DJ Fin Trance, Dance
DJ Kidd Mixx House, Dance
DJ Reno's Soul R&B, Other
Dj Victim Pop, Electronica
DJ X the Owl House, Dance
Dollhouse Dance, Pop
Don Lewis Quartet Jazz, Blues
doriangray Alternative, Experimental
double Life Rock, Alternative
Douglas Steven Luna Rock, Soft Rock
dprostylez Pop, R&B
DREAMER Soft Rock, Lounge
DreamPool Soft Rock, Mood Music
Dropmore Scarlet Rock, Pop
Dustworks Country rock, Ambient Electronic
dysrhythmia Rock
Eager Beaver Punk, Other
Early Days Yet Rock, Soft Rock
eblis wakara Ambient Electronic, Pop
Ed Makowski Other, Other
Eddie Topple Pop, Soft Rock
Edgerton Other, Other
edgewise Alternative, Rock
EF Struttin Rock, Blues
Eightynine Mojo Rock, Alternative
Einerson/Ebert/Ritter Trio Jazz
El Supremo Pop, Country rock
Elatia Rock
Element 13 Rock, Pop
Eli Cash Hip Hop/Rap, Breakbeat/Breaks
Elixr Other, Rock
Ella Blame Alternative, Electronica
Ellen Winters Jazz
Eloy Hinojosa Love Songs, World/Ethnic
Enemy Star Rock, Other
Eric Blowtorch & his Superpowe Reggae, R&B
evibe Rock, Experimental
Exhibit A Pop, Rock
Exit Pop, Alternative
F**king Teeth Other, Ambient Electronic
Fahrendeit 420 Rock, House
Fair Webber Folk, Rock
Far Corner Rock, Classical
Fat Camp Alternative, Rock
Fat Sandwich Dance, R&B
Fear of Water Rock
Fecal Alcohol Syndrome Techno
fennelly Folk, Rock
Feral Catz Other, Other
Ferocious Green Rock
Fever Rock, Alternative
Fiercely me Alternative, Rock
Finbar MacCarthy Folk, Comedy
Fire on Your Sleeve Pop, Alternative
First In Jazz, R&B
Five Card Studs Lounge, Love Songs
Five Miles East Rock, Pop
Flame Shark Rock, Folk
Flat Atom Industrial, Alternative
Forever in Blue Suede Soft Rock, Pop
former legitimate scientist Rock, Experimental
fortyone twin Rock, Pop
Frank Falduto and his Patio Daddi-o's Blues
FRED and ETHEL Rock, Folk
Free Reign Pop, Rock
Freshwater Collins Alternative, Rock
Friction Point Industrial, Rock
Frog Ambient Electronic, Acid
Front Page News Rock, R&B
FSFI Alternative, Rock
Full Blown Margaret Rock, Metal Funk
Fungus Garden Reverb Acid, Country rock
Funhouse Pop, Rock
FUZEE Rock, Pop
Garon Rock, Punk
Gary Tanin Pop, Rock
Gear Pop, Rock
Generations Blues, Rock
Geoff Landon & The Wolfpack Country, Rock
Georgia and John Soft Rock, Jazz
Ghost in the Machine Industrial, Electronica
Gin Mill Dogs Rock, Blues
Gloria Miller Jazz, Blues
God's Outlaw Country, Folk
Golden Boscos Folk, Rock
Gould & Patrick World/Ethnic, Soft Rock
Greatest Lakes Alternative, Folk
Green Scene Rock, Hip Hop/Rap
Grind 59 Rock, Alternative
groovesquad Electronica, Experimental
Group Therapy Blues, R&B
Grove Rock
Grupa Vatra Other, Other
Gunpoint Rock, Punk
H2-Oh Soft Rock, Folk
Halo Speed Rock, Alternative
Hands Down Rock, Blues
HandyBand Christian, Pop
Haunted by the Waters Pop, Soft Rock
HAZMAT Rock, Experimental
Heart of a Failure Rock, Punk
Heather Rock, Rock
Heather Lewin-Tiarks World/Ethnic, Classical
Heathrow Alternative, Rock
hello mcfly Rock
Hidden Agenda R&B, Jazz
Hillbilly Rockstar Country, Rock
Holy Mary Motor Club Rock, Punk
Honky Tonkitis Country
Hot Pursuit Rock, Pop
Hothouse Barkers Alternative, Jazz
Housecat-Sized Fennec Punk
HouseRockin' Blues Revue Blues
Ian & The Dream Rock, Pop
Ian Gould World/Ethnic, Pop
Iberia R&B, Other
ide Rock, Experimental
ill groove movement Hip Hop/Rap, Jazz
In Black 'n White R&B, Reggae
In The Mood Swing, Dance
incekt Industrial, Electronica
Independent Idols Rock, Rock
Inn Techno, Rock
Io Electronica, Techno
Ivy Spokes Rock, Pop
JACKIE BROWN Rock, Alternative
Jackie Cooper Rock, Ambient Electronic
Jake Paul Band Rock, Reggae
Jameela Jazz, Other
Jamie Jess Rock, Blues
Jason Niosi Folk, Pop
Jazz Express Jazz, Dance
Jazz Martini Celebrity Big Ban Jazz, Swing
Jeannine Rivers Group R&B, Jazz
Jeff Radi Band Pop, Rock
Jeffrey John Loomis Jazz, Experimental
Jeno Somlai Sextet World/Ethnic, Jazz
Jerry Grillo Band Jazz, Swing
Jim G Christian
Jizzmo Rock, Punk
JL Russell Mood Music, R&B
John Frye Blues Band Blues
John Frye solo Lounge, Blues
John The Conqueroo Other, Other
Johnnie Gee & (Step By Step) R&B, Pop
Johnny Toymaker Punk, Pop
Jon Lovas Group Jazz, Lounge
Jon Pierre Gee & Ahvantsoul f/Kat Webb R&B, Other
Jordan Baskin Trio Jazz
Jude Kinnear Rock, Folk
Judy Stock Folk, Children's music
Julie B Experimental, Pop
K. C. Williams Country, Country rock
Ka Rock, Metal Funk
Kabal Rock, Experimental
Kadence Rock
Karoshi Alternative, Rock
Katie Todd Band Rock, Pop
kb'smidlifecrisis Rock
Kevin Brandt Folk, Country
Kickin' Kountry Country rock, Country
Kids from Wisconsin Other, Other
Kilbourne Rock, Alternative
Kill-A-Watts Punk, Rock
King Comets Swing
King Solomon Reggae, Rock
Kirtan with Ragani World/Ethnic, New Age
Kiss Me I'm Sick R&B
Koala Rock, Pop
KoinÚ Christian
Kojo Reggae, Other
Kris Crow Other
Labware Alternative, Pop
Lack Of Reason Alternative, Punk
Lake Effect Jazz
Last Call Rock, Pop
Last Place Champs Rock, Punk
Lee Hawkins R&B, Love Songs
Left On Sunset Rock, Pop
Lesa R&B, Hip Hop/Rap
Level Down Rock, Alternative
Liam Ford Band Country rock, Swing
Lifevest Folk, Country rock
Lightning & Thunder Other, Rock
Lil Mel & The TKO Band Blues, R&B
Liquid Crush Rock, Pop
Liquid Steele Metal Funk, Other
Lithic Rock
Little Artie and the Pharaohs R&B, Pop
Live Band Karaoke Other, Pop
Loaded Rock
logan 5 Industrial, Electronica
LONG HARD RIDE Country rock, Rock
Lovin' Kind Rock
Lucretius Metal Funk, Other
Lukyn Skywyrd Country rock, Rock
Luminol Rock, Pop
Lumpy Gravy Rock
mAd cAmpers Rock, Hip Hop/Rap
Mad Trucker Gone Mad Acid, Country rock
MAD-J Rock, Pop
Mahogany Throttle Rock, Other
MainStreet Big band Swing, Jazz
Mama Digdown's Brass Band Jazz, Blues
Mambo Surfers Other
Marashino Rock, Alternative
Marcella Alternative, Rock
Marlo Bright Ambient Electronic, Electronica
Marzapan Alternative, World/Ethnic
Matthew Ennocenti Rock, Punk
Max & the Invaders Reggae, Alternative
Max Cooper Rock
MecanizM Other, Other
melaniejane Folk, Rock
Melissa Lawrence Other, Country
Menlo Rock, Alternative
Merge Left Rock, Punk
Mia Montenegro Folk, Rock
Michael & The Bystanders Rock, Pop
Michael Brenner Folk
Michael Rossa Rock, Pop
MIDIAN Rock, Other
Midnight Blue Jazz, Swing
Midwest Trouble Hip Hop/Rap
Mighty Blue Kings Jazz, Blues
Mike Brumm Rock, Folk
Mike Keane Folk, Rock
Miles To Meters Punk, Rock
milk weed Alternative, Other
Miss Shanna Jackson Blues, R&B
Miss-Behave Rock
Mississippi Cactus Rock, Blues
Missy Krueger Rock, Country rock
Mistreaters Punk, Rock
Mob Affiliated Hip Hop/Rap
Mobius Striptease Rock, Pop
Modern Giants! Rock, Pop
Mohr Avenue Rock, Alternative
Mojo Perry Blues, Rock
mojo rising Blues, Folk
Molitor Alternative, Pop
Monk-bms Hip Hop/Rap
Monkeypox Hip Hop/Rap, Comedy
Moonshine Sway Alternative, Country
Moorebeck Stellar Folk, Alternative
Mt. Olive Pop, Rock
Mud River Lee &The Bluegrass Orchestra Zydeco, Folk
Mudride Rock
Murdock Alternative, Pop
Musically Yours Jazz, Lounge
Mystery Train Rock, Blues
Nabori World/Ethnic, Other
Nagasaki Gold Pop, Alternative
Nao R&B, Hip Hop/Rap
Neal Alger Jazz, Soft Rock
Nerve Twins Rock, Alternative
Nevers Blessing Industrial, Electronica
New Blind Nationals Rock, Punk
New Dog Trick Rock, Pop
Nick Contorno Orchestra Swing, Jazz
No Quarter Rock, Blues
No Sleep for the Bear Rock, Pop
Normal From Afar (N.F.A.) Rock
Norrie Cox Goodtime Jazz Jazz, Other
North Country Country, Other
North Country Fever Rock
Northern Room Rock, Pop
northsoutheastwest Rock, Punk
Nothing Sacred Rock
NU MONEY Hip Hop/Rap, R&B
NUNA Rock, Alternative
October Soul Blues, Country rock
Off Tha Hook Hip Hop/Rap, R&B
Old Mil Rock, Pop
Old School Country rock
oldEnglysh Rock, Folk
On A Moments Notice Other, Punk
Once the Sun Rock, Rock
Orquesta Veneno World/Ethnic, Dance
ourmada Rock, Alternative
Out of Line Other
Out Of The Basement Christian
Ozaukee County Jam Band Rock, Blues
P-Rock Hip Hop/Rap
Party Patrol Pop, Rock
Pascals Balloon Pop, Rock
PAST-TIME Rock'n'Roll Show Rock, Soft Rock
Patrice Downey R&B, Other
Peculiar Institution Rock, Experimental
Pet Engine Rock, Alternative
Peter Turley Pop, Techno
phalaphel Alternative, Other
Phat Daddy Bu Hip Hop/Rap, R&B
Phat Phunktion R&B, Hip Hop/Rap
Pigdy Penguin Experimental, Other
Pike Creek Bluegrass Band Other, Country
Pipedream Rock, R&B
Pit Boss Alternative, Punk
Plain Jain Pop, Dance
Play Dead Metal Funk, Punk
Plexi 3 Punk, Pop
Pogue Mahone World/Ethnic, Blues
Pontiac Blues Band R&B, Blues
Poor J Folk, Rock
Pop Rocks Dance, Rock
Powder Keg Alternative, Rock
Private Gigs Rock, Pop
PSI Rock
Public Outkry Experimental, Acid
Punto De Vista Latin Orquestra World/Ethnic, Jazz
PYPEDREAM Rock, Soft Rock
Quark Quintet Rock, Experimental
Quinn Scharber and the ...s Rock, Alternative
R. Mutt Rock, Rock
Rabid Aardvarks Rock, Country rock
Radio Radio Other, Other
Random Maxx Rock, Pop
Recalcitrant Reggae, Rock
Recoil Rock
Rectifier Rock
Recycled Future R&B, Pop
Red Sage Country, Blues
redcynergy Rock, Pop
Redshirt Rock, Rock
Redtide Rock, Alternative
Remembering Crimson Punk, Rock
Renee R&B, Mood Music
Repetition Lever Alternative, Rock
Resist Her Transistor Punk, Alternative
Revolush Rock, Pop
Revolver Rock, Blues
Rhythm Kings Dance
Richard Pinney Folk, Blues
Rise Against Society Other, Other
Road Rage Rock
Road Trip Rock, Pop
Roadogz Rock
Roadside - "The Band" Rock, Blues
Roast Metal Funk, Rock
Rob Atwood Rock, R&B
Rock Solid Rock
Rockturnal Rock, Alternative
Rodd P. Electronica, Ambient Electronic
Roxie Beane Pop, Folk
RUF WALKER Rock, Blues
Rust Belt Demons Punk, Rock
Rusty Ps Hip Hop/Rap
Rutabaga Blu Jazz
Saddlebrook Country, Country rock
Salsa Power Dance, World/Ethnic
Salt Creek Country, Acid
Salvage Rock, Rock
Sam Rodewald Folk, Other
Sarah James Rock, Folk
Satyr Alternative, Pop
Saved by Grace Rock, Christian
Scarlett Rock
Schnebley Styles Alternative, Experimental
Scorpio 67 Alternative, Pop
Scott Berendt Alternative, Rock
Scott Malcom Alternative, Pop
Scott Rockit Band Rock, Alternative
Secondhand Rock, Soft Rock
Seelie Court Folk, World/Ethnic
Semi-Twang Other
Sevastopol Rock, Country rock
Seven Crow Circle Rock, Metal Funk
Shag Rock, Blues
Shakedown Rock, Pop
Shammah Jazz, Christian
Shamrock Club Pipes & Drums World/Ethnic, Folk
Shea Hill Christian, Rock
shimmerdown Rock, Pop
Shock Therapy Rock, Other
Shoes Rock, Alternative
Sibling Rivalry Rock, Country
Side Pocket Rock
Sidecar Steph & the 7-10 Split Rock, Swing
Sidepocket Rock, Blues
Sidetract Rock, Metal Funk
Sigmund Snopek III Experimental, Classical
Signal to Shore Alternative, Rock
SIXINCH Rock, Other
Sixty-Watt Sarah Rock, Pop
Sketchbook Artist Alternative, Folk
Skyline Country, Country rock
Sleepwalk Blues, Rock
SLM Rock, Acid
smiyt Punk, Experimental
Snapdragon Recods Punk
soma Alternative, Metal Funk
Sometimes Y Alternative, New Age
Sonix Jazz, Other
soul on stereo Rock, Electronica
Soup Can Folk, Rock
Southbound Rock
Southern Impact Rock, Country rock
Southern Tradition Country rock, Country
Space Boy Rock, Other
SPACECRAFT Ambient Electronic, World/Ethnic
Speakeasy Pop, Rock
Sphinx Experimental, Hip Hop/Rap
Spikebottsford Rock, Punk
Spincycle Dance, Pop
Spirit Creek Rock, Alternative
Spoiled Rotten Rock, Pop
Spoiler Rock, Alternative
Spud Monkey Alternative, Rock
Starving Artists Hip Hop/Rap, Experimental
Step By Step R&B
StephanDrews Band Pop, Jazz
stephanie dosen Alternative, Pop
Steve Meisner Band Other, Other
Steve Millar Folk, Rock
StillRock Christian, Alternative
Stokes Aster Pop, Rock
STONED OWL Rock, Blues
Stout Jackson Alternative, Blues
Strangest Places Rock, Alternative
Streetlife with Warren Wiegrat R&B, Jazz
stumblerun Alternative, Rock
Sugar Buzz Rock, Alternative
Sugarsmack Pop, Rock
Sulu Rock
Summer Breeze Band Other
Sunspot Rock, Alternative
Sunstar Rock, Pop
Surrender Dorothy Rock, Alternative
Suzanne Grzanna Jazz, Lounge
Svoid Metal Funk, Rock
SWaMP Experimental, Rock
Sweet Jelly Rock, Pop
Sweet Tarts Pop, Dance
Sweet Tarts Dance, House
Swing Nouveau Swing, Jazz
sylvania lark Other, Other
take solace Alternative, Folk
Tapestry Rock, Alternative
Tedju Hip Hop/Rap, New Age
Tedju Hip Hop/Rap, Hip Hop/Rap
Telectro Rock, Pop
The 57s Rock, Punk
The Accidentals Rock, Pop
The Amber Estate Alternative, Pop
The Angry Mop Tops Alternative, Punk
The Barrettes Alternative, Punk
The Beeves Rock, Experimental
The Blackberries Alternative, R&B
The Blasphematics Rock, Comedy
The Blood Stones Band Rock
The Bobby Keeler Band Pop
The Boogie Men Other, Dance
The Boomers Rock
The Brew City Rockers Rock, R&B
The Britins Pop, Rock
The Buskers Rock, Pop
The Bystanders Rock, Pop
The Cellar Rat Band Rock, Blues
The Charlie Bennett Band Rock
The Chase Cutters Rock, Alternative
The Clement Rock, Alternative
The Cocksmiths Rock
The Consorte of SomeSorte Classical, World/Ethnic
The Corner Grill Three Jazz
The Critics Rock, Blues
The Dammitheads Rock
The Danglers Acid, Experimental
The Danny Krill Band Pop, Rock
the david alexander project Jazz, Lounge
the demix Experimental, Ambient Electronic
The DL Rock, Alternative
The Doktors Folk, Experimental
The Electric Furs Rock, Alternative
The Etiquette Rock, Other
The Everyday Motive Alternative, Rock
The Fabulous Night Birds Blues, Rock
The Fallout Other, Reggae
the family renault Experimental, Other
The Ghosts of Laura Palmer R&B
the gina's Rock, Alternative
The Hawthorne Hills Band Other, Other
The Heavyheads Rock, Alternative
The Hollywood Ungers Rock, Alternative
The Horn Dogs Rock, Alternative
The HouseRockin' Blues Review Blues, R&B
The Hundred Chapter Rock, Alternative
The Invaders Pop, Rock
the Itch Rock
The Jack Grassel Jazz Machine Jazz
The James Elbert Band Blues
The Jamesons Alternative, Pop
The Joe Schueller Band Rock, Other
The Johnsons Pop, Rock
The Jumpjets Alternative, Rock
The Katz Sass Blues, Rock
The Kissers Rock, Other
The Lackloves Pop, Alternative
The Lawmen Country, Alternative
The Lobster Boys Rock, Alternative
The Lorenzo Sweat Band Blues, Rock
The Lovelies Rock, Alternative
The LoveMonkeys Pop, Rock
The Luis Diaz Quintet Jazz, World/Ethnic
The Mad Cowz Rock, Alternative
The Magnetbabies Alternative, Love Songs
the MAHP Pop, Soft Rock
the mercy kiss Alternative, Rock
The Mighty Lumberhorn Country rock, Country
The Missing Punk, Rock
The Mole Patrol Rock, Blues
The Mollycoddles Alternative, Other
The Mr. Lucky Swing Orchestra Swing, Comedy
The Munitionettes Punk, Rock
The New Red Moons Alternative, Rock
The Nice Outfit Alternative, Pop
The Now Rock, Pop
The O'Shyttes World/Ethnic, Country rock
The Old Tyme Country Jammers Alternative, Country rock
The Oprahs Rock, Alternative
The Orin Project Rock, Pop
The Orphans Rock, Soft Rock
The Other Side Rock, Alternative
The Pat Crawford Big Band Swing, Jazz
The Paxills Pop, Punk
The Phry - Phish Tribute Rock, Alternative
The Piles of Rhythm Dance, Rock
The Pipe Circus Rock
The Probers Rock, Punk
The Pugilists Rock, Country rock
The Raid Rock
the response Other, Rock
The Rex Carroll Band Rock, Blues
The Ricochettes Rock, Soft Rock
The Saltshakers Pop, Rock
the samizdat Experimental, New Age
The Screamin' Cucumbers Rock, Pop
The silence Experimental, Rock
The Singing Flowers Folk, Rock
The Sociables Rock
The Socialites Reggae, Other
The Sophisticates Reggae, Other
The Spliffs Rock, Pop
The Static Chicken Acid, Lounge
The Sugar Skulls Rock, Other
The Superchiefs Swing, Country
The Tropics Reggae, Hip Hop/Rap
The Uptown Savages Blues, Rock
the Violet Hour Alternative, Rock
The Virgins Pop, Love Songs
The Westfall Jazz, Acid
The Whisper Press Punk, Alternative
The X men Rock, Pop
The Yell Leaders Rock, Alternative
Theiss & O'Connor Other, Folk
These Strange Days Rock, Blues
Thick Aza Brick Rock
Thin The Herd Alternative, Rock
this robot life Punk
Three James Morgan Pop, Rock
Three On The Floor Blues, Rock
three times thick Rock, Alternative
TIM KORRY Rock, Alternative
Todd Lorenz Blues, Folk
Tolstoi's Tricycle Pop, Rock
Tom Green Show Rock, Other
Tomasz Jazz, New Age
TommyHeld Rock, Pop
Track Lacer Hip Hop/Rap, R&B
Trance Halo Alternative, Rock
Transparent Envelope Rock, Other
Trelly-G Hip Hop/Rap, Hip Hop/Rap
Treologic Hip Hop/Rap, Jazz
Trick Pretty Rock, Alternative
Trolley Rock, Pop
TW and the Tumbleweeds Country, Rock
Twang Dragons Rock, Other
Tweed Funk Blues, R&B
Twelve:12 Alternative, Christian
Twice Baked Potato Rock, Alternative
Twinstar Punk, Love Songs
Twister Army Rock, Country rock
Ty Faust Folk, Blues
Tyler Traband Alternative, Rock
U2Zoo America's U2 Concert Experience Rock, Rock
Udi Subudi Rock, Pop
unbecoming you Other, Experimental
Uncle Fat Rock, Dance
Uncle Larry Alternative, Punk
Under Darkest Skies Experimental, Other
Undercover Organism Acid, Dance
Union Pulse Alternative, Country rock
UnXpected Pop
Up North Rock, Hip Hop/Rap
Upside Groove Coalition Other, Rock
Uptown Soundz Dance, Rock
Vertigo USA - U2 Tribute show Rock, Pop
Vintage Frequency Blues, Rock
Violet Red Alternative, Experimental
Waking Roland Rock, Folk
walk skip run glide Electronica, World/Ethnic
Waxing Gibbous Rock
Western Box Turtles Country, Swing
Wheelie Rock
Wheelie Bar Metal Funk, Techno
Whipz and Chainz Metal Funk, Punk
Whiskey of the Damned Rock, World/Ethnic
Whiskey Richard Rock, Dance
Who's New Production Inc Hip Hop/Rap, Hip Hop/Rap
Wicked Chicken Rock
Wicked World Rock
Will Phalen and the Stereo Addicts Rock
With My Secret Rock, Experimental
Woodja? Dance, Rock
Wooldridge Brothers Pop, Country rock
World Minus One Alternative, Rock
Yank Rock, Blues
you're pretty Alternative, Rock
Zebras Rock, Punk
Zigzag Rock, Jazz
{ELSE} Industrial, Rock

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