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251. Q&A with Population Control
Lisa Simonson sits down to talk making music, old people candy, alcohol and, of course, metal with local band Population Control.
252. Up and down the Alps
The change from hilly Germany to mountainous Austria is not quite as sudden as encountering the Rockies in the middle of Colorado, but it is no less dramatic. It is also about as chock full of charm as any place has a right to be.
253. Let's add a "Z" to that
There is something weirdly inspirational about a long flight. I find myself smiling at everyone, and an abundance of positive vibrations for everything and everyone in God's (better capitalize that) creation. Thank you, two glasses of Delta chardonnay.
254. Cher to perform at BMO Harris Bradley Center
Cher is coming back to Milwaukee. The evil diva will play the BMO Harris Bradley Center on Friday, June 6, 2014, it was announced today.
255. Disclaimer: Did I spell that right?
The part of my personality that makes me a sloppy, typo-prone writer and wreaks havoc on my desktop or work space is related (via some weird deal with the devil) to the impulse to write songs. I'm not sure how it works, or even if it does. But, as I run around trying to get the right stuff into the right bag for a three-week excursion, I am so glad no one has ever handed me the keys to anything too important.
256. WD-40 ... Is that a German thing?
Of the five Sieger brothers, I'm the one who writes songs and always turns the screwdriver the wrong way. There are four other male sibs, two on either side, who can do things like rebuild an engine, wire a house, remodel a bathroom or make hi-tech mounts for $6 million Greek statues (that would be brother Bob, who spent time at the Getty). Me? I cry when I see tools in my hand.
257. Countdown to angsty-ness: Sieger prepares for Europe
While I'm looking forward to getting some new stories, I'm also the kind of pins-and-needles guy who can spin innocent anticipation into morbid dread with very little coaxing. This is especially true two days before I cross a fairly large and wavy ocean to drive all over Germany and many of its former conquests with Klaus, a guy Greg describes as a little crazy. I hope he's wrong.
258. Guitar Man: The song plays on
After a challenging summer dealing with difficult health issues, Dave is more determined than ever to realize his dream of playing a solo guitar concert at Linneman's Riverwest Inn for his 70th birthday.
259. A cheesehead over the Rhine
On Sept. 18, I'll be boarding Luftwaffe or Lufthansa (I still get them confused) with other members of The Greg Koch Band to fly to the Not-My-Fatherland (Germany). Italy, Austria and Denmark are also on the itinerary. There isn't a gypsy in the world would have had me believing this turn of events a year ago. What happened is two dissimilar musicians got together and wrote themselves to a new place.
260. Baroques guitarist Hutchinson passes away
Jacques Atman Hutchinson, rhythm guitarist for the '60s Milwaukee psychedelic band The Baroques, died Friday, Sept. 6 in Colorado.
261. Llanas shines on "Four/Five Live - Volume 1"
Sam Llanas recently released a new 10-song live album called "Four/Five Live - Volume 1." He also sings on the touring production of "A Day for Grace" that opens this week at Next Act Theatre.
262. Tyler and Aerosmith have still got it
Last night, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame members tore through a 19-song set that spanned the band's 43-year career - from "Same Old Song and Dance" off of 1974's "Get Your Wings" to "Oh Yeah" from their 2012 release "Music From Another Dimension!"
263. My favorite review, ever: Elton John silences the Harley roar
Sitting on the 11th floor of CityCenter, our still sparkling new office, all I hear is the rumble of Harleys below. And it reminds me of the Harley 100th anniversary in 2003. I have a bunch of memories from that bash. I rented out my house to some bankers from Boston for $2,000. I got LASIK surgery that week, and spent the time recovering at my then-girlfriend-now-wife's house. But most of all, I remember "the show."
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264. School of Rock crashing into Shorewood
School Of Rock will open Saturday, Oct. 12 at 4050 N. Oakland Ave. in Shorewood. The franchise, owned by "Rock" Marasco will provide lessons for young people ages 8-18 and the opportunity to perform concerts in public.
265. Fare thee well, Jason Mohr and Juniper Tar
Today I got an email from my old friend Jason Mohr, with whom I worked at Schwartz Bookshops and, briefly, at, announcing his departure from Milwaukee. The move may also signal the end of one of the best bands in town.
266. Spirit Family Reunion keeps the faith at Live @ Peck Pavilion
Homegrown American music by Spirit Family Reunion will fill the Peck Pavilion tonight in the second-to-last installment of the summer concert series.
267. Real women in songs, seen and heard
Sunday, Aug. 18, from 9 a.m. to noon, our friend Steve Palec will try to do what Tesla and Marconi really didn't care much about: match a visual to the "magic" of radio.
268. Seabrook rocks for human rights
If you are professional musician who marries a girl from Milwaukee, expect to spend more than a little of your time in her beloved hometown. That's the case for singer-songwriter Wil Seabrook, reality star, musician and human rights activist, who is returning to his wife's hometown on Aug. 8 for an intimate show at Sugar Maple.
269. My interview with Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots
In today's Kramp Cast singer Scott Weiland speaks candidly about being let go from the Stone Temple Pilots, how the band got its start, his feelings on hearing his music on the radio for the first time and his love for the pit bulls that he rescued several years ago.
270. JJ Cale was super blue
John Sieger remembers JJ Cale, who died last week at the age of 74.
271. Six questions for Nineteen Thirteen
Nineteen Thirteen, the eclectic and beautiful chamber rock trio from Milwaukee, is throwing a new single release party this Saturday at The Jazz Estate. We caught up with Janet Schiff, who plays cello (Victor DeLorenzo is on percussion, and Scott Johnson is on drums) for a quick interview in advance.
272. People of Earth Hayward Williams is playing Linneman's this Friday
In today Kramp Cast I talk to Milwaukee musician Hayward Williams about his fans across seas, how important his 64 Gibson is to him, how he almost got kicked out of a recent Paul McCartney show, plus hear the debut of a new song called "Beginnings."
273. The Benders: Never too old to rock 'n' roll
Last week, I wrote about a private reunion of 1960s Milwaukee band The Benders, a band that included Paul Barry, who later became a local musical celeb with his band Barry's Truckers.The reunion took place over the weekend and Barry sent me a note to recap.
274. Satellite will headline Paxfest 2013
In today's Kramp Cast Steve McMorran of Satellite and I talk about Paxfest 2013, life on the road and how Satellite's debut album "Calling Birds" is a representation of a huge change in his life.
275. Of love and hip-hop
Time always flies - especially when you get older. A friend's Facebook post reminded me that it's been 20 years since some of the most important music of my life was released. Where does it all go? And, why isn't any better?