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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Friday, April 18, 2014

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Rodgers is back.
Rodgers is back. (Photo: Jim Biever /

Maybe I am a fair-weather Packers fan

I am definitely not a fair-weather Brewers fan. I’ve supported the Crew when they’ve been good and when they’ve been very bad over the years. More often, they’ve been very bad. I spent nearly the same amount of time watching and listening to baseball when the Brewers won 90 games as when they lost 106.

But I’ve been a serious Packers fan since 1993, and really, this team has mostly been very good. It’s been pretty easy to be a fan.

However, thinking back to the "bad" seasons, it’s true I haven’t always given my all. In 1999, when they went 8-8, I was still at the height of my Packers mania. I lived and died by each of those painful games under Ray Rhodes.

But in 2008, I largely tuned out, because I was so offended by Ted Thompson’s apparent snub to Brett Favre, which I now admit was extremely naive on my part. I thought he didn’t make the best decision for the team.

In 2011, even when the Packers were extremely good, I turned all of my attention to the Brewers for the first several games of the season.

And then this year, I stopped planning my Sundays around this crazy team. During their losing streak, I didn’t even watch every game, although I did listen on the radio. I admit that I gave up on the Pack, frustrated that despite its talent level, the injuries had turned this into a lost season, one that even management admitted was over.

But then I watched yesterday’s game like it was the Super Bowl. I jumped around, I high-fived, I tweeted with reckless abandon.

So what’s my deal?

I think it’s that I’ll support my teams through thick and thin as long as they – and their front offices – give their all. For example, I’m happy to support the worst Brewers teams out there because I know that from Mark Attanasio to Doug Melvin to Ron Roenicke to Khris Davis, every member of the Brewers organization is doing its best to compete. That wasn’t always the case, when the boneheaded former management brought in players like Jose Hernandez or managers like Jerry Royster. It felt like they didn’t care, so why should I?

Similarly, I feel like the Packers waived the white flag for the period of time before they signed Matt Flynn. While he wasn’t the savior some hoped, at least he wasn’t the third-string quarterback that Scott Tolzien was. I supported the decision to have keep an injured Aaron Rodgers inactive, since tanking a season was much worse than ruining a career. But just like the Packers had almost given up on the 2013 team, so had I. Not sure I should feel guilty about that.

But now, the Packers are healthy enough to make a run in the post-season. And I’m confident enough to whip myself into a small frenzy to support them.

Maybe I’m not fair-weather, I’m just realistic. I’ll root as hard as anyone. I’m just not willing to pour my emotions into a team that isn’t doing the same.


Photodavie | Dec. 31, 2013 at 9:12 a.m. (report)

36366 You're not alone, for the first time in my life there are Packers playoff tickets available directly through Ticket Master. Of the 140,000 season ticket holders (green and Gold packages), only 30,000 opted for playoff tickets this year. Leaving the remaining 40,000 tickets open to the public for purchase. As of now, you can still get tickets in the lower bowl. It's sad. I too am a die-hard Brewers fan. I'm there in good and bad years. I always thought Packer Fans were the same, I guess not.

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