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Were you at the Big Gig? We were ... every single day.
Were you at the Big Gig? We were ... every single day.

VIDEO: Summerfest montage!

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Summerfest 2016 may have come and gone, but the memories will live forever – because we at OnMilwaukee took enough photos and video to fill a large hard drive.

The whole staff chipped in with reviews and feature stories (and boy are we tired).

But before we call the Big Gig a wrap and start wrapping our smiley faces around the 50th anniversary next year, here’s a look back at the sights and sounds of Summerfest 2016.

Fest on, Milwaukee. Fest on.

Homer can relate to the author's new dreams.
Homer can relate to the author's new dreams.

The new nightmare

I’m one of those people who has long, weird and vivid dreams almost every night. Trust me, it’s more of a curse than a blessing, even when they’re not exactly nightmares.

Without delving too deeply into my subconscious, some of the recurring "stress dreams" are common ones: showing up to high school or college at the end of the semester and realizing I never went to a class, coming to work naked, running in slow motion … that sort of stuff.

In college, I had a recurring nightmare that I was trapped on a crazy elevator. Lately, that’s been replaced by what I call the "fat finger" dream. I’ve talked to a few people, including co-worker Molly Synder, who has had it, too.

Basically, I find myself trying to call or text someone, or 911, but I can’t make my phone work. Everything I type comes out wrong, or my iPhone does the wrong thing, or Siri can’t understand me (not far from the truth). It’s usually occurring during some sort of emergency, and I lack the ability to communicate.

It doesn’t take Sigmund Freud to figure out what this means: It’s obviously feeling out of control. But what interests me is that the medium has changed to reflect current technology.

I’d be interested to know if you’ve had the "fat finger" dream, too, or what has replaced the run-of-the-mill anxiety in your sleep. Let me know via the comments here or on Facebook. It’s not just me, right?


The author with Mean Gene.
The author with Mean Gene.

Meeting Mean Gene

I won’t lie to you: I know nothing about the current state of professional wrestling. But from 1983 to 1989, from about age 9 to 15, I was a huge fan. So big, in fact, that I wrote a fan letter to WWF announcer "Mean" Gene Okerlund.

He never replied, and today, I had the chance to ask him why. Okerlund is in town this weekend for the SuperFriends Fan Fest at the Days Inn & Suites Airport location.

Mean Gene and I sat down before the event to chat. Here’s how it went down:

Featuring modified lyrics ...
Featuring modified lyrics ...

#tbt: Five Card Studs cover "Hello Milwaukee"

As today’s the wonderfully-made up "414 Day," or "Milwaukee Day," depending on who you talk to – it’s a sexy day to look back at this excellent video from 2014 by the Five Card Studs.

I love these guys, both in person and in character – they played my wedding in 2004, and I’m pretty sure you won’t regret spending two minutes and 11 seconds of time to watch this.

Here’s their modified lounge-y take on the 1977 "Hello Milwaukee" theme from Channel 12.

This one’s for the ladies …