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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Wednesday, April 16, 2014

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Milwaukee band Direct Hit lost its gear when its van was stolen in Detroit this weekend.
Milwaukee band Direct Hit lost its gear when its van was stolen in Detroit this weekend.

Thieves steal Milwaukee band Direct Hit's van and gear; how you can help

The holiday season may be a time when a charitable spirit swirls around, but not for everyone. Witness this Facebook post by Nick Woods, frontman of Milwaukee punk band Direct Hit, on Saturday night:

"Direct Hit's van was stolen in Detroit a block from Slow's BBQ about 2 hours ago w/ all our equipment, tour money, and personal sh*t inside (laptop, Kindle, passports, clothes, luggage). Someone alert Santa that my list is null and void, and that a gun with one bullet will do just fine."

The band was on tour, on the road back from Toronto, when the theft occurred.

Having a car stolen is a blow to anyone, but to a band on the road – now stranded and with all its gear gone – well, frankly, it completely sucks.

Woods posted a long statement yesterday explaining the incident in more detail and sharing some ways the band is hoping to raise a little cash to replace the estimated $20,000-$25,000 in losses.

"We're not the first band who's had their shit jacked, and we're not gonna be the last. Other groups have had it way worse. So we're not gonna sit around and bawl our eyes out like a bunch of twangs," the statement read.

Woods also noted that the band had car insurance and homeowners' insurance and expected that some portion of the loss will be covered.

In the meantime, the band heads into Shane Olivo's studio today to record a track that it will sell online.

"Our pals from Charlotte, Dollar Signs, have been cool enough to let us record a cover of one of their Christmas tunes, which our friend Shane is letting us do in his studio tomorrow for free. If you want a copy delivered to your inbox on Christmas Morning, all you gotta do is PayPal $2 (or more if you feel like it) to Just make sure you include your email somewhere so it gets sent right. 

"If novelty Christmas music isn't your bag, you can also consider nabbing a shirt or hoodie at our store. And if stylish apparel ain't your thang neither, then you're always welcome to head over to our Bandcamp page, download some of our old sh*t, and send us a few bucks that way.

 "All of that being said, no one reading this should feel obligated to send us anything. Our good friend Kyle Stembaugh said it best: A band is a really awesome hobby, not a job, and anyone who plays in one should feel lucky if anyone at all is interested in it. It's for that reason it's impossible for me to really describe how it warms my cold, black heart to have gotten so many texts, so much email and so many comments and messages from our friends all over the world over the last day asking how they can help out. DH is an extremely lucky band."


TosaJim | Dec. 24, 2013 at 4:07 p.m. (report)

I know this sounds terrible, but the first thing I thought when I read this article was...they probably made the whole thing up to get new equipment and money from generous people....I guess I'm becoming too suspicious of anyone going online and telling their stories to the masses....Americans love to help people and it's a shame that some people like to scam these generous people...good luck guys..hope things work out for you.

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