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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Tuesday, Sept. 16, 2014

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That arch would look gorgeous on our Milwaukee lakefront, don't you think?
That arch would look gorgeous on our Milwaukee lakefront, don't you think? (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

5 things we'd want from St. Louis if they take (buy) Miller Coors

Even though I'm not a huge beer drinker, I would still hate to see Miller-Coors leave Milwaukee. How dare St. Louis brewer Anheuser-Busch try to purchase a brand that is distinctly Milwaukee? 

This slightly snarky office conversation of course led to the following question: What would Milwaukee want from St. Louis in retaliation?

So, here are five things we will gladly take in return from the fine folks in St. Louis:

1. The Gateway Arch

I really don't need an explanation here, right? The arch, designed by Eero Saarinen, is a symbol – a very beautiful one at that – of St. Louis. Our lakefront is gorgeous already, but the Gateway Arch would be a great addition, don't you think? It'd certainly be an upgrade from The Calling. 

2. City Museum 

Many have said St. Louis's City Museum is indescribable and unlike anything you've ever seen in your life. The museum / theme park / aquarium keeps on getting better when you visit – so let's add it to the collection of amazing museums we already have! 

3. Fried Ravioli 


The St. Louis invented specialty fried ravioli is a pretty common restaurant staple nowadays. However, we'll gladly take the rights to inventing it (along with the city's best recipes), right? It only seems fair.

4. 1982 World Series Ring


You know what they say: If you can't beat them, wait several decades until they want to take a beloved beer company away from you and force them to trade their championship title in response. I may have taken some liberties with that quote. 

Of course, I wouldn't trade the Milwaukee Brewers (win or lose) for anything! But ... that 1982 World Series Ring sure would be nice to have. I mean, if we had to take it ... 

5. Provel


Wisconsin is the Dairy State. Land of cheese. Purveyors of delicious milk. So, it makes tons of sense to keep Provel on our list of wants. The pasteurized process Cheddar, Swiss and pro…

Camp Bar will be packed for the opening game of the Green Bay Packers. But -- don't worry -- bring a chair and watch on the jumbo tron outside!
Camp Bar will be packed for the opening game of the Green Bay Packers. But -- don't worry -- bring a chair and watch on the jumbo tron outside! (Photo: Eron Laber of Front Room Photography)

3 places to watch the Packers' opener

Who's ready for some football? I am!

There are plenty of options for you to party with fellow Green Bay Packers fans and watch the game. Here are three that are at the top of my list:

1. Ugly's

I've written a few times about Ugly's (which seems to have dropped the "pub" which makes sense to me) for brunch and happy hours. If you haven't stopped in yet, tomorrow is a great time to do so. It'll have multiple 55-inch LED TVs with two large projectors, too, so you don't miss a play. If you have on the green and gold (or NFL apparel) you'll get $2 Miller products, $3 Fireballs and $5 Talls. You never know, you may even win a prize for being one of the best dressed fans.

2. Camp Bar (Shorewood)

Kick off the Packers season with a big outdoor party! Camp Bar is a great place to watch any game -- but it isn't a huge space -- so an outdoor party is the perfect solution. The party will get started at 4 p.m. Watch on the jumbo trons outside -- bring a chair and settle in -- or watch the game inside. BelAir Cantina will be on hand with a taco tent plus you can enjoy drink specials (and hopefully touchdown shots) all night long.

3. The Garage

The Garage is getting the season started with a Packers Pig Roast. It'll have 13 HD TVs for you -- two will be on the Parkhaus Patio. If you haven't been by to check out the rehab of The Garage, this is the perfect opportunity. You can enjoy a cheap but delicious pork plate with beans and slaw along with $3 Miller Lite and PBR Tall Boys. Or go big -- drink the Tune-Up Special for $5 (but don't blame me when you regret that 4 Roses Bourbon shot that next day).

If you aren't in the mood for one of these -- take a look at our Packers Bar Guide for other local ideas. Go Pack Go!  

We have no shortage of delicious bacon. But is it what we want to be known for?
We have no shortage of delicious bacon. But is it what we want to be known for?

Milwaukee is "one of the 11 greatest foodie cities:" for bacon?

I'm always thrilled when Milwaukee makes yet another national list.

Today's list, from Suzy Strutner at The Huffington Post, says that Milwaukee is one of  "The 11 Greatest Foodie Cities in America." Great news, and this list is really no different than all of the other national lists that Milwaukee's landed on -- well, kind of. We are an amazing food and foodie city.  But, I will admit I was a bit thrown off by this recent honor as it basically list Milwaukee because of its amazing bacon options. 

The Huffington Post was certainly trying to find different things to focus on for the 11 cities listed -- and, apparently, Milwaukee's delicacy was bacon. I love bacon, and Milwaukee has a ton of great bacon options, tis true, Ms. Strutner. 

Here is the full post:

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Never has a city shown such utter devotion to all things bacon. Try bacon-wrapped meatloaf at The Comet Cafe, sourced locally from those lush Wisconsin fields. There's a peanut butter bacon burger at AJ Bombers, and Saloon Calhoun hosts a weekly happy hour with FREE BACON. The city's radio station -- literally called "The Hog" -- hosts an annual Baconfest in conjunction with the Harley Davidson Museum. To clear your arteries, sprint through nearby Cudahy's Race for the Bacon... don't worry, there's bacon at the end.

Does Milwaukee want to be known as the "city of bacon?" Is this our next claim to fame? Beer, cheese -- and now bacon? We have no shortage of it with delicious locally made options from Usinger's, Patrick Cudahy, Nueske's and more.

But to me, tagging us with this new label feels a bit off.  It feels like a step back, of sorts.  Milwaukee, bacon city.  That kind of feels like being known only for "Laverne & Shirley" or The Fonz. As much as I love them, I also want Milwaukee to be known for more than just the bacon craze and contributing to waistlines. 

We've certainly had accolades for our abundance of farm to table options, our locally sourced food and more.…

From live music to rooftop dance parties, Knoxville has a bit of something for everyone. Photo: Lance Dyzak
From live music to rooftop dance parties, Knoxville has a bit of something for everyone. Photo: Lance Dyzak

5 fun things to do in Knoxville, y'all

After some good friends recently moved to Knoxville, I knew I had to head down there sooner rather than later for some good ol' Southern lovin'. And that is exactly what I got. 

I've driven the route to the Smoky Mountains more times than I can count, as my grandparents were nestled in the mountains for more than 15 years in North Carolina. For this trip, a flight was a necessity as it was a quick jaunt and not an extended trip, but I do still love a good road trip to the mountains. 

If you did decide to drive it you could be there in about 12 or so hours depending on how the fine cities of Chicago and Indianapolis treat you traffic wise. Once you get past the flats of Indiana the rolling hills of Kentucky welcome you warmly before you head into Tennessee. The second half of the drive is gorgeous as you head your way towards the "Gateway to the Smokies." 

Here are five fun things to do while there:

1) Market Square 

The rooftop scene is alive and thriving in Knoxville, Tennessee. 

The downtown area of Market Square is a hip neighborhood that holds plenty of options for you. Shops, bar and restaurants line the borders of the square, which was built in the 1850s and has been rebuilt in recent years -- it is the heart of Knoxville. You can watch Shakespeare on the Square -- or any number of live theater events they hold -- or even watch from one of the rooftop bars. I had a great time just enjoying a cocktail in the hot summer night on a full rooftop bar at Preservation Pub. 

Shakespeare on the Square is just one of many nightly theater and music acts to watch nightly. 

2) Market Square Farmers Market 

 I am not a huge milk drinker, but I had Cruz Farm milk daily while there. It is that darn good.

While there was ton of fun to be had in the night time scene at Market Square, there was also a whole day's worth during Saturday morning's Market Square Farmers Market. Blocks and blocks of vendors selling their goods, arts and produce are there for you to…