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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Friday, Dec. 19, 2014

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SPEAK Easy: "Game Changer," or no?
SPEAK Easy: "Game Changer," or no?

Milwaukee UP: SPEAK Easy claims to be a Game Changer on new track

Yesterday I wrote about the new group called Monster House that was formed by Panic, Audiopilot and SPEAK Easy, and today I have for you a new solo song by SPEAK Easy.

This latest track, called "Game Changer," is another song in which the rapper discusses how dope he is as a rapper, which is fine, but personally I'd like to hear some other content on his loose tracks instead of only being able to find them on his albums.

Check it out here and tell me if "Game Changer" is just more of the same or if it is a unique track with a unique message and I'm just missing it.

 ""SPEAK Monster"...
""SPEAK Monster"...
"Audio Monster"...
"Audio Monster"...
...and "Panic Monster."
...and "Panic Monster."

Milwaukee UP: Milwaukee now has some Monsters in their House

First there was Dr. Gregory House, the irritable M.D. that audiences love to love because of his quirky nature and his ability to save people.

Then came Slaughterhouse, a collective of angry rappers that formed a group to set the record straight on what real rapping is all about in an attempt to save hip-hop from dying.

Now Milwaukee can say they have a rap "house" collective with the newly minted group Monster House.

This new house of monsters is made up of self-proclaimed "Midwest monster" emcee SPEAK Easy, producer/engineer Dave "Audiopilot" Derrilykt and rapper/crooner Panic.

Yesterday they released their debut sound that goes bump in the night, a track called "Clips," via East Coast blog site

The group is working on an album called "Raiders of the Lost Art" for release in 2012.

Head on over to TheMadBloggers' Bandcamp for a listen.

SigNif offers a new video for her song "Soul Clap."
SigNif offers a new video for her song "Soul Clap."

Milwaukee UP: SigNif gives you a Soul Clap

To add a little more support to her well-executed album "Embracing Rejection," NYC-by-way-of-MKE artist SigNif has released a brand new music video directed by her frequent partner-in-crime Darren Cole.

The video is for the song "Soul Clap" and shows Nif going through the rigors of practicing for a live show.

I've seen SigNif perform and though she's not a wild performer like that of a Busta Rhymes, there is an engaging warmth coming from her and an undeniable stage presence that truly captivates the crowd.

Similarly, this music video isn't very aggressive in what it's trying to show but it gives you a glimpse of what 'Nif brings to the stage for her audience.

Pizzle's new mixtape releases later today.
Pizzle's new mixtape releases later today.

Milwaukee UP: Pizzle goes rapid fire on new song, drops new mixtape

If you've been following Milwaukee rapper Pizzle recently, you've probably noticed that he seems to grow by leaps and bounds with each project or single that he releases.

From his verse on the "Green and Yellow" remix that also featured Prophetic, to his album "Fame In Vain," to his recent single featuring Rico Love, Pizzle is showing himself to no longer be a dark horse in the Milwaukee's race to stardom.

Later today Pizzle is releasing a new mixtape called "Insomnia" through website, and earlier today he released a video of him absolutely slaughtering a beat with his on-again-off-again chopping style of rapping.

Check out the video and grab the mixtape when it drops and also go back and get "Fame In Vain" online here.