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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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Gotye toured the Milwaukee Art Museum over the weekend.
Gotye toured the Milwaukee Art Museum over the weekend. (Photo: Milwaukee Art Museum)

How Gotye crashed my visit of the Milwaukee Art Museum

Time flies when you're having fun, so they say. They are right.

I'm coming up on six months now here at, but so much has been happening in the sports world I haven't quite been able to get to "everything" Milwaukee (which is probably selling the city a bit short in assuming it can all be taken in over 170-some odd days).

On my to-do list was a visit to the Milwaukee Art Museum.

I've driven past it hundreds of times in the last six years I've been coming in and out of the city, but never once did I step inside. Shame on me, yes, but it was worth the wait.

I joined a tour this past weekend, and it couldn't have been a better experience. The staff was friendly, and the tour guide picked out some interesting pieces to highlight. She was not only knowledgeable but had some personality and fun facts about an artist or piece.

You can think, "Oh, of course he'll say that," but this guy was there and thought so, too.

He was a good guy to spend the afternoon with – very nice, approachable and very interested in the tour, the building and the art.

He was no doubt thrilled to be hanging with me, too, but the security detail did a good job in keeping the rest of the tour from bothering me too much. That was much appreciated.

The airy layout of the museum helped that, also. There was room to move around, stand far away and take in the whole exhibit (or piece, depending on its size). You were also able to get up close and look at some of the fine detail on many of the exhibits as well.

Due to some time constraints I didn't get to see the entire museum, which I think was the right decision the first go 'round – there will be new things to see the next time!

The famous cream puff.
The famous cream puff.
Taking the plunge.
Taking the plunge.
For a first timer, not so bad.
For a first timer, not so bad.
And the crowd roared!
And the crowd roared!

Cream puff Olympics!

I took the invite as a rite of passage for those here at - tackle the annual cream puff eating contest at the Wisconsin State Fair.

I've had one cream puff, ever, and that was a few weeks ago. I think I tried to "speed eat" something back in grade school, but I'm not really sure.

So, it was going to be a wholly new experience. I was told the crowd would be pretty good - which I didn't believe - but sure enough the fans were out to watch a bunch of us jam our faces into these delicious puffs.

I was hoping to go all Hulk Hogan "I'm a real American" on those puffs, based off the crowd's energy, but I couldn't hear the cheers - probably because I couldn't help from laughing after hearing one of my competitors say it was coming out of their nose.

But, I gave it a good go and had a lot of fun.

Which brings me to this ridiculous Wall Street Journal blog that said Milwaukee should host an Olympic  games because the ratings for the start of the London Summer Games here were through the roof.

Faulty premise to begin with, but then of course it descended into how The Racing Sausages would be the mascots and fans would be given cheeseheads.

You can be cute and funny with these things and it'll go over - if you're actually cute and actually funny. Predictability accomplishes nothing. It's Wisconsin! Race a sausage. Wear a cheesehead. Let the belly laughs commence.

I would've taken that thing way more seriously if they included eating cream puffs, though. Because if I learned anything today, it was that eating three of those is indeed, a sport.