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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Thursday, Dec. 18, 2014

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Wet your whistle in Riverwest.
Wet your whistle in Riverwest.

The Booth Street bubbler

Last summer, a friend of Micah MacArthur took him to the public well on Pryor Street in Bay View.

"Figuring that Riverwest is superior I decided it was time for us to have a tastier alternative," says MacArthur, who has lived in the neighborhood for five years.

Last week, MacArthur, who is a licensed plumber, installed a drinking fountain on the 3100 block of Booth Street which is where he lives. It is for both humans and pets to access.

"I prefer to call them ‘fountains’ but ‘Booth Street bubbler’ has a good ring to it," he says.

The fountain / bubbler was leftover from a box factory in the Third Ward and MacArthur rescued it from the trash. 

"The metal plate at its base was also rescued from the factory," he says.

MacArthur is also an artist who likes to make furniture and art from found objects and cast-off materials.

"(The Booth Street bubbler) is a political commentary on the death of our public spaces, and a simple act of defiance to those in power, who seem to want us to believe that we are too poor to do things that benefit our community," says MacArthur.

Last call for Jim's Time Out.
Last call for Jim's Time Out.

Time's up for Jim's Time Out

Steve Gilberston, Jay Stamates and Sam Berman purchased Jim’s Time Out, 746 N. James Lovell St., earlier this month.

Former owner Jim Pappas retired after operating the bar since the late ‘80s. Long-time bartender Tom Sorensen will remain on staff.

The bar will stay the same for the summer and will then undergo minor renovations, including a probable name change, this fall.

"Most likely we will start in September," says Gilbertson.

"We're not planning to close at all," adds Berman. "Our current plan is to remain open throughout the transition."

The three men own Ten Bells, 703 S. 2nd St. Gilbertson and Stamates also own The Standard, 1754 N. Franklin Pl., and Berman and Stamates own Sabattic, 700 S. 2nd St.

As a long-time fan of Jim’s, I’m sad to see it go. However, I really like the feel of the new owners’ other bars and I'm definitely curious about how they will manage this space.

Blue Harbor is more than a water park. It's on the shore of Lake Michigan.
Blue Harbor is more than a water park. It's on the shore of Lake Michigan.
Intimate lake time in between water sliding?
Intimate lake time in between water sliding?
The outdoor pool is another water-ful option.
The outdoor pool is another water-ful option.
And there's always the indoor water park...
And there's always the indoor water park...
Blue Harbor remodeled about a year ago.
Blue Harbor remodeled about a year ago.

Water, water and more water at Sheboygan's Blue Harbor

My family and I really enjoy water parking in the Wisconsin Dells, but we like going to Sheboygan’s Blue Harbor equally as much and for different reasons.

Blue Harbor is only an hour away, which saves gas and time. This, of course, is very appealing. The rooms are also less expensive.

One of our favorite aspects of Blue Harbor is that it has more of a relaxing atmosphere than the Dells, mostly because there are simply fewer people. About a year ago, Blue Harbor remodeled the lobby area and it features a serene cloud mural on the ceiling and most of the lake-facing wall is made of glass. It’s pretty and peaceful.

On the flip side, Blue Harbor does not have the thrilling water rides that are available at most of the Dells’ water parks. We did miss those, but considered it a trade off.

We had been to Blue Harbor during the wintertime and, recently, we made our first summer visit. The ability to access the beach as well as an outdoor pool and the indoor water park provided for a trifecta of H20 splendor. 

Blue Harbor is right on the shore of Lake Michigan and has its own clean, sandy beach area which is right next to the bocce ball courts/outdoor pool which is a short hallway from the indoor water park.

Our kids are at the age now where we let them bounce between the various water opportunities as long as they checked in frequently. They loved this.

Mixing a little nature into the water park experience made a big difference to us. And one that we really appreciated. We extended our nature fun with a quick stop off on our way home at Harrington Beach where we tossed balls with our new softball mitts and drank water from a pump.

Most days aren't like this. I try to be really present during the ones that are. Thanks, destinations north of Milwaukee, for making the memories and helping all of us live more fully in the moment.

Pervert repellent? Pa-lease.
Pervert repellent? Pa-lease.

The "hairy stockings" are just stupid

An image of a woman wearing "hairy leg stockings" went viral recently, first on Sibo Weibo – kind of like China’s version of Twitter – and later on other social media platforms including Facebook.

The caption under the photo reads, "Super sexy, summertime anti-pervert full-leg-of-hair stockings, essential for all young girls going out." So I guess the "purpose" of the world’s first "anti-pervert stockings" is to scare off stalkers and attackers, assuming, of course, they are completely grossed out by female leg fur. 

I don’t know if this product is real, but it's certainly getting a lot of mixed online responses and generating a lot of conversation. Woman are divided into three camps, it seems: horrified by the ugliness, horrified by the logic that such a product would even exist or both.

Personally, I think they're just plain stupid.

First of all, I’ll go months without shaving my legs in the wintertime so the sight of legs with beards is nothing I’ve never seen before nor am I appalled by. (However, I do admit these stockings are particularly unappealing looking. Even the way the photo was shot make them look more like the legs of a primate than a person.)

If anyone was actually meant to believe that wearing these stocking would work to protect women from getting hit on or worse is ridiculous. Obviously men and women are into lots of things that are far fetishier than hairy legs. And some people – let’s try to imagine this – aren’t deeply moved at all by leg hair because, um, it’s just leg hair?