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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Sunday, Nov. 23, 2014

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Lo: 43
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Lands' End is a cothing company based in Dodgeville, Wis.
Lands' End is a cothing company based in Dodgeville, Wis.

Lands' End says moms love to talk weather

Recently, I received a press package from Lands’ End about its winter outerwear. However, it wasn’t the wool pea coats or the earflap hats that got my attention. Instead, it was the statistic in the first paragraph of the letter sent with the press kit that made me say, "Wow."

Here’s what it says:

"A recent survey conducted by Lands’ End of over 1,000 online moms found that nearly half (47.7 percent) said ‘the weather’ is a conversation they talk about two to five times a day."

Really? Two to FIVE times a day?

I'm a mother and I talk about the weather about once a day, and at that it’s usually more of a brief comment like, "What a beautiful day" or "Hmmm, where’s the umbrella?"

Now I wonder if I’m in the minority. Moms, talk to me. Do you chat about the weather this much?

Nope, I never tire of these ladies.
Nope, I never tire of these ladies.

TV shows you never get sick of

Recently, a friend and I discussed "Sex In The City," and the fact that we never get sick of it. I rarely watch reruns, or even a film twice, but when it comes to "Sex," I can watch those episodes over and over again, and thoroughly enjoy them every time.

I once had a roommate who was this way about "Friends," and have known people who never tire of  "Seinfeld." Of course, shows like "M*A*S*H," "The Brady Bunch" and "The Simpsons" have similar appeal.

What other TV shows with rerun appeal am I forgetting?

Bartender Evan Barnes at Bryant's.
Bartender Evan Barnes at Bryant's. (Photo: Whitney Teska)
Owner John Dye worked at Hi-Hat for many years.
Owner John Dye worked at Hi-Hat for many years. (Photo: Whitney Teska)

An evening at Bryant's Cocktail Lounge

I have so many fond -- and fuzzy -- memories of Bryant’s Cocktail Lounge, that I was tickled pink when I heard John Dye reopened the swanky drinkery.

I dropped in for a cocktail last week, and was happy to see it hadn’t changed much visually. The mirrored walls, the ambient lighting and the deep booths continue to define the décor, but the energy was fresher than ever with John greeting customers and master elixir mixer Evan Barnes behind the bar.

When John purchased Bryant’s from previous owner Debbie Malmberg, he received stacks of recipe cards for the 500 specialty drinks, including the infamous Brain Buster. (And remember, Bryant’s doesn’t have a drink menu, just a well-versed waitstaff!)

I definitely wanted a drink adorned with a piece of flaming fruit, and I considered the classic, grapey Black Magic, but John suggested The Candlelight, a fruity concoction made from vodka, Bryant’s signature syrup, raspberry liqueur, lemon juice and a flaming peach. 

Like all of Bryant’s beverages, it was dangerously delicious.

My friend Kara enjoyed a champagne cocktail made with crème de cassis, lemon and bubbly. Later, Evan sent over a sample of The Nutty Colada, which is coconut, pineapple and amaretto. 

Next time, I’m going for one of the spiked ice cream drinks, but I was certainly ready to cut myself off after the colada sampling.  I didn’t want a repeat of what happened about 10 years ago, when I had two of Bryant’s Mai Tais and had to lie down in the car.

In any case, it was a blast to be back at Bryant’s.

Even this guy has a Facebook page.
Even this guy has a Facebook page.

Is everyone on Facebook now?

Lately it seems like there has been a mass migration to Facebook, and people I never would have pegged as online networkers and time-wasters are requesting my cyber friendship.

It’s pretty cool.

I’ve been a MySpacer and Facebooker for a while now, and although I agree with most folks, that these sites have the potential to time-suck even the most productive people, I enjoy the creativity and communication.

But, seriously, who’s going to shock me next with a new Facebook page? My 90-year-old grandma? My Luddite friend who still refuses to own a cell phone? My dog? My kid’s imaginary friend, Nicky?