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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Tuesday, Oct. 21, 2014

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Nope. Don't like hands-free devices one bit.
Nope. Don't like hands-free devices one bit.

Does the Bluetooth look stupid?

I know they've been around for a long time, but it still annoys me when I see someone wearing a hands-free device and they're not talking on the phone. I see people trucking around the grocery store wearing it like a bad accessory. They might as well wear an ear cuff with a mini rabbit's foot dangling from it on the other ear. Yes, to me, it's that ugly.

I understand the hands-free device is more ergonomic than holding / cradling a cell, and that a lot of countries -- and states -- have a law requiring drivers to wear hands-free devices if they want to chat while driving. (Even though some research shows free hands don't always mean fewer crashes.)

I'm also well aware that the hands-free device is here to stay, and years down the road, even the skinniest cell phone will look like Seinfeld's cordless "brick," but currently, I'm still annoyed by them.

My husband said it's passé of me to still have a problem with the visual of a hands-free device, but I can't help it. Then again, I never liked the belt phone holder, either.

Is it really too much to wish that people put their phone piece in their purse or pocket in between gabs?

The Pedal Pusher Society don't want to be defeated, either.
The Pedal Pusher Society don't want to be defeated, either.

All-girl bike gang remakes "Beat It" video

Last summer, the Pedal Pusher Society snagged a fair share of success on YouTube with a mock music video for "Eye of the Tiger."

Now, the girls' bicycle gang posted another video, this time a remake of Michael Jackson's "Beat It."

The "Eye of the Tiger" video received more than 500 hits the first day it was posted, and the group received an award from YouTube for being in the top 35th most linked-to video under the comedy heading.

"Beat It (a la The Pedal Pusher Society)" received about 3,800 views to date.

The Pedal Pusher Society is Milwaukee's first (and possibly only) all-girls bicycle gang. They organize events and group rides while promoting bicycling as a viable -- and fun -- form of transportation.

Check out the video:  

GG Allin and Milwaukee were a bad match.
GG Allin and Milwaukee were a bad match.

Remember when GG Allin crapped on stage?

The other day, my friend’s toddler took off his swimming suit and pooped on the sidewalk in his backyard, just a few feet from his little blow-up pool. Without missing a beat, my friend said, "Who do you think you are, GG Allin?"

It had been years since I thought about the notorious GG Allin show at the long gone Odd Rock Café (originally Café Voltaire), 2010 S. Kinnickinnic Ave.

I didn't attend the Allin show -- it took place before I figured out how to weasel my underaged self into clubs -- but I have heard a lot of shocking stories from that evening.

In March of 1989, Allin -- a punk rock shock performance artist -- caused quite a commotion when he crapped on stage and then threw his feces at the audience. This was nothing new for Allin, who had a history of including blood, urine and fecal matter in his live shows.

Jack Koshik, the owner of the Odd Rock, allegedly stopped the show. A couple of years later, Allin was charged with disorderly conduct and public indecency in a Milwaukee courtroom, and he was sentenced to 90 days in prison and a $1,000 fine.

After his sentencing, Allin wrote the song "Shove That Warrant Up Your Ass," that specifically mentions Milwaukee.

According to Wikipedia, Allin was born to an abusive and religious father who named him Jesus Christ Allin. His name was later shortened to "GG" when his younger brother couldn't pronounce "Jesus." The family lived in a cabin without electricity or running water in rural New Hampshire.

Allin threatened to commit suicide on stage on Halloween Night, 1990, but did not follow through. Instead, he overdosed in 1993.

"Hey, did you hear At Random closed?"
"Hey, did you hear At Random closed?"

My favorite Milwaukee rumor

Like every city, rumors fly around this town like spaceships on "The Jetsons," and most of the time, they simply aren’t true.

For years, I’ve heard through the poison grapevine that certain restaurants use dog or cat meat in their food, as well as countless questionable tales of certain sports figures getting wild on Water Street.

But my favorite Milwaukee rumor is that At Random is closed.

I hear this rumor frequently. Recently, an acquaintance insisted that the kitschy lounge shut down for good, and about twice a year, someone e-mails, inquiring if At Random has finally shattered the Tiki Love Bowl. But in reality, the dapper drinkery is alive and well in beauteous Bay View.

Have you heard -- or started -- other Milwaukee rumors?