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Note to self: One-year-old Peeps should not go anywhere near my mouth.
Note to self: One-year-old Peeps should not go anywhere near my mouth.

The truth about stale Peeps

About a year ago, my friend and co-worker, Nick Barth, brought me a box of Christmas Peeps. He knew about my penchant for stale Peeps, and because he’s not a big fan of the tooth-rotting marshmallow treats fresh or stale, he gave them to me.

For all of 2009, these bright green Peeps perched on my desk and I occasionally gave them the poke test to see if they were stale enough for my liking. I almost ate them last summer, about six months after Nick gave them to me, but I decided they weren’t quite stale enough.

In retrospect, I should have feasted on the Peeps in July.

Finally, I busted open the package this morning and tried to eat one, but I could barely choke down a single bite. The Peep was like Styrofoam. The chunk just cracked off and it wasn’t chewy at all, like a Charleston Chew candy bar, which is how I prefer my Peeps.

Today, kids, I learned something. They say a Twinkie lasts forever, but Peeps have about a one-year shelf life -- even for the most diehard stale Peep lovers like myself.

A shot from last year's Bartender Olympics.
A shot from last year's Bartender Olympics. (Photo: Whitney Teska)

Drink slingers needed for Bartender Olympics will host the second annual Bartender Olympics at the end of February -- the exact date and location will be announced shortly -- and we’re searching for fun, local bartenders to compete.

Last year, some of Milwaukee’s most talented bartenders went head-to-head in a series of "olympic events," including beer can stacking, drink mixing and mug sliding, while spectators cheered them on.

Are you a bartender or do you know of a bartender who might like to participate? If so, e-mail for more information.

Stay tuned to for new details about this event.

Want a cocktail with your corn?
Want a cocktail with your corn?

Oriental Theatre now serves alcohol

During the holidays, the Landmark Oriental Theatre, 2230 N. Farwell Ave., expanded its vending area and now features a bar.

The Oriental’s spirit selection includes bottles of local and imported beer, wine by the glass or the bottle and a variety of mixed drinks.

The bar is open during all movies, except during midnight screenings of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" on Saturday nights because most of the crowd is underaged.

Soon, will run a full story on the Oriental’s new refreshment options, along with a guide to all of the movie theaters in Milwaukee that serve alcohol. Cheers.

What's this really gonna do for me?
What's this really gonna do for me?

Does Wii Fit really work?

My mother-in-law bought my kids a Wii for Christmas, and although I’m not a big video game gal, it turns out I like my cyber bowling. And the tennis is pretty fun. And I might even play a round or two of late-night golf.

So, naturally, like every good junkie, I am looking for ways to enhance the buzz. I thought Wii Fit might be the healthiest choice I could make. I really prefer to exercise in the comfort of my home -- I have a treadmill that I use regularly -- so the Wii fills that need.

But can you really get in shape from using the Wii Fit?

Intuitively I question a video game of any kind doing something positive for me. Obviously, I have not tried the Wii Fit, so if I my intuition is off, enlighten me.