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Paul Jonas recently bought the building that formerly housed Gerry's Diamond Tap.
Paul Jonas recently bought the building that formerly housed Gerry's Diamond Tap.

Tonic Tavern owner opening second Bay View bar

Paul Jonas, owner of Tonic Tavern, will open UC Jonas’ in the former Gerry’s Diamond Tap, 939 E. Lincoln Ave., as reported by Milwaukee Record.

"It will be a low-key sports bar," Jonas told "And named in honor of my father – Urban Charles Jonas, Jr. – who was an incredible athlete."

Jonas’ father, who passed away a few years ago, played football and basketball for Marquette University and was a Triple A baseball pitcher. He also is a Hall of Fame member of the Milwaukee County Golf Association.

Tonic bartender Paul "PK" Kennedy will manage the new space, which will open this summer.

"I will be moving over there full time," says Kennedy. "My days at Tonic are numbered."

Gerry’s Diamond Tap closed in 2013. 

Mike Scott delivered two-hours of entertainment at Turner Hall on Tuesday night.
Mike Scott delivered two-hours of entertainment at Turner Hall on Tuesday night. (Photo: Adam Miszewski)

The Waterboys stayed afloat at Turner Hall

It must be tough to be in the situation where you know your fans appreciate your new music, but really want to hear, for the most part, your old stuff.

But somehow, tonight, The Waterboys pulled it off.

The six piece – fronted by Mike Scott – has 13 studio albums under their belt. And during tonight’s concert at Turner Hall, the group played 16 songs, seven of which were from their most recent album, released earlier this month, called "Modern Blues."

The crowd was respectful, but not as energetic during the new songs as the old favorites, which is often the case with live performances by bands with a longtime – and nostalgic – group of followers. (The reviewer included.)

"Modern Blues" was recorded in Nashville, Tenn. and is the follow-up to 2011’s "An Appointment With Mr. Yeats." Although the Waterboys are known as a Celtic-rock / folk band, with this record, Scott produced an album with an American blues feel to it. 

Tonight, the group also delivered a variety of fan favorites like "We Will Not be Lovers," "Glastonbury Song," "The Whole Of The Moon," and encores, "Fisherman’s Blues" and a cover of Prince's "Purple Rain."

Despite more than three decades of performing, Scott was engaged as a performer, and yet seemed more mellow than usual. He was in Milwaukee in 2013 and before that in 2004 as well as in Chicago, opening for U2, in the mid-80s.

On the up side, Scott seemed more interested in connecting with his five bandmates than standing out from the group as in earlier performances. 

Scott started the band in 1983, and the rest of the group has been a revolving door of talented musicians – primarily from Scotland, England and Ireland. More than 60 different musicians have been in the band at one point or another.

Scott, who often brings literary references and spirituality into his lyrics, has described his music as "a metaphor for seeing God's signature in the world."

Tonight, the fans were clearly moved by the performance – shout…

Two Bucks opened in 2012.
Two Bucks opened in 2012.

What happened at Two Bucks on Friday night?

Numerous patrons and employees who were at Two Bucks on Friday night are alleging via a "Boycott Two Bucks Milwaukee" Facebook page that the owner, Lynn Forthaus, made racist comments toward African American patrons and refused to serve them.

One patron wrote that she was tapped on the shoulder after midnight on Friday and asked to leave, others wrote that she made racist remarks.

Rico Redd was the bouncer that night and says he saw Forthaus refuse service to African American patrons and say she did not want any "ghetto people" in her bar. Redd walked off the job after he and Forthaus got in an argument about her behavior.

Oval Reid, a bartender at Two Bucks since it opened in 2012, was drinking at the bar on Friday night and he, too, says he witnessed Forthaus "kicking out" black patrons. Reid later quit, as well.

According to Facebook, Two Bucks was closed on Saturday night. attempted to call Forthaus, but her mailbox is full. She did allegedly reach out to at least one employee and one customer via text message to apologize.

Stay tuned to as this story develops.

Scoop up this ice cream drink heaven.
Scoop up this ice cream drink heaven.

OK, who's gonna buy At Random?

Aw, crap, At Random, 2501 S. Delaware Ave., is on the market as Milwaukee Record reported today.

Despite rumors that it’s been for sale for a while, the Home Of The Tiki Love Bowl is officially for sale and it could be yours (or mine) for $339,000.

John Dye has done a wonderful job with beloved local lounge Bryant’s. Dye bought Bryant’s in 2009 and has both maintained the charm and made minor modern upgrades to further groove-out the space.

Someone has to buy this "turn-key opportunity" to keep the Frank flowing from the speakers and the ice cream drinks chilling in the goblets. So who’s it gonna be? Who would you like to see buy At Random? 

John? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?