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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Wednesday, Nov. 26, 2014

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"Star Wars: Clone Wars - The Lost Missions" was released on Blu-ray on Tuesday.
"Star Wars: Clone Wars - The Lost Missions" was released on Blu-ray on Tuesday.

"The Lost Missions" uncovered in new "Star Wars: Clone Wars" Blu-ray

As we all know by now, there is a new caretaker of the "Star Wars" universe. As Disney prepares for its next live-action film with J.J. Abrams at the helm, it is taking the opportunity to take the last remaining pieces of the animated "Clone Wars" and release "The Lost Missions" in time for the holiday shopping season.

The new Blu-ray hit the shelves on Tuesday, and it has taken some time to take in 13 full episodes.

Five full seasons of "The Clone Wars" animated half-hours ran on the Cartoon Network. As the Lucasfilm Animation Studios transitioned to the new "Rebels" for the Disney-owned XD cable outlet, writer and director George Lucas’s last work in the serials made in a galaxy far, far away is presented here in the 3D computer-animated style.

"The Lost Missions" is considered Season 6 of the franchise, which aired on Disney XD and was available on iTunes. This two-disc collection is a great example why "The Clone Wars" won honors as an Outstanding Special Class Animated Program and Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation in 2014.

One of the best parts of the Blu-ray is the full documentary produced and presented in the bonus materials that shows behind-the-scene footage from the Skywalker Ranch. The staffers worked in a space created to look like a large homestead, and gone were the classic editing bays and cubicles of the office world.

The atmosphere, and access to the warehouses of the original film props, created a place that the animators and their families considered a second home, fueling some of the best animated story telling available on television.

The bonus features also have four story reels, the last ones reviewed by Lucas when he serves as the executive producer. The complete sub-story arc makes for more than 2 hours of viewing if the audience can get over the rough, unfinished animation that at least has the voice acting of the original series cast to carry the episodes through.

If you are a fan of "Star Wars" or simply just remem…

Around 6,000 children and adults are expected at Saturday's STEMfest at Discovery World.
Around 6,000 children and adults are expected at Saturday's STEMfest at Discovery World.

Discovery World spotlights STEM

Discovery World hosts the sixth annual Time Warner Cable STEMfest on the lake shore from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday.

More than 6,000 children and adults from the region will participate in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) activities at Discovery World, 500 N. Harbor Dr.

The event is free and open to the public.

"Events like this, challenge students and shows them that STEM is more than just what they learn in the classroom," said Joel Brennan, president and CEO of Discovery World.

"It’s also about solving real-world problems, allowing  kids to discover science and technology in a whole new way."

During the festival, TWC will promote its Connect a Million Minds (CAMM) initiative to inspire young people to pursue education and careers in the areas of STEM. STEMfest was launched in Milwaukee in November 2009 with the launch of TWC’s CAMM initiative.

Children will also learn about the science of video games at the event. The Milwaukee School of Engineering is joining TWC to explain the science of video games, and visitors will have the opportunity to leave with a free video game-related photo.

"Time Warner Cable is excited to get students interested in and excited about STEM by offering this all-day free event at Discovery World," said Jack Herbert, regional vice president of Midwest operations, at Time Warner Cable. 

"We are proud to sponsor free admission to Discovery World for the Milwaukee community and also provide many hands-on science activities and experiments to inspire young people to get more involved in STEM fields."

Area Girl Scouts were able to get an early look at the experiments this evening.

Fox News reporter Mike Tobin is in Wisconsin to cover the race between Scott Walker and Mary Burke for the national cable outlet.
Fox News reporter Mike Tobin is in Wisconsin to cover the race between Scott Walker and Mary Burke for the national cable outlet.

Fox News' Mike Tobin covers Wisconsin race for national audience

Mike Tobin, a reporter with Fox News, touched down in Green Bay on Monday and traveled to Milwaukee on Tuesday to cover Wisconsin races for the national news outlet.

"I guess the one thing I haven’t seen before is how close this race was at the beginning, and little has changed now," Tobin said of the governor’s election between incumbent Scott Walker and challenger Mary Burke.

"People seem to be really dug in on this one."

Because of the way we are entrenched in this battle ground between Republicans and Democrats, we fail to see how different this race may seem to political observers elsewhere in the nation. For those of us who have been through the first general election between Walker and Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett, and the following recall election … it seems we are selecting who will be in the governor’s mansion every two years.

"The rest of the nation is watching to see which way the needle swings," Tobin said in a quick interview on Monday. "It is looked at as how we are in the country."

In our discussion we chatted about turnouts, the traditional stronghold counties for each party, and the need to mobilize the base for each side to have the chance to win. We also talked about how this race may impact future elections.

"Walker is being looked at as a potential candidate for president in 2016," Tobin said. "So he will have to win Wisconsin first."

With Paul Ryan, the vice presidential candidate with Mitt Romney and member of the U.S. House of Representatives coming from the same corner of the country, Walker basically said that if Ryan runs, he will be the congressman’s top fan.

But if everything lines up, and Walker gets the win today, we will see more of Tobin’s colleagues and peers making the trek to Wisconsin before the GOP ticket is chosen for a presidential bid.

In the meantime, expect Tobin’s reports to focus on the poll results he will be watching with the rest of the crowd at Walker’s rally throughout the evening.

You can f…

Sarah Clark and Damon Runyan star in "One Starry Christmas," which airs Saturday night on the Hallmark Channel.
Sarah Clark and Damon Runyan star in "One Starry Christmas," which airs Saturday night on the Hallmark Channel.

"One Starry Christmas" kicks off Hallmark countdown

Hey, it’s the day after Halloween – it is Christmas.

Well, if you walked the aisles of your favorite discount department store, or saw the Best Buy commercials on the air, then you knew it was Christmas season at least two weeks ago.

One of the outlets that does Christmas well, is the Hallmark Channel, where the ratings have proven that many, many Americans tune in for the season. Part of that programing has been family-based programming, including the movies that are a part of the "Countdown to Christmas."

Kicking off the season is "One Starry Christmas," that will air at 7 p.m. on Saturday.

As her boyfriend has to travel out of town on business, Holly faces a Christmas all alone. She then books a bus to surprise her boyfriend and her parents. Lo and behold, the bus breaks down, giving Holly the chance for a ride with rodeo cowboy, Luke.

Luke and his brother Bull then celebrate with Holly, her boyfriend and her parents. Holly, an aspiring astronomy professor has "her stars align" and sparks fly between her and the cowboy.

Although there is nothing new to break the mold that Hallmark has cast, there is some comfort in the familiar … and just like a fireplace a glow and a worm blanket to cling on to, "One Starry Christmas" kicks off the season in style.

Holly is played by Sarah Carter, who shows her range here since most viewers will be used to the image of her destroying aliens in TNT’s "Falling Skies." Country music artist George Canyon is Bull, the brother of the cowboy (Damon Runyan), who vies for Holly’s heart from her materialistic boyfriend (Paul Popowich).