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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Sunday, April 20, 2014

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Steve and "Mike & Molly" star Billy Gardell sharing a moment.
Steve and "Mike & Molly" star Billy Gardell sharing a moment.

Looking back on a year of television addiction

No one on their deathbed ever said, "I regret all the time I spent watching TV."

While I have a lot of divergent interests – including commercial real estate, radio, sports, music, family, food, working out and drinking with Andy Tarnoff – I undoubtedly spend more time watching TV than any other activity in my life.

So as the calendar changes to another year, I found myself reflecting on the past year of my TV viewing.

I just accidentally watched "The Blacklist." James Spader is awesome and does what most of us can't: wear a fedora.

I always cringe when HBO series have their season finales. "Veep," "Eastbound & Down," "Real Time with Bill Maher," "The Newsroom," "True Blood" and especially you Nucky. It doesn't get much better than "Boardwalk Empire."

I am glad I am not exclusive to HBO. I really like "Nurse Jackie," and "Masters of Sex" might just be my new favorite show.

The hardest thing I do every morning is get out of bed. I couldn't do it without Susan and Nicole and Marianne and Sally and Kim and Jessica and Caitlin.

"NCIS" is a guilty pleasure. And no, I am not yet retired. 

I have been enjoying "Packers Live with Larry McCarren." It's sincere (is that finger thing a special effect?). Plus, I have memorized and sing along with their two great songs, "Chalk Talk" and "In The Huddle." 

I also enjoy "Brewers Live" after games hoping to see if Davey Nelson says something Shakespearean.

Ron Swanson makes "Parks and Rec" worthy of what Thursday TV used to be. Meanwhile, I don't know why "Whitney" got cancelled instead of Cummings' other show, "Two Broke Girls." I can watch it, but I don't listen to what they say.

I admit to still watching "Two and a Half Men," and I also watch "Anger Management." I watch and like "Mike & Molly," and "The Mindy Project" is just plan good. There's something about Mindy. 

Recently binge-watched "Scandal" on demand. I get it. It's good. So is On Demand.

I go back and forth between "The Daily Show" and Colbert as to which is my favorite.

MeTV is pretty cool. Seeing old episodes from my childhood of "My Three Sons" or "The Rifleman" is like a warm blanket. I am also surprised that I ever liked "Lost in Space."

I don't watch cooking shows, but I love when they come to Milwaukee. Crazy Water was featured on some show ("America's Best Bites") and Adam Richman eating at Miller Park was a highlight.

I DVR every Packer game and review tape. Every player gets a grade, even during the preseason. I had to buy Rosetta Stone Spanish when it was on Univision.

"The Big Bang Theory" is funny, and "Modern Family" is the most consistently humorous show on TV. Meanwhile, "SNL" is like a family member. I will always cut them slack.

Kudos to Fox 6 for 10 hours a week of live TV with "Real Milwaukee" and "Studio A." It is still on my bucket list to be invited someday. However, I might have a "Duck Dynasty" beard by the time that happens.

I just saw an episode of "Breaking Bad" for the first time during a marathon the other night. Wow. I guess my bad for never making the time to watch it.

Also: How does Arsenio Hall still have a show?

Every time I watch "Jeopardy," I yell out most of the correct questions. However, I know if I were ever on the show I would either freeze up or the categories would include math, geography, poetry, women's fashion and Chicago sports teams I like.

I don't see many awards shows unless they are hosted by Seth MacFarlane. Like that's going to happen again.

Finally, "The Good Wife" is not good. It is GREAT.

I would watch "Orange Is The New Black" if I knew how to find


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