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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Wednesday, Nov. 26, 2014

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Economy vs Dresscode

The economy: we hear it day in and day out. And now I have a bone to pick. We all try and stay positive, but there always seems to be some sort of road block. So here's my story.

I am a Milwaukee native and truly love this city, but I have issues with Milwaukee trying to be something its not. I'm out with my roomate at Music Under Glass, a new event to the city. A great way to get out of the bitter cold and enjoy some music in a great location. Afterwards we decide to get some food at Cafe Centraal (another great addition to Milwaukee restaurants). We enjoyed some entertainment from a magician, juggler and mind reader. So why end the night there? At this time my boyfriend has gotten off his shift at the restaurant and we have some friends at another new "hot spot" in Milwaukee, which I will not share the name of. It's ladies night there which means my girlfriends and I are drinking Kettle One for free. As we approach the door, myself in front my boyfriend behind me and my roomate behind him. The door swings open and the first thing out of the doormans mouth is, "we don't allow tennis shoes." This unfortunately is not totally shocking to anyone one of us. My boyfriend, the respectful man he is walks away without putting up a total stink.  This is upsetting because we are being denied time that could have been spent together.  He works two jobs and I work full time in the service industry, which means time is limited for the two of us.   

But here's what is shocking, the man with the good paying dollars is denied because of tennis shoes. And this is where I get confused, people are struggling and businesses are struggling. Yet they refused business because of someone not wearing what they consider to be "proper attire." Most of us have seen Knocked Up and we all go back to the scene where the doorman is in tears, because it is his job to refuse people, when he truly doesn't believe in it. After all he was "just doing his job." I don't blame the man at the door, I don't believe in blaming the messanger. So this particular business has now lost business. the fact is that people are more likely to tell others about a bad experience rather than a good one. His honestly earned dollars were taken to another business not far away.

Working in the service industry is tough right now, people are truly watching where they spend their money. Which means if they do decide to spend their money there, the service better be over the top.

My point is that Milwaukee is not New York City. We are a respectful midwest city with lots to offer. In this "time" we need to support each other rather than turn business away for what I consider silly reasons. 


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LegallyBlonde | Feb. 9, 2009 at 5:43 p.m. (report)

34046 Wow, this is a tough one. While I "kind of" agree, I have to go with the bar on this one. Considering 90% of the bars in Milwaukee could care less if you are wearing tennis shoes, I find it surprising you chose this bar over many others. The reason they have free Kettle drinks for you and your roomate, is because there are plenty of well-dressed dudes who will come out to try and hit on you and your roommate.

I do agree with your notion that everyone needs to "step it up" right now to attract the slimming crowds, but I think that means doing what you do well, even better. If a regular hot shot comes into this club and all of a sudden sees a bunch of guys in tennis shoes, they are going to find somewhere else to go. Probably the club across the street who is keeping up the "exclusivity" of the place.

I do understand your frustration though, and that is why I frequent the 90% of the "other bars" in Milwaukee.

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