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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Thursday, Dec. 18, 2014

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Readers Blog: View From The Suites

Tiger Woods: America' Outlet

Excuse me for being out of line, but I want to cherish Tiger Woods, and not criticize for what he did on Friday morning.

Women are disgusted at Tiger’s actions. Journalists are crying foul for not being able to ask Tiger questions. Golf fans say they no longer respect Tiger, nor will they cheer for him anymore. Companies want to distant themselves from Tiger due to his actions. The bigger picture in this is being ignored. This is bigger than all of us. There is no manual for what Tiger is going through. Tiger Woods didn’t host a press conference, he held a public amends.

A necessary step for all addicts, but Tiger was forced to do it on a national, public platform. Tiger Woods has made mistakes. He went out of his way to cover up his mistakes. He was untruthful and misleading. His words are worthless, his actions priceless. Yet America feels they need to hear Tiger speak. Tiger played the roles that we the public wanted him to play. He played em quite well in fact. Through the “Hello World” comments, the creation of the color “Sunday Red,” the celebratory “Tiger Fist Pump,” and the “Tiger Stare,” Tiger was simply an incredible golfer that was put on a pedestal by the same people that want to point out all Tiger’s flaws. Instead of plastering pictures of all the women Tiger had affairs with, allowing the public to idolize, fantasize, and criticize all the women that were well aware of what they were doing. Instead of demanding answers to questions that we have no right even knowing, and criticize Tiger for supposedly dodging them, lets allow Tiger to do what he needs to do to get better. It’s easy to forget that Tiger is sick.

Addiction is a disease. So continue to be self-centered and demand things from Tiger that you have no right demanding. Keep pointing out his faults, and shake your head in utter disgust. In fact, why stop with Tiger? Tell a gambling addict that you will be insulted if he or she doesn’t join your NCAA basketball tournament pool. Sigh in disbelief when an alcoholic doesn’t have just one glass of wine with you. Convince yourself that the compulsive overeater thinks you are a terrible cook when he or she doesn’t have a small piece of cake. Tiger Woods didn’t owe any of us an apology, yet he publicly apologized. He didn’t owe his fellow PGA players an apology, all he’s done is made average players millionaires, yet he apologized to all of them.

Tiger Woods is taking the appropriate steps to become a better father, husband, son, and person. Not a better spokesman, golfer, or celebrity. Maybe ask yourself why you feel the need to hear Tiger answer questions for you to be alright. How big of a part of your life have you allowed Tiger to own? The easy way out for Tiger was to have a press conference and answer all questions thrown his way. Spin it in a way that makes his wife Elin to blame. Tell the public how demanding she has become, and that torrid love affairs with random women were necessary. Hire the most expensive lawyer and go on with his life. That's not what Tiger did. He’s fighting for his marriage, and taking a look at himself. Two things society frowns upon, and maybe, just maybe that’s why society is so uncomfortable with not getting answers from Tiger. Tiger provides an outlet to point fingers and criticize others. Heaven forbid we take a look at ourselves.

Jay Maguire hosts weekly Internet radio shows on as well as a contributer on many online magazines.

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Blaine | Feb. 22, 2010 at 12:01 p.m. (report)

Are you serious? This is Damage Control 101. And you are fanning the flames.

Tiger Woods personal life should be private. We do not need to know what he is going to do.

Why he chose to orchestrate a carefully controlled press conference looking event smells like doing what Tiger the Brand has been told to do to get back in the good graces of the public and his sponsors.

His actions will speak loudest. And really that is none of our business.

Feel free to write about his golfing, if that is what you do.

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