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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Friday, Nov. 28, 2014

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Your Weekly "Lost"-cap: The End


"Nobody can tell ya,
there's only one song worth singing."

I'm not actually going to 'cap The End. What?! See...the profound quality the finale had...well, I guess I feel it's important to really absorb it in your own way...without me muddling it up with a lot of words and stuff. But speaking of words, for someone who is so verbose all the time, I'm finding it difficult to put my final thoughts into words....

...Ohhhh nope, wait a minute...yeeaaah here they are.

First of all, in my own humble opinion, I just sunk into this final episode like the first time I read JD Salinger's Franny. Huh? In other words, it was as if the writers curled up in my brain, snagged some pieces of gray matter, and threw them onto a page: the stuff that makes me laugh, sigh, gasp, yell, and bawl my guts out. And that's what I loved about Lost in its entirety. It's just something that clicked with me...and hopefully with those of you reading this right now.

Who could've predicted this television program would be what it was? The Lostcap has made me watch and appreciate the show WAY beyond how any normal-minded person should watch and appreciate the show (I mean WAY beyond). The thing about Lost is that, if you over-analyze it, you will probably learn more in the 121-ish hours of episodes than 4 years of college. Where else would you learn about Western and Eastern Philosophy; Judeo-Christian History; Egyptian, Roman and Greek Mythology; Sports; Geography (Sunda Trench what now?); Classic and Modern Literature, Music, and Art; World History; Botony, Biology, and Chemistry; Astronomy, Astrology, and Quantum Physics? Sometimes all in one episode!
I mean really.
But more than just the technicalities, it was the characters, the dialogue, the silences, the heart behind the series. Sometimes it just took your breath away.

I'm going to play the pessimistic card and say that there will probably never be a fiction network television series like this ever again. At least not of this caliber. Or in my lifetime. Which is sad, but attests to how bloody brilliant these producers, writers, actors, crew truly are. Lucky for me, since another "Lost" will never exist again, I'll never have to write a weekly recap either.
I lie.
I'm going to miss it terribly :'(
I don't want to say goodbye to my friends, even if they are just TV characters. My brain is going to turn to mush and blood will drip from my nose as I suffer from intense information withdrawal. The fishbiscuits, Dharma beer, and imaginary jars of peanut butter will gather dust in the back of my mind. In the meantime I'll simply await the moment when someone I didn't know I knew touches my shoulder or hands me an Apollo bar...we'll both look at each other quizzically...but then we'll know. Tears will gather in our eyes. We'll know.

"So if you cannot take my hand
And if you must be goin'
I will understand."

I loved Lost. So very very much.
It's been an absolute pleasure steering this little boat on the vast Lost sea.
Your 'Cap Cappin' Cap'n,

The End.

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F0x6Fan | May 28, 2010 at 2:00 p.m. (report)

35486 I concur, the Lost ending should have been aptly renamed,

FOUND AGAIN...the Mystical Poet

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LegallyBlonde | May 24, 2010 at 9:36 a.m. (report)

34046 Thank you Katie for all of your insights. Today is a strange day.

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