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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Thursday, Nov. 27, 2014

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Readers Blog: The Bike Writer

The Bike Writer - New Zealand


Hamilton, New Zealand - Dec. 29 - Slept in a jail cell in Hamilton last night. It wasn't actually a jail cell - I've yet to accomplish that; it just felt like a jail cell - or an iPod.

 There was a weather warning issued for Tuesday; rain the entire day with extremely strong winds.

I was safe at the Rainbow Springs Backpackers Hostel in Taupo, but felt the need to push along.

Hopped a bus to Hamilton and found the Waikato Museum, which had a fantastic collection dedicated to the stories, art, history and culture of the Tainui community.

There were fabulous carvings and a life-size Tainui canoe complete with rings of white feathers.

By the time I left, I found a hostel for $29 for a single room. The guy who owned the facility tried to get the most use out of all his space and that's me being nice.

I knew it would be interesting because the cubby-hole office was such a mess and he wasn't in it.

We climbed the narrow stairway - sideways; by the time we got to the top I thought we'd discover stalactites.

The rooms were sectioned off into pods A and B; there was a shared bathroom.

The shower was like climbing into a high school locker; washing up sounded like you were wrestling a bear in a beer can.

I had pod A and felt like Alice in Wonderland after eating a piece of cake. There was enough space to do the Hokey Pokey, so it would do for the night. I'm not complaining, not much anyway.

I figured New Zealand was an adventure and this was part of my combo-platter of life. NEW ZEALAND TRENDS... New Zealand is stuck in the 80s, at least as far as music and movies are concerned.

I think I've seen about every Tom Cruise film ever made. Turn on the TV and it's Tom-Cruise-something flipping a bottle of booze or giving a Top Gun windmill high five.. I asked if he died and this was some sort of tribute to his work. Sorry to say but Nicole Kidman really settled there for a while, didn't she?

 As far as music is concerned it's Annie Lennox and Eurythmics, Bon Jovi and Cory Hart is still sporting his sunglasses at night. There are also CD deals in the paper; sale ads for 1980s CD's for only $14.99. Seriously, who doesn't have that music, and who wants it NOW?

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Gotmypug | Oct. 24, 2011 at 8:56 p.m. (report)

Just found your blogs and I am enjoying them very much. I am 56 years old and in a previous life rode quite a ways on my bike. I picked it up again about 6 months ago and I am riding between 140 to 200 miles a week on a Gold Rush recumbant. My questions are, are you still riding and if so where are the blogs. Maybe one day I will get brave and plan a trip across the country. I always thought that I would one day and can't get anyone to do it with me. So, you are an inspiration.

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