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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Thursday, Nov. 27, 2014

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Readers Blog: A Blooger's Bloog



IT'S FOR CHILDREN! Those three words, I know you've heard the manipulative hook used before.  Maybe, it was from somebody pan-handling for ‘change' outside a liquor store.

Maybe, it was somebody panhandling for ‘change' in politics.

Lately, you read sanctimonious blogs preaching "It's For The Children" as a one-line excuse for anything on the left.

No Facts, No Historical Precedence, just the clever hustling of our hearts for 'The Kids' with their hands in the coffers.

Liberals, are currently using the gimmick here in Milwaukee and throughout Wisconsin.

They are appealing to people's LOVE for children to make them FEAR losing education money without having to go any farther then just saying, "CHILDREN!"

It's not for you, it's not for the teacher, it's not for the hustler, it's for the child!

If you want to see the most intolerant, fearful, hate-mongering, mean spirited., loveless people, just talk to any liberal about Scott Walker or Republicans.

Sometimes it seems like these days, the only thing, the left, truly LOVE--is HATING.

I have a suggestion for liberals, the next time something like Wisconsins Recall Election, save the MILLIONS OF PUBLIC DOLLARS WASTED on the court cases, protests and walkouts, the MILLIONS wasted on campaigning for a redo, take all that time and money and throw in the two cents you are trying to pinch off everyone else and pay for a private school for your brat, cheap bastard, better yet, stop passing-the-buck and HOME SCHOOL THEM!

Be conservative except with Freedom!

Here are the facts about The Cartel, America's School System!

Only 35 percent of American high school seniors are proficient readers. Only 23 percent are proficient in math. Nationwide, only 74 percent of ninth graders graduate within four years-and that number drops to about 50 percent for black and Hispanic students. Twelve percent of American high schools are "dropout factories"-schools where less than 60 percent of freshmen even make it to their senior year. It comes as no surprise, then, that America lags far behind other developed countries when it comes to schooling: Among large industrialized countries, America ranks last in educational effectiveness-despite spending the most.

The conventional wisdom says that our schools could be dramatically improved with better funding. If we would only "invest in education," the argument goes, our children would have a better future-particularly in urban areas, where leaky roofs, under-qualified teachers, and outdated textbooks are all too common

And so the last few decades have brought an explosion of education spending, enthusiastically approved by local school boards and state legislatures and generally supported by taxpayers. That's the moral cover under which our public school system wastes and steals billions of dollars every year.

Liberals are elitists who avoid facts, name call, and manipulate people emotionally via Fear disguised as Love.

Below is a link to a typical example of these techniques.

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matt323 | Aug. 6, 2011 at 1:13 a.m. (report)

36078 Have always thought similar.

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