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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Tuesday, Sept. 16, 2014

Hi: 63
Lo: 47
Hi: 66
Lo: 49
Hi: 65
Lo: 54
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Dec. 14, 2007
Reader submitted blog AAA refuses to help my stranded wife
This morning my wife was backing here Honda Civic out of our driveway and got stuck with her front wheels spinning in the gutter and her trunk sticking out into the street.  With me pushing and her negotiating the steering wheel we could not get it to budge.  I told her to call AAA of w...
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Category: Marketplace
Nov. 15, 2007
Reader submitted blog No Free Quarter-Pounder with eTickets
So the Bucks pull off a win last night over Memphis and with total Bucks points being over 99.  What that usually means is the following day McDonalds will give you a free quarter-pounder in return for your ticket.  That is of course true if you have an officially printed ticket; howe...
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Category: Sports
Nov. 5, 2007
Reader submitted blog Milwaukee's Historical Architecture
There was recently an article on OMC called “Milwaukee Old vs. New” or something.  I couldn’t find it in the search but in this article Milwaukee’s old skyline won out over the new.  A lot of the old buildings were torn down in the 50s and 60s to make way for pro...
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Category: Milwaukee Buzz
Oct. 19, 2007
Reader submitted blog Irrelevant Question: Answered
To some this may seem irrelevant and to others reading this may be just a way to past time.  The other night a friend of mine, who happens to be a chief at a popular Milwaukee restaurant, and I were up at Nomad discussing the subtle nuanise of different hot sauces.  This ...
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Category: Dining