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 Living - April 12, 2009
 BEWARE: 5 Hour Energy
 This didn't happen to me. This an email from a friend who is a Firefighter. This is like mid 90s NBC commercials..."They More You Know..."5-Hour energy put me in the ER friday.  I picked one up friday AM before my trek down to an early class on Friday morning.  30 min after I ...
 Sports - July 10, 2008
 Get off your High Horse ESPN, you're not that important...
 I am a calm person. I rarely yell, scream, or get upset. In a typical year, i'll get pretty mad about 5 times. However, over the past 3 months or so, I have found myself just outraged just about every morning. Why you ask? ESPN has run out of ideas and is now trying to pinpoint the REAL...
 Arts & Entertainment - April 15, 2008
 What is the funniest show on TV?
 Many people rip on Network TV, me being one of them. For some reason, the likes of Growing Pains, Family Ties, Family Matters, Party of Five, Nash Bridges, etc. just wouldn't be popular today as they were when they first aired in the 80s and 90s. Well, I shouldn't say "for some reason",...
 Music - March 12, 2008
 Where is the St. Patty's day live music?
 Okay, I understand that St. Patricks day is on Monday. But let's be honest, it's hard to get off for a wedding, let alone a drinking holiday. I am having a hard time finding places with live music on Saturday, all day? Not just at night? Can the drunkard, music-loving readers of OnMilwaukee....
 Milwaukee Buzz - Feb. 6, 2008
 A statement from Mayor Barrett.
 I had a chance to catch up with Mayor Barrett tonight outside of City Hall, about to jump into a plow. He was making a small speech to a group of about 14 plow drivers, who he would join immediately after making this statement. Luckily I had my tape recorder on me. Here is what he had to say...&n...

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 5 questions for Packers defensive lineman Mike Pennel
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 Milwaukee's best wings, 2014
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 Go. Pack. Go.
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 Dave & Buster's blasts the fun
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 "Godzilla" is more atomic breath-belching bark than bite
 Thought it was well done. A...
 Article - April 9, 2014
 Are you "Milwaukee's best" of anything?
 Molly - call Marco!
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