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 Article - June 9, 2016
 Huge jump in carjacking exposes problems in juvenile justice system
 There is no political will ...
 Article - March 17, 2016
 Davis endorsement makes strange bedfellows with Donovan in contest
  I love the mental gymnasti...
 Article - Feb. 26, 2016
 Frustration boils over for Monroe and Middleton in another Bucks' loss
 Wait a you're tell...
 Article - Dec. 9, 2015
 How to save the Republican Party
 Does the author not realize...
 Article - Oct. 29, 2015
 What's next? Huge tanks for block watch groups?
 Probably one of the most un...
 Article - Sept. 10, 2015
 "Black Lives Matter" slogan draws conservative criticism
 Ok Dave, I'll agree that pr...
 Article - Aug. 12, 2015
 Pro-life or pro-choice, we should all be pro-truth
 It's amazing what mental gy...
 Article - Aug. 12, 2015
 Bucks release statement on arena bill signing
 Polarizing? It passed both ...
 Article - July 29, 2015
 Why don't we treat guns the same way we treat cars?
 Much like one crazed psycho...
 Article - June 22, 2015
 This is the absolute worst McDonald's, anywhere
 The irony is that Dave prob...
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