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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Monday, Nov. 24, 2014

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OMC reader: haaz

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Average rating of my blogs: No readers blog entries rated.
Average rating of my Talkbacks: 4.2
Average rating I've given others: 4.1

Recent blog entries
 Milwaukee Buzz - June 26, 2007
 Being a Biodiesel Evangelist
 It's not a living. But that's not the point; it's not meant to be something I could make money doing. Like a religious evangelist, I am not doing this for financial reward, but for the betterment of myself and my community. Not even the world. In fact, I'm not doing this "to save the world.&...

Recent Talkbacks
 Article - April 12, 2010
 Dick Leinenkugel for Governor?
 Look like he's preparing to...
 Article - March 6, 2010
 Cafe Tarragon opens within Future Green
 Before declaring its lifesp...
 Article - March 6, 2010
 Cafe Tarragon opens within Future Green
 Before declaring its lifesp...
 Article - Oct. 18, 2009
 Madison's Ian's Pizza on its way to Milwaukee
 While I agree that Ian's is...
 Article - Aug. 17, 2009
 Barrett beaten near State Fair; suspect in custody
 Mayor Barrett did the right...
 Article - Aug. 9, 2009
 More thoughts on Downtown retail, Grand Avenue
 A glimpse of the Grand Aven...
 Article - July 23, 2009
 Now Brooklynites can enjoy Lakefront in their own Habitat
 Makes me wish to visit Broo...
 Article - June 2, 2009
 Attack of the guerrilla gardeners
 Blog - May 15, 2009
 Bay View Tavern Raided and Shut Down
 It's a good story, but I'd ...
 Article - May 15, 2009
 A blitz of gardening means victory
 It should be a good time. W...
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