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Milwaukee's Daily Magazine for Friday, Dec. 19, 2014

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OMC reader: brunocarlson

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Blog name: The Weekend DIY-er
Location: Milwaukee, WI
About me: I am a graphic designer and student by day and a home owner by night and weekend. If not educating, working, or freelancing, I spend most of my free time doing basic repairs and upkeep while helping friends and strangers repair and upkeep their home to finance more of my own home projects.

Rating statistics
Average rating of my blogs: 3.5
Average rating of my Talkbacks: 4.1
Average rating I've given others: 4.0

Recent blog entries
 Living - May 1, 2009
 Refinishing wood floors yourself is not intimidating
  Hardwood floors are a slippery slope when it comes to re-finishing.  The professionals I had come in to evaluate my floor said that it was not something I could do myself or with the help of friends.  Well mister professional, I have news for you, it can be.   My sec...
 Living - April 24, 2009
 Tips on building a backyard gate
 One of the high points of my home is that I have one of the few backyards (as small as it may be) that have a 6 foot fence.  Having such a high fence does not subject me to the neighbor’s headlights in their alley driveway. The only problem with this fence is that the previous owners p...
 Living - April 16, 2009
 Here's a great DIY tool
  I am in no way a professional in the area of home repairs.  I have been learning by doing for over ten years, mainly with friends or a professional (self-proclaimed or actual) and have walked away with lots of information.  Now that I bought my own home I can put this information to t...
 Kids & Family - Dec. 1, 2008
 So, I got a dog...
 I am not sure whether I would be a good parent or a bad parent.  I have seen both and know what I should and shouldn't do from my own upbringing.  So, I felt that at 31 years old, I should take the next step and get myself a dog.  It's like parenting but less crying and more barkin...
 Sports - Oct. 5, 2008
 My first Playoff game... pt. 2 (Live)
 I now say live because somemone close to me said, "You were hatched well before the first one so technically this is your second go of the playoffs."  True, Gavin, but this is my first LIVE viewing.Okay, so, while I was distracted by the cute baby behind me I was also distracted by...

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 Religion and politics: taboo topics on Twitter?
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 Ask OMC: What surfaces are being used on Milwaukee freeways?
 Perhaps we just use more ro...
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 Milwaukee Street welcomes Dick's Pizza & Pleasure
 Hmm, a bar with a DJ, VIP r...
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 Miller's lemonade won't go to your waist
 So, it seems that Miller co...
 Article - April 29, 2011
 Check into The Hotel Foster (for a drink and a show)
 I agree. Hooray for not bei...
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