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 Article - July 27, 2016
 Crossing the street in Wisconsin might kill you
 Its totally a cultural thin...
 Article - July 11, 2016
 Abuse in backseat sparks dilemma for Uber driver
 Well I say shame on Uber fo...
 Article - May 18, 2016
 Cousins Subs rebrands, remodels
 This is wonderful news - to...
 Article - May 6, 2016
 There's nothing controversial about code-switching
 It is normal. And it's not...
 Article - April 15, 2016
 City could owe $3 million as Silk strip club keeps lawsuit winning streak alive
 I'd much prefer that a hero...
 Article - March 7, 2016
 On The Clock winds up with timeless bar and restaurant
 Having been a Robert's cust...
 Article - Feb. 26, 2016
 Donovan's 1992 UWM peeping ticket enters mayoral conversation
 "despite having his own run...
 Article - Feb. 19, 2016
 Davis endorses Donovan, accuses Barrett of "Trump politics"
 I'm no Barrett fan...but it...
 Article - Feb. 8, 2016
 Women handcuffed to a bar? Stupid is as stupid does
 Aside from the safety issue...
 Article - Jan. 27, 2016
 Toast yourself at bars and eateries with fireplaces
 Great list! But I wish res...
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