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 Article - Monday
 Women handcuffed to a bar? Stupid is as stupid does
 Aside from the safety issue...
 Article - Jan. 27, 2016
 Toast yourself at bars and eateries with fireplaces
 Great list! But I wish res...
 Article - Dec. 16, 2015
 Donald Trump's presidential campaign was inevitable
 Trump is, indeed, a celebri...
 Article - Dec. 7, 2015
 The city is investigating plowing Milwaukee alleys
 Being that the City charges...
 Article - Dec. 4, 2015
 No, Republicans aren't being heartless because 15K people lost food stamps
 The problem is you either h...
 Article - Oct. 22, 2015
 Take convenience off the menu
 Ah but you forgot one very ...
 Article - Sept. 25, 2015
 Death of Walker's presidential campaign more suicide than homicide
 Dave, you changed your pict...
 Article - Sept. 10, 2015
 8 things that Kim Davis is not
 Photodavie...she can't be f...
 Article - June 5, 2015
 Penalties for pot smoking reduced while a strip club still prohibited
 Yep. This is just as idiot...
 Article - May 14, 2015
 A no-yawn lawn: The Dinosaur House does its best to keep Milwaukee weird
 I'm more curious about why ...
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